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FYI I have made all my recs public on Pinboard. Those should go all the way back through most of my time in SPN fandom, although probably there's not much from my Buffy days, since I didn't have a Pinboard then.

The Good Spot by [ profile] downjune
Murray/Rust, 7k. There's no high concept here, this is kind of just a bi guy and a gay guy working through their respective issues together regarding their sexuality. Honestly this might be my favorite June fic in years, because so much about it hits so close to home. Just feels very real and human to me.

Indelible by [ profile] downjune
Murray/Rust, 18k. A soulmark AU where Matt is the only gay guy in the locker room, and the only guy who doesn't ever get soulmarks, and sometimes he's grateful for that combo and sometimes not so much. A fic about what happens when intimacy issues run into someone who just loves everyone. Tropey and sexy and full of angsty feels, the downjune recipe. :D

untitled Sid/Geno soulbond AU by [ profile] 7iris
Sid/Geno, one-shot. I would like to hear more about your feelings on Sid and Geno's soulbond and how it keeps amplifying their injuries and distance only makes it worse so they have to skip ASW. Angsty but with hope at the end. Delicious.

Okay by [ profile] getoffmyhead
Sid/Geno, 2k. Post-sweep feels and getting-together. I really like the slow reveal of the history hanging over their heads. A very satisfying read after an unsatisfying postseason.

In Waking Life by [ profile] sevenfists
Sid/Geno/Anna, 8k. DREAMSHARING. This is beautifully written. I love how walking into and out of someone's dreams is just a thing that happens, and I love how Sid and Anna's shared dreams have that perfect dream-like logic to them. This is a fic about secrets and intimacy and sharing parts of yourself with other people. Just really lovely.

only shooting stars by [ profile] ghosthunter
Sid/Mat Barzal, 3k. Sid hits on Mat at the all-star game, and Mat just about loses his mind. Love seeing Sid as the pursuer, love Mat's hero-worshipping perspective. Also: hot.

mighta took the long way by [ profile] silkstocking
Lehtonen/Niemi, 22k. In which Kari and Nemo get married way too young, fall apart, and come back together in Dallas. Lots of delicious repressed angst.
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I'm procrastinating HARD on my Unusual Bearings fic right now, so this morning I poked around AO3 and dug up a bunch of stats on the most popular MCU f/f pairings on AO3 (not counting any of the TV shows):

I found the works by going to the pairing tag for each pairing. There's no filtering on them for completeness or word count or anything like that. When you start with the tag and start filtering out, say, all the m/m juggernaut ships, the results change some. Pepper/Nat, the very biggest femslash MCU movie pairing on AO3, was also the hardest hit: when I excluded the juggernaut het and m/m ships from that tag, I only 406 works left, out of 1015. This is because 266 Pepper/Nat tags are also tagged Steve/Tony, 200 are also tagged Clint/Coulson, etc. Turns out Pepper/Nat is so popular partly because it's a classic pair-the-spares background ship. My kingdom for a "primary pairing" category on AO3. :(

It's possible I've left out a few pairings out in the bottom half of the list, because there's no easy way to find out which pairings I need to check the tags for. I started with the f/f category and then started excluding all the m/m ships, reader fics, etc, but if you exclude all the Steve/Tony, for example, you exclude some fics with background Natasha/Pepper. And that isn't a problem for Nat/Pepper, because they're big enough that they'll show up in the top ten sidebar pretty soon anymore, but it did turn out to be a problem for MJ/Shuri, which I almost missed. So there could be a few more pairings like that.

Anyway, it was a fun exercise! Looking at ships like Natasha/Sif, you can kind of see how hungry fandom was for female characters to ship early on in the MCU and how few options there were. We have so much more to choose from now! All the cosmic women, all the Black Panther women... so much more variety, and involving women who've actually exchanged words with one another. (Not that there's anything wrong with shipping characters who haven't met, I say, having written multiple Jane/Gamora fics.) In particular, check out Carol/Maria, 6th on that list despite being out for less than a month!

Okay, I guess I have to go write that fic now. 😩

Update: because I am me, I also made a cool graph! )
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- [community profile] fancake is doing a bunch of mini-themes this month. The first theme, through tomorrow, is Xeno/Alien Biology, and I have never in my life encountered a rec theme so relevant to my interests. I've clicked on over half the recs by other people, and I've recced a bunch of stuff myself as well. You also should go and rec things! So I can read them! :D :D :D

- The Marvel Femslash Exchange ([community profile] marvelfemslashevents) has signups open right now! I wasn't sure I'd have time for this, but after psyching myself out about Fandom5k and deleting my signup for it, it turns out I have lots of time! I am SO excited about this exchange. The tag set is really something. 😍

- [community profile] mcu_cosmic continues to chug along! I'm so pleased. :))) Here is a roundup of what people have been up to at the comm in the past week. We had posts from SIX DIFFERENT FOLKS (including me), which I am ecstatic about.
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Yay, I am excited to see what you make for me! Yay MCU ladies. <3 I have been stressing myself out without exchanges, so this signup is kind of minimalist (for me).

Requests! )
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MFD ran an early round this year! I didn't sign up, but I did write this fic:
Upgrades - Captain Marvel, Carol/Maria, tentacles. :D

I've now read through all the MCU drabbles (and double/triple drabbles, and drabble series), so have some recs!

Care by syrupwit - Mantis & Nebula
i, warrior by humanveil - Valkyrie and her uniform <3
Spark by lionessvalenti - Tony & Nebula
Past is Prologue by dreamkist - Maya Hansen/Pepper/Tony
i know your pieces (i broke them apart) by humanveil - Gamora & Nebula
The Most Important Ship in the Universe by LearnedFoot - Tony & Nebula
I don't think that was the second star to the right by Unforgotten - Thor/Narnia crossover
No Message in a Bottle by Hecate - Gamora & Nebula
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I, uh, went to see it a third time? I haven't seen a movie in the theater this many times since my sister was obsessed with The Lion King. This time I was taking friends who hadn't seen it. As one of them said afterwards, "I've never been so successfully marketed to in my life," so I think it was a success. :D

Anyway, I have a few scattered thoughts from this third viewing )
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(Snagged from [personal profile] kore)

[ profile] ao3commentoftheday posted: AO3 Comment of the Day

Six Sentence Sunday is a writing thing where, on Sunday, you post six sentences from an unfinished work. It can be a new fic, a new chapter of a WIP, or even something you’re not sure you’ll ever post. 

Choose an excerpt from any section (and it doesn’t have to be six sentences) and post it, letting people know what it belongs to or indicating that it’s something you’re working on. 

Below are the first few lines of an MCU Bucky/Nat fic (??) I started for the Body Talk porn battle thing before I realized it had a deadline. I find both Bucky and Nat hard to get a read on, so I'm not sure why I thought writing porn of them would be easy, but anyway!!! I have 1100-ish words now.

“Did we do this before?” Bucky asks.

Romanoff’s in his lap, fingers tangled in his hair, mouth hot against his neck; she stills. “You don’t remember?” she says, in that voice full of smoke that’s drawn him from the first time he heard it. Well. The last first time. It pulled him to the training mat again and again to try himself against her. They sparred barefoot, empty-handed. Wordless. But today when they finished—six to her and four to him, though sometimes it was the other way around—she left her hand on his bicep, the one with skin. He’d followed her to her bunk without a word.
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I watched this movie a couple of months ago and then went on a fic binge. My heart's desire is lots of Illya angst, so this recs list definitely leans that way.

The Where the Heart Is Affair by [ profile] arysteia
Illya/Napoleon, 3k. Comfort sex after Illya gets bad news, in a relationship that's been FWB up until now. Quality feelings!

A Literary Manifesto by [ profile] allthekingsmen
Illya/Napoleon, 7k. Illya through time, via books. Great character study, good angst towards the end, where despite a shared language Illya and Napoleon totally fail to understand each other for a while.

Two Men, Crossing the Street by [ profile] merle_p
Illya/Napoleon, 8k. The team is security for an exchange of spies, and Napoleon gets some insight into just how disposable KGB spies are.

The End Where We Begin by [ profile] Ingu
Illya/Napoleon, 22k. Illya kills an American spy in Zurich. Three days later, he’s staring into the face of a dead man standing in his hotel room. I really enjoy the development of their relationship after Napoleon dies, and how all Illya's repressed feelings rise slowly to the surface.
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I would like to try writing some Carol Danvers IN SPACE fic, and I'm having trouble figuring out where to start. I am open to gen prompts or basically any ship from the movie you can think of. (...maybe not Carol/Goose.) All I ask is that it be possible to set the prompt in space, because space is what I am here for.

No guarantee that any actual fic will be produced.
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James Gunn is back as director for GotG3! On a shallow level I'm ecstatic because I loved GotG1 and 2 and was really sad that he might not get to complete the trilogy, and on a broader level, the people who got him fired in the first place did so by digging up stuff he'd already apologized for years ago in order to punish him for being anti-Trump on Twitter, and that was SOME BULLSHIT. So my feelings on this are extremely unmixed. (If you disagree, that's cool, but I'm not up for arguing about this one and am not going to engage.)

Speaking of GotG and the cosmic MCU in general, [community profile] mcu_cosmic has been keeping up with all the developments. Here is a roundup of posts on the comm in the past week. If you're even a little bit interested in Captain Marvel or Endgame or Thor or GotG, you should come check us out. :)

In other news, I wrote my first Captain Marvel fic, which will be coming to a Multifandom Drabble collection near you in a couple of weeks. I want to write so many things; maybe this first 100 words will help me find a way in.
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ART: Jopson/Little angsty embrace by [ profile] goodsir-is-such-a-good-boy
SFW. I love all this artist's stuff. Lovely colors and textures.

Mile 704 by [ profile] scioscribe
Crozier/Fitzjames, 2k. Rescue has reached them, but recovery is a slow and halting thing. This is a turning point in their relationship, hence the title, but it is a very quiet one. I really like the perspective of Crozier here, and how his feelings for James have rubbed up against his ethics and won.

So Loves Oblique by [ profile] PasdeChameau
Fitzjames/Sophia, 2k. James lives, and returns to London. Francis does not. Angsty and up to the hilt in survivor's guilt. Very satisfying fic for a pairing I would never, ever have thought of.

Beyond a Row of Myrtles by [ profile] disenchanted
Gibson/Irving, 3k. Set in the early days stuck in the pack. There's so much delicious tension here, between Irving and Gibson, between Irving and his morals, and it all feels of a piece with the inexorable pressure of the ice (author's simile, not mine). I love Gibson's extremely pragmatic perspective, which makes him a great contrast with Irving but also with his choice of reading materials, which are mostly Milton and Dante.
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I went to see Captain Marvel a second time today, and it was an excellent life choice. I think I might have enjoyed it more this time, knowing certain reveals, than I did the first time.

various thoughts )
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Doom (2005) - A silly video game movie that wanted to be Alien. Karl Urban was hot in it, and Rosamund Pike was also extremely attractive. I really liked that the primary character conflict, such as there was, was between a pair of estranged siblings instead of guy + love interest, which was what the movie faked me out to believe in the beginning. Also I ship it.

As Above, So Below (2014) - A found-footage horror movie about a female Indiana Jones type who goes hunting in the Paris Catacombs for the philosopher's stone. I almost turned it off when I realized it was going to be entirely in shaky cam, and I really should have. This is the kind of movie in which Aramaic poetry still rhymes after being translated into English.

The Little Stranger (2018) - This was described to me as "Remains of the Day but more gothic," which sounds about right; maybe with a touch of Hitchcock psychological disturbance. Ruth Wilson is a delight, and Domnhall Gleeson is very effective as the quietly but deeply unlikable protagonist. I really liked how the story resolved, in that it validated my previous feelings about the characters. There's a bit of fridge horror related to spoilers )
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Unspoilery reaction: I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it to anyone who thinks they might be interested.

spoilers )
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VID: Hey Ho by [ profile] thuviaptarth
Catchy song, beautifully edited vid about the military industrial complex in the MCU.

there are entrances to Hell in every major city by [ profile] malfaisant
Thor/Loki, 24k. A canon divergence AU mid-IW, where it's Thor who dies, and Loki and Val who get rescued by the Guardians. But not to worry, Thor doesn't stay dead. There will never be enough "Thor characters meet the Guardians" fics to suit me, and this one is satisfyingly plotty. I especially like the Loki+Val dynamic in it.

The Wicked Brother, or Winter in the Ironwood by [ profile] Lang
Thor/Jotun!Loki, 100k. This is such a fun AU, where Loki is still a prince of Jotunheim when Asgard falls, and Jotunheim ends up taking in the Asgardian refugees. I love everything about the worldbuilding in this, how Jotunheim is frozen on top and warm underneath (and why), about how the Asgardians have been getting on for the past three hundred years, about how Loki's magic works. I also love Loki in all his contradictions and all his mysteirous feelings he can’t even recognize much less articulate to anyone. And Thor! And all the secondary characters! Also the story is full of PLOT and humor and color. Just very fun.

To Watch the Faraway Stars by [ profile] wllw
Heimdall/Loki, 3k. Post-Ragnarok. Late night vigils, talking around things, a trace of feeling on each side: all the things I love to read about these characters at this point in their history. The characterization is superb. I love this Heimdall, with his quiet wry humor and his grief and his insight into what makes Loki tick—but not everything. Highly recommended.

Something Left to Lose by [ profile] LearnedFoot
Bucky & Rocket, 4k. Post-IW, a slight AU where Bucky lives. I love the quiet friendship they develop, absolutely do not talk about, but both really need.

in stature, grace, and hue by [ profile] scioscribe
Heimdall/Gamora, 3k. This is a gorgeously in-character fic with a simple premise: what if Heimdall saw Gamora across the stars, and was intrigued? I'm a sucker for a good Heimdall POV, and he's wonderful here, with human vulnerabilities and a sense of humor, but everyone else is wonderful, too: Thor and Loki, the Guardians, and Gamora herself. It's a great ship manifesto if you think you might be even a little bit interested in this pairing.

a strange circumstance by [ profile] daisy4daisy
Heimdall/Thor, 4k. In which Heimdall's eye catches on a strapping young hooker, and the hooker looks back. A fascinating AU with a lot of mysterious backstory and some excellent sex. I am REALLY HERE for a Thor that just really wants to be worthy. <3__<3
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This was a bit of a flash-in-the-pan fandom for me; I got all the fluffy xeno I needed and got out, pretty much. Although without having read NEARLY as much weird cannibalistic stuffing fic as I wanted. Here were my favorites of the bunch, along the Yuletide fic I recced.

Life, uh, finds a way by saltslimes
Eddie/Symbiote, 7k. I went looking for mpreg and this is what I found. Weird and delightful, just like I wanted for this fandom, and the appearances of Annie and Dan were a nice bonus.

Raw Diet by Shaples
Eddie/Symbiote/Annie, 6k. My single fav fic for this movie so far. I like how the food problem is still a problem that needs to be solved, and I enjoyed all the trial and error they go through solving it. I also really enjoyed the integration of Annie into their relationship, and how she complicates things for Eddie and the symbiote but also adds so much richness. It turns out this poly ship is what I really want out of fic for this movie, and I wish there were a lot more than there is. ;_;

pour forms and reshape, by brawlite
Eddie/Symbiote, 3k. Okay, so I haven't read ENOUGH weird cannibalistic stuffing, but I have at least read this one, which is delicious from beginning to end.
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This is a hodge podge of fic with no theme except it's all for Yuletide-sized fandoms, and in fact most of them are from one Yuletide or another. (STILL cleaning out that recs tag on Pinboard...)

Sunless Sea / Fallen London
Budd by [ profile] Sath
OC gen, 1k. Body horror epistolary fic, exactly in keeping with this canon. Delightful, in a horrible kind of way.

The Vigil by [ profile] deepandlovelydark
Captain+Tireless Mechanic, 2k. Reccing this again with similarly-themed fics. This is basically feeding kink where the food involved is very, very weird. The author brings the full creative bizarreness of the Neath to bear on this. Just very fun.

Black Widow (comics)
Retractable Claws by [ profile] stars_inthe_sky
Laura Kinney gen, 1.5k. In which Laura has cat-sitting duty and works through a lot of feelings. This is an exquisite character study via a scenario that I would not generally have expected to draw out this much nuance. Lovely stuff.

The Left Hand of Darkness
Something New in the Same Face
Genly Ai/Estraven, 4.5k. Canon divergence in which Estraven lives, but it takes a while to get him pardoned. Some quality h/c combined with Estraven's pointed observations of aliens.

The Harvest of Oroch by [ profile] kangeiko
OC gen, 8.5k. This is a new tale of Karhide that fits seamlessly with the fatalist perspective of the tales in the book.

The Hateful Eight
Not Management Material by [ profile] PositivelyVex
Warren/Mannix, 10k. On the way to Minnie's, Warren and Mannix are captured by the Overlook Hotel. Timey-wimey shenanigans, grudging alliances that lead to sex, and all that good stuff.

Imperial Radch
Every Sundown by [ profile] neveralarch
Breq/Seivarden, 10k. AU where Seivarden is a ship and Breq is a rebel traitor recently returned to life. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Breq who had never been a ship, but on the other hand Seivarden AS a ship who's kind of a mess and in kind of dire straits was so perfect - like this great mix of Sphene's instability with all Seivarden's hangups.

A Simple Favor
8 Simple Moments by [ profile] Moebius
Emily/Stephanie, 1k. I always love Stephanie surprising Emily with her resourcefulness and her sneakiness. This whole fic was a delight.
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* [community profile] fancake's theme of the month is "Pre-AO3 fic" (including fic that is now posted to AO3), sooooo calling all my Buffy and SPN friends! Go forth and rec your old favorites!

* Got my [community profile] unusual_bearings assignment! I have 200 words of something already, just this morning, but I don't know that it really fits with the kind of thing my recip wants. That's okay; this is just the brainstorming stage.

* I've been pootling along poking at an undisclosed WIP and also something for the recent Porn Battle thing, whose deadline I just realized I have already missed. Oh well. I'm already half-done with the thing, so I will probably finish it. It's... kind of far out of my usual wheelhouse, I feel.

* Speaking of the Porn Battle thing, some people wrote stuff for my prompts! Specifically this fill and this fill for Fallen London by [ profile] CandlesInTheWell and this MCU Valkyrie/Heimdall fic by [ profile] inlovewithnight
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Ten Year Reunion by [ profile] Jain
Georgie + Jon, 2k. A missing scene of when Jon first showed up at Georgie's door, in need of help. This is so much the kind of thing that I want in TMA fic: hurt/comfort combined with prickly, flawed characters caring about one another, in their way. Really lovely.

At the Seams by [ profile] pendrecarc
Tim/not!Sasha, 3k. Tim gets unexpectedly seduced and doesn't consider why until much, much later. A tatement from one of our main characters that fits so neatly into both canon plot and the general canon vibe. Creepy and satisfying.

The Dead Zone by [ profile] NeverwinterThistle
Mostly gen with a little bit of Jon/Elias, 9k. This is a space AU of TMA, mostly focused on an excellently chilling statement from a long-haul space pilot, with a great stinger after the statement proper.

dissolution by [ profile] Amber
Jon/Martin, 4k. It's hard to date in a world full of horrors. I enjoyed the angst in this one.

Where Airy Voices Lead by [ profile] Harvey_King
Jon/Martin, 4k. Slow burn and hurt/comfort in the TMA universe. Sweet but painfully awkward, which is to say, in-character for everyone involved. :)
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Dear Author,

I’m really excited to do this exchange for the first time, because as you might be able to tell by what follows, I really, really love mpreg. It is my FAVORITE. I’m very excited that you are going to be writing some for me! ! I’ll be honest, part of the appeal of this exchange was finally having an excuse to write about all my mpreg preferences and feelings in excruciating detail, so brace yourself. :D



THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (2015) )


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I've turned off comments on posts crossposted to LJ. LJ has changed it so you can no longer respond from your email and have to log in every time you reply to a comment, and it's the last straw for me. So the crossposts will still appear on LJ, but comments will only be open on the DW post. I apologize to my handful of LJ faithful.
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This week I'm suffering through that post-exchange letdown plus some sleep deprivation, because I keep going to bed on time and then waking up at four in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep for several hours. Last night was a little better, but I'm not really recovered yet, and then tomorrow I have to leave the house early for a long and boring event that I would much rather not go to. Bleah.

I've spent the time working on my Unusual Bearings letter (spoiler: lots of pregnant dudes in peril) and watching stuff. Some things I have been watching:

Constantine (2005) - A rewatch for possible UB requesting. I hadn't seen this since it came out and had no memory that Shia Lebeouf was in it, nor of any of the plot whatsoever. It was really fun! Stylish, lots of A+ rumpled competence kink, fun worldbuilding, and Keanu Reeves at peak hotness, especially in those suits.

A Dark Song (2016) - A woman hires an occultist to help her perform a months-long ritual to speak with her dead son. The ritual requires them to stay inside this house in rural Wales for months and never step foot outside, and the deliberate choice of isolation and claustrophobia for a purpose was just incredibly iddy for me. I also enjoyed that our occult expert is a schlubby-looking balding ginger dude with glasses in his late 30s. The relationship between the two of them over the course of the film was really fraught and messy and interesting, because he's clearly power tripping sometimes but also utterly sincere about their ultimate shared goal.

The ending was a bit disappointing, spoilers )

Anyway, definitely an interesting watch; if any of this sounds appealing, it's streaming on US Netflix. Thanks to [personal profile] valtyr and [personal profile] beer_good_foamy who recced this movie at different times!

Captain America: Civil War - I watched this so I could finish writing the Bucky/Shuri fic for Chocolate Box. I wasn't expect a lot, and it met my expectations. The T'Challa arc was nice and felt like it came from some other, more coherent movie; Scott Lang and Peter Parker felt like they were visiting from some other, more fun movie. The fight in the stairwell was good; the big climactic fight felt OOC for everyone involved but was really gorgeously lit; the fights in Lagos and at the airport were ugly and boring. The Accords plot was INCREDIBLY STUPID. I would like to have watched the movie that was only about Steve and Tony arguing about what to do about Bucky, just in time to find out that Bucky killed Tony's parents. I think that movie could have been pretty good, and also might've given us more Bucky, which would be nice, since he's kind of central to the conflict!! This movie, however, was not good.

I Am Dragon (2015) - This is a Russian historical fantasy movie about a young woman who's plucked from her bridal procession by a dragon and imprisoned on an island, where a young man also lives. (You'll never guess the young man's secret.) I watched it some time ago for an intriguing Yuletide request, and I enjoyed it a lot. If you're into girl/monster pairings or just fairy-tale style stories, I recommend.
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I feel like in some ways I was very predictable this Chocolate Box (mpreg! MCU) and in other ways not at all (pairings and fandoms I haven't written before). I ended up writing 12k across four fics for this 300-word-minimum exchange, which is a lot more words than I set out to write. I use to be able to write short things! No wonder I'm tired.

Anyway, on to the fics!

Он – дракон | I Am Dragon (2015)
Little Flame
Mira/Arman, 1k. [personal profile] unforgotten requested mpreg for this het pairing for YT, and how could I resist?? The movie is a super cute fairy tale-ish historical fantasy, by the way.

Original Works
The Bridge and the Current
Prince Entering an Arranged Marriage to Bring Peace After Generations of War/His New Husband, 5k. This is wedding night arranged marriage oviposition with bonus xeno, ie all things that both the recip and I love.

I Can Show you the World
Bucky/Shuri, 3k. Post-CW fic where Shuri woos Bucky. I didn't really know what I was writing at any point, just that I wanted them to mash faces, and eventually they did! I had to stop mid-fic to finally watch CW, because I decided maybe I needed the rest of Bucky's canon before writing an entire fic from his POV. >.> This really whetted my appetite for this pairing, and I want to write a bunch more now.

The Borders Invisible
Heimdall/Loki 3k. Pre-canon, where Loki has gone off in a fit of pique to slum it on Contraxia, and Heimdall goes to retrieve him. I've been wanting to write a space hooker fic for ages, and this fic dropped into my head pretty much fully-formed. I barely had to do any editing on it once I got the words down. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, both the feelings and the sex.
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Heads up, if you're thinking of participating in Unusual Bearings, nominations close tonight! The tag set is here. This is an exchange for any kind of pregnancy except "cis dude has PIV sex with cis gal and she gets pregnant." So, mpreg, fpreg, aliens did it, magic did it, monsters did it, evil scientists did it - you have MANY options.

It's a small-ish exchange, though, so if you have things you want to request or offer, chances are you will need to nominate them yourself, or they won't be there.
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The CB collection this year was really an embarrassment of riches. I enjoyed so many things.

The Terror (TV)
Beyond a Row of Myrtles
Gibson/Irving, 3k. Set in the early days stuck in the pack. There's so much delicious tension here, between Irving and Gibson, between Irving and his morals, and it all feels of a piece with the inexorable pressure of the ice (author's simile, not mine). I love Gibson's extremely pragmatic perspective, which makes him a great contrast with Irving but also with his choice of reading materials, which are mostly Milton and Dante.

Get Out
You Become the Neighborhood
Chris/Rod, 1.5k. Post-movie. I really like how part of the draw of this relationship for Chris is not just how it grounds him, but how it lets him have at least this one person who will be able to tell if he becomes a pod person.

The Witch
To Swift Decay and Burn
Thomasin/The Witch, 1k. The witch first comes to Thomasin in dreams. Strong imagery and packs a lot of heat into all those suggestive metaphors. MMM.

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman
Bod/Silas, 600 words. For the first time in a very long time, Bod dances the Macabray. A really lovely piece that calls back to my favorite chapter of the book.

Original Works
Moon and Sea
Sea Witch/Female Embodiment of the Sea, 500 words. Some delicious, sensual imagery in this one.

Watch for Me by Moonlight
Female Wounded Stranger/Female Homesteader, 2k. Our werewolf heroine, dying of wounds from a hunter, finds unexpected help at the last hour. This is some lovely h/c combined with some lovely mythology.

Mars Trilogy – Kim Stanley Robinson
Lookout Point
Ann Clayborne/Sax Russell, 2k. This captures so much of what I love about these books: the rich, complicated characters (including Ann herself, so prickly and passionate and awkward and, worst of all, aware of how awkward she is); passionate intellectual debate; and the human touches, like Lookout Point itself.

Something Left to Lose
Bucky & Rocket, 4k. Post-IW, a slight AU where Bucky lives. I love the quiet friendship they develop, absolutely do not talk about, but both really need.

at least we had it for a moment
Steve, Bucky, Peggy, Nat gen. 500 words. In a surreal post-apocalyptic landscape, they have each other, sometimes. Love this interpretation of the Infinity Stones' effect. Nifty, efficent piece of horror.

To Watch the Faraway Stars
Heimdall/Loki, 3k. Post-Ragnarok. Late night vigils, talking around things, a trace of feeling on each side: all the things I love to read about these characters at this point in their history. The characterization is superb. I love this Heimdall, with his quiet wry humor and his grief and his insight into what makes Loki tick—but not everything. Highly recommended.

The Magnus Archives
Ten Year Reunion
Jon Simms & Georgie Baker, 2k. A missing scene of when Jon first showed up at Georgie's door, in need of help. This is so much the kind of thing that I want in TMA fic: hurt/comfort combined with prickly, flawed characters caring about one another, in their way. Really lovely.
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I have spent a glorious three-day weekend swimming in the Chocolate Box collection. I'm probably just about done reading, but I have so much stuff to rec that I'm going to do it in stages. So, let's start with the art recs!

All are SFW unless otherwise noted.

The Terror: breathe - Silna+Tuunbaq. Reccing this again because I am still ALL HEARTEYES.

The Hobbit: Evergreen - Bard the Bowman/Thranduil, kissing, lovely colors.

Deus Ex: House Call - Adam/Vaclav. Borderline NSFW. Shirtless kissing, great lighting.

DCEU: Ebb and Flow - Wonder Woman/Mera. Underwater kissing, gorgeous colors, gorgeous everything.

The Dragon Prince: Left Hand Man - Harrown/Viren. Some lovely m/m kissing action.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Waiting for Rescue - Jadzia/Kria. Tender hurt/comfort.

A Charm of Magpies - KJ Charles: Home - Jonah/Ben. A lovely homely family scene, great details and warm colors.

Yakuza: Smoke Break - Majima Goro/Nishitani Homare. Quality m/m kissing, great use of a limited palette, hot hot hot.
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You guys, I LUCKED. OUT. I got such delicious goodies for a number of my fandoms. If anything, this round really brought home the value of asking for exactly what you want, because I got gifts written to some very niche requests of my heart. <3

The Terror
Please check out this gorgeous art I received. It's for The Terror, but you don't have to have seen the show to appreciate the beautiful lines and the intimacy of an Inuit girl and her monster bear. <3

Witness - Silna/Goodsir, 800 words.
A neat canon-divergence fic with some very intriguing ideas of Goodsir caught in the middle of a negotiation between science and the spiritual realm.

in stature, grace, and hue - Gamora/Heimdall, 2900 words
My tiny tiny rarepair, with a cool canon-divergence twist and pitch-perfect characterization for not just Gamora and Heimdall but the whole cameo ensemble.

a strange circumstance - Heimdall/Thor, 4300 words
MY SPACE HOOKER AU PROMPT. This fic is *fire emoji*, with quality bottom Thor and some intriguingly mysterious backstory.

Catching - Bucky/Shuri, 700 words
And now my mpreg prompt! This author does a lot in a short space re: what Bucky's perspective of this development might be, and I love his and Shuri's easy established relationship.

The Magnus Archives
Caretaker - Jon/Martin, 1200 words
In which Jon is knocked up by a monster, and Martin takes care of him. Satisfyingly creepy in the classic TMA vein, and some very nice incidental belly kink.

Castle Rock
you bet your life - Henry Deaver/The Kid, 2000 words
A really intriguing and creative expansion of the show's mythology. I love the interpretation of the kid as a predator, with lots of crunchy imagery to go with.

Fallen London / Sunless Sea
Replete - Likely Lass/Zee-Captain, 900 words
F/F with delicious food porn worthy of Brian Jacques and some very nice belly kink with porn after. <3

The Vigil - Tireless Mechanic/Zee-Captain, 2100 words
In which the zee-captain serves the mechanic a long series of extremely esoteric dishes for the captain's own amusement. This has got all the weirdness of the Neath on full display. DELIGHTFUL.

Hockey RPF
The Good Spot - Murray/Rust, 7200 words
Man, this fic is just FULL OF FEELS of being queer in a straight society, and the different ways that plays out in different people's lives. I cried.
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The fills post is up for body talk, the Porn Battle-style porn comment fest. Lotta good fandoms there for the browsing. *eyes*

[community profile] unusual_bearings: nominations are open! I'm still dithering between this and Smut Swap, to the point that I went to sleep thinking about Rey/Kylo Ren mpreg and had a very plotty Reylo dream where they were engaged, both he AND his parents (not Han or Leia) were secretly evil, and also there was a lot of talk about chestnuts. Seriously, like, whole discussions about candied chestnuts and recipes therefor.
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Weird City 1.01 "The One". Do you want a sci-fi anthology show that's described as "a goofier, lighter-hearted Black Mirror"? Do you want it created by Jordan Peele and available free on YouTube?

Most importantly, do you want the first ep to be about Dylan O'Brien in a May-December m/m soulmate romance? I think you will find that you do!!!
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But not in a bad way. Signal boosting some events going on elsewhere on DW!

[personal profile] firstaudrina is hosting a multifandom friending meme. It's a very different mix of questions from the one I did a few months ago. I enjoyed using them to procrastinate on Chocolate Box treats filling them out.

[personal profile] girljustdied is hosting a Porn Battle-style porny comment ficathon. Go forth and prompt/fill!
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(Nabbed from a bunch of people!) Go here and you too can express all your trope opinions. Or almost all; I feel like the last time I did one of these, it had an mpreg option? And this has none, woe. However, on the whole my top 12 are correct, except I wasn't aware of being that attached to selfcest. I think I only got one question on it! And I put in a lot of work to get all those non-canon AUs at the bottom.

Rank Name
1 Royals/Political Marriage Turns Into Feelings
1 Enemies to Friends to Lovers
1 Snowed-In Cabin/Isolated Together For Extended Period of Time
1 A/B/O
1 Loyalty Kink
1 Selfcest (possibly due to time travel)
1 Supernatural Creature/Human Romance
1 Magical Connection (Telepathy, etc)
9 Fairy Tale/Mythology AU
9 They Break Up (but then They Get Back Together)
9 Amnesia Fic
9 Hurt/Comfort
the rest )
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Give us some recs for gen, het, or f/f fic focused one of the cosmic MCU's many great female characters. Or art! Or vids! Or whatever medium you like. :D

EDIT: lol I posted this to my personal blog instead of the comm. /o\ Please direct all future cosmic female character recs here.
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* I'm having a really great time talking to people about horror, and I have gotten so many great-looking recs. I feel like I could happily spend the next two months doing nothing but hunting down recs from that post and watching them.

* I'm contemplating [community profile] smutswap (multi-fandom porn exchange) and [community profile] unusual_bearings (multi-fandom exchange for non-PIV pregnancies). I definitely should not do both. I've already nominated a bunch of stuff for Smut Swap because I can't help myself, but I do also have a bunch of canons I want mpreg for, so an all-mpreg signfup for Unusual Bearings is extremely appealing. Meanwhile I'm seeing talk for [community profile] fandom5k, which I've always been intrigued by but too busy for. HMM.

* I bought Sunless Sea in the Steam sale, so I guess I will finally give that a shot. However, I gather that it actually requires a certain degree of skill, and one of the things I've always liked about Fallen London is that it requires ZERO skills. So we will see.
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Just a handful this time.

Horse Skull by [ profile] story_monger
Jo+Ellen casefic, 13k. FRIENDS. This is the Jo+Ellen complicated familial relationship casefic I have been wanting FOR YEARS and here it is!! I love how it explores all the ways Jo and Ellen don't fit and yet keep trying anyway, and the case itself is suitably weird and creepy, with that great sense of place that's so integral to SPN. The desert setting is great. HIGHLY recommended.

History/Entertainment/Sports and Leisure by [ profile] de_nugis
Sam/Castiel, one-shot. Angsty and great. All Sam's dysfunction is on display, sexual and otherwise, and these points of human connection, and then into the angst there are these startling, perfect injections of humor.

Four People Ruby Seduced & One She Actually Fell For (Or: Ruby's Epic Love Affair with Humanity in General and Sam in Specific) by [ profile] tuesday
Ruby/many, 4k. In which Ruby has a lot of sex, is not any kind of therapist that would be legal, and helps a few people out for her own reasons. This has multiple pairings (Ruby/Castiel! Ruby/Jo!) that I've kept an eye out for for years. The Jo/Ruby in particular was delicious. A fun character study of a complicated character. Delightful.

So how did Sam ingest ALL that demon blood in 5.22? by anon
Sam+Dean, one-shot. Ummm this is a kinky little belly-inflation commentfic someone wrote many moons ago on the SPN anon meme, and I hunted it down again because I still think about it all these years later. *__* If you are into that sort of thing, then you absolutely should read this fic.
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I think Envies are my new favorite kind of apple. It's been Honeycrisps for a long time, but the Envy is a little less overwhelmingly sweet and has a milder flavor, and the flesh is nicely firm.
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At some point in the past five years or so I've taken a hard swerve into horror as a genre. I've sought out more horror canons than in the rest of my life combined. And I... am not sure why? I've found myself craving stories about fucked-up people in fucked-up situations. Maybe too much tropey hockey RPF romance? I'm not sure that can explain all of it, though. I've always been a late bloomer, so maybe now in my mid-30s I'm hitting my edgy teen phase.

Now, consuming a lot of horror doesn't mean I LIKE that much of it, and a lot of what I do like might better be categorized as horror-adjacent. A non-exhaustive list of stuff I've loved recently:
* The Magnus Archives
* The Terror (TV)
* The Awakening (2011)
* I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016)
* The Quiet Place (2018)
* The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson (although I've loved this for longer than five years)
* The Haunting of Hill House (TV)
* Castle Rock (TV)
* The Elementals - Michael McDowell
* Fallen London (some people count this as horror? the horror elements are my favorite parts, anyway)
* The Innsmouth Legacy - Ruthanna Emrys (again, is this even horror at all? IDK but I adore the melancholy and the worldbuilding, especially in the first book - there's something incredibly soothing about the timescales on which Aphra's people are accustomed to thinking)

Stuff I have tried and not loved, but found interesting:
* The Babadook (2014)
* The Descent (2005)
* Teeth (2007)
* Sleepaway Camp (1983)
* It Follows (2014)
* Ravenous (1999)
* The Witch (2015)
* Bird Box (2018)
* Get Out (2018)
* Annihilation (2018)
* Ginger Snaps (2000)
* Tag (2015)
* Alien, Aliens, and Alien: Resurrection
* The Ballad of Black Tom - Victor Lavelle
* The Winter People - Jennifer McMahon (this actually was fucking awesome except for all the racism!!)
* The Southern Reach trilogy (tbh I kind of hated this, but at least now I know what's in it)

I've never called myself a horror fan before, though, because I'm so incredibly picky about it. I have no interest in gore, torture-porn, or slasher, and I also don't like jump moments very much, which really cuts out a lot of the genre!

I do like horror comedy (which Ravenous kind of is, and older favorites like The Frighteners and Black Sheep definitely are). I like horror focused on women. I like historical horror and horror that has a really strong sense of place and setting. I love body horror, although that generally seems to be more an element than a genre of its own. I love horror where the horror is in the ideas as much as or more than the execution; I'm more interested in horror that follows you to the fridge than horror that's solely an experience in the moment. I love stories with horror elements that are less about those elements than about the characters they impact (see: the Haunting of Hill House show). I prefer horror that has some kind of speculative element in it, which to me is a key difference between horror and thrillers.

On the whole I think prose is a better medium for horror for me than movies, but I haven't had a ton of luck actually finding prose horror I want. OTOH I love horror takes on my non-horror fandoms and wish there was more fic like that out there. Being invested in the characters before the horror begins goes a long way, for me.

I don't really have a conclusion here. Taste in fiction - how does it work?
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This is an oddball array of recs. Most posted to AO3, but one not.

SCP-1733 - The SCP is a wiki-like horror fiction project where people write "articles" describing strange and eerie objects in the possession of an archive and research institute. This one's a personal fav - a very nifty twist on the time-honored Groundhog Day/time loop trope, with bonus sports.

The Course of Honour by [ profile] Avoliot
117k, m/m, political marriage fic in space with a charming party boy, a serious-minded woobie, and all the pining the heart could want. Also plot! I got to read this as a WIP, and man it was so much fun. (CW for significant focus on the woobie's history of emotional abuse.)

Blackbird Claw, Raven Wing by [ profile] Violsva
3.6, f/f, political marriage. Princess Catarina is dismissed to rural seclusion, and makes it her own. I especially enjoy femslash that's a bit more on the melancholy side, and I really enjoy how this one balances the melancholy with the romance with Catarina coming into her own.

the only game in town by [ profile] thisbluespirit
16k, m/f, snowed in, hurt/comfort. A gentle romance centered around two strangers trying to be kind to each other. I loved the retro feel of it - it's set in 1960s England, and it very much feels like a novel from that era or perhaps slightly earlier.

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Jan. 27th, 2019 08:12 pm
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There's a variety of reccing comms around DW. Here are a couple that I would like to make an effort to post to once in a while:

[community profile] bestthingever: For reccing your new favorite recently-posted fanwork. Open reccing. Fanwork should be three months old or less.

[community profile] fancake: Themed recs, with the new theme posted at the beginning of the month. Open reccing. January's month is Five Things Fics (and other fanworks, I guess - usually the themes are a little less tied to a specific medium).

These are both the kinds of communities that work the best if a lot of people make a little contribution each. Maybe you can think of a fic or piece of fanart from the past three months that you'd like to tell people about?

Also, [personal profile] melannen in her post about comms (which inspired this post) mentioned a comm I wasn't familiar with, [community profile] fanart_recs. You sign up to rec four pieces of fanart for a fandom of your choice over the space of a month. I might do this one soon.
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Love to see these happening again. This one's for dark femslash, which is soooo rtmi. And perhaps some of yours?

banner for the dark femslash ficathon
Comment meme here!

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