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5-3 Flyers.

On the plus side:
* Our fourth line scored! Twice! There'd been some concern about our new, supposedly improved depth not scoring, but hopefully that concern's been put to rest. Also, first Pens goals for both Spaling and Goc.

* No Pens injuries (despite Sutter getting a puck to the cheekbone - betcha that'll bruise impressively).

* Our PK was at 100% again.

That's it. Those are all the positives. :PPP

As Anne Shirley says, today is a new game with no mistakes in it. Yet.
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Title: worn for sleeping
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Jess, Sam
Words/Rating: 1300 words / PG rating
Spoilers: through 5.21
Summary: It takes three tubes of paint – three shades carelessly selected, though when she finishes Jess sees each one is progressively more red – to write Sam’s name on the wall.

A/N: And here is my [ profile] spn_summergen fic, written for TammyRenH! One of her prompts involved Jess, and I knew immediately it was the one I had to write, but the most important conceit to this fic didn't occur to me until later.

I worried a little that it might be too shippy for Summergen, but no one complained, so I guess I was sufficiently low key about the ship. And the meta aspect wasn't planned at all and snuck in completely on its own.

I maaay write some author commentary on it. First I have to go answer the lovely comments, though. :D

at Summergen | at AO3.
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Match Point by [personal profile] salmon_pink
Pepper/Sif, one-shot. First they spar, then they have sex very attractively. And there's humor, too!

The Ties That Bind by [ profile] Odsbodskins
Steve/Bucky + Natasha, a/b/o, 26k. One of my favorite a/b/o fics to appear in quite some time, with tons of interesting worldbuilding (including text excerpts! One from Mary Roach, even!) dealing with lots of aspects of a/b/o life that don't seem to turn up very often. Also has omega!Steve, which immediately endeared the fic to me. Also has Steve and Natasha off missioning together, which made me ridiculously happy. I love Natasha in this. I love everything in this.

Fair warning, this was written pre-Winter Soldier, so it's definitely an AU in the jossed sense. Has a lot of events inspired by comics stuff, but mixed and matched, so no comics knowledge necessary.

Re-Habituation by [ profile] downjune
Bucky/Natasha, a/b/o, 3k. This isn't shippy in the strict sense; it's about Natasha exploring a part of herself that was previously only controlled and exploited, and doing that exploration with someone she trusts. I especially like the identity stuff this fic explores, and I tend to be a sucker for sex-between-friends scenarios like this one. Just neat.

Experiment in red by [ profile] sevenofspade
Bucky+Wanda gen, 4k. The Winter Soldier makes friends with one of HYDRA's experiments. I LOVE unexpected moments of grace and friends found in unexpected places, and this has that in spades. It also deals a lot with the terrible things, including brainwashing, that happen to both Wanda and Bucky, so be forewarned. (I have the uncomfortable feeling that this fic is far kinder and more complex in its characterization of Wanda than canon is going to be. >:( )

measure of affection by [ profile] bullroars
GotG team gen, 1.5k. drax the destroyer does not need a hug. Neat happy-feeling gen where the team takes care of its own, however fumblingly. Very sweet.

All This Red Tape by [ profile] TigerDragon
girl!Peter/Gamora, 3.5k In which the girls are still working out how they work together, in both the feelings department and the pants department. There's some low-key xeno here for those that like it, and just a lot of very appealing fumbling stops and starts as Gamora and Piper Quill try to figure each other out.
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I have thirty-seven "to rec" links on Pinboard. I mean to slowly work my way through them in themed bunches. This is the comics bunch.

calm me down, get it out by [ profile] defcontwo
Black Widow comics, Natasha/Yelena, 4.5k. This is hands down my favorite "pretending to be together" fic I have ever read. Because in this, they're pretending to be together for a spy mission, and instead of celibate pining we have angry UST and then angry very-much-RST. As in canon, Yelena is all tied up in Natasha, and as in canon, Natasha alternately laughs at and indulges that obsession. This is great stuff.

Hit by [ profile] basset_voyager
Kate Bishop gen, 1k. I don't know what the canonical story is behind why Kate takes up archery (or if there even is one), but I really like this version: she practices as a form of taking control, fighting back against sleeze balls, taking ownership of the space she occupies. Does not depend on any particular YA or Hawkeye canon.

happy hour by [ profile] jouissant
Saga, The Will + The Stalk gen, 1k. Mission completed, The Will and The Stalk take a breather, and The Will contemplates his occupation. Neat, low-key little character piece.

Red Pen by [ profile] Hsifeng
Saga, Hazel + Izabel gen, 2.5k. THIS IS SO GOOD. This is the school report of one Hazel, having interviewed her friend Izabel for the purpose. Documents fic! Worldbuilding more cohesive and coherent than I think Vaughan and Staples have created (or aspire to create, for that matter). Just really neat at taking details of the Saga universe and weaving them into a proposed whole (although this was written after #8, so some of it, particularly stuff about the robots, has since been jossed). Very nifty.
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This website is nabbing and reposting LJ fic. I'm told the admin will take down stuff down if the author complains, but is otherwise standing firm on his perceived right to repost anything he likes without permission. [ profile] ladydragon76 has more information.

[ profile] kwritten, there's TVD fic on the first page that was written for you, but it doesn't say who it's by. Taken care of.
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I wonder what makes the difference between fic I want and write, and fic I want but don't know how (or precisely what) to write.

Like, I came into a/b/o wanting lots of fic with ladies, and lo, I have written MUCH A/B/O WITH LADIES. Similarly, although I haven't written any Guardians of the Galaxy fic, but I do have very specific ideas of what I want, and I may well end up writing it at some point.

OTOH, I really want fic for Marc-Andre Fleury, and I have no idea what I want. I don't have any hardcore ship feelings, and I don't really want kink, I just want... more Flower? IDK. Similarly, I desperately want tons of fic with Betsy and Fantomex related to Uncanny X-Force, but I don't know what. See also: Kevin Tran.

What about you guys? Have you noticed any patterns between things you want and can or can't write?
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I have tons of other fannish projects right now and am also not really in SPN headspace, but am promoting this anyway because it looks so neat.


[ profile] spnspiration is dedicated to the experimental side of The CW's Supernatural, and fandom's artistic play across all manner of mediums and unexpected genres and literary/artistic/filmic/etc. conventions. Similar to Tumblr's "inspiration" blogs, we also accept posts with photographs, articles, art pieces, etc. that remind you of SPN and that you hope will inspire fanworks!

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No, YT signups aren't open yet. I posted because I thought there was a letters post happening, but it seems to be looking a little suspicious? Oh, well. In any case: my letter is all done! Ahead of schedule!
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YULETIDE. I thought I was excited last year, and yet somehow this year I am even more excited. Last year I comfortably found four things to request; this year I had to squeeze and squeeze before I managed to get my requests down to six.

I hope that you, dear author, are feeling similarly excited. I'm thrilled to have you writing something for me, and the fact that you offered one of these fandoms at all tells me that you have excellent taste. I'm so excited to read whatever it is you choose to write!

NOTE: I will edit this letter with my signup details once I actually sign up, and also I'm going to add some prompts to a couple of sections.

So, on with the requests.

General likes / dislikes )


Uncanny X-Force )

FF )

Saga )

RPF – Pittsburgh Penguins )

Kraken – China Mieville )

IT Crowd )
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* Another 3-point game for Sid. That puts him on pace for 246 points for the season. Ain't math great?

* Okay, I approve of this Hornqvist dude. I say we keep him. Both Thursday and tonight he was so active down low, it was fantastic. And he had a career-high SOG tonight, which bodes well for the "He's no Neal, but until Neal got to Pittsburgh he wasn't Neal either" theory.

* Speaking of Neal, here's my possible favorite commentary on the game: After Fleury freezes a puck, Clarkson tries to agitate Hornqvist by punching his shoulder. Hornqvist just smiled and skated away. We have doubts James Neal would have had the same composed reaction.

As a friend said, making fun of James Neal is always good.

* Goal for Geno! Two assists for Geno! He's looking much better than he did on Thursday (after which he gave this downer intervew).

* Playing the Leafs means we get a Steve Dangle reaction video tomorrow. Have you met Steve Dangle? He is a treasure.


Oct. 9th, 2014 08:25 pm
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Duper comes back from knee surgery and gets 4 points, Olli comes back from shoulder surgery and gets 3 points, Crosby comes back an injured wrist and undisclosed preseason injuries and scores 2 goals (aka more than he got in last year's playoffs), newbies Hornqvist and Comeau got goals, and first-time NHL coach wins his first game! \o/

On the down side, ugh, Flower. Flower, I love you, now STAY IN YOUR CREASE.

Talk about a rip-roaring start to the season.

(Do people want me to spoiler cut game reactions, either because of spoiling or in order to avoid Even More Hockey? Otherwise I won't bother.)
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I've been having ideas of hosting a Buffyverse comment meme with a kink focus. Probably I'd make some kind of rule for all prompts and fills being made anon, because I really like that convention. Timing is questionable - I figure the best time has to be either within the next week or two, or else after the holidays.

Interested? Suggestions? Comments?
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I just got around to watching that time Flower almost got in a fight with the Montreal goalie, and it cracked me up. He's grinning most of the time! He kinda dances around the ref, trying to get down the ice! He's untying the thing that keeps his jersey in place!

I <3 Flower.

video embedded under cut )

Thor #1

Oct. 1st, 2014 07:54 pm
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I bought and read Thor #1 today, the issue that introduces the new female Thor. I don't yet know what quite what I think of it. However, I wanted to preserve a link and also an image.

First, a page-by-page analysis of the issue as it relates to prior continuity.

Second, this page, because the bottom panel is possibly my favorite hero-rides-away-from-danger panel that I have ever seen. (Well, technically he and his steed are swimming.)

large image )

In related news, can I just say how delightful it is to go my comic book store and browse all the pretties and come home with three or four things I'm excited about? Usually the count is two books I went looking for and two that found me, and both kinds are exciting. And then I get to come home and read them and ooh over the pretty artwork.
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This is mostly for [ profile] gryfndor_godess, but if anyone else feels in want of a barebones hockey primer, lo, here one is for your use. Beware that I've only been watching for six months, so although AFAIK everything I'm saying here is correct, so. Corrections welcome! This is also NHL specific and subject to change as the NHL changes rules.

basics )
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I saw someone typo'ing "a bugle in their pants" one too many times, and this resulted. It's kind of a parody. It's also an extremely silly example of [personal profile] stultiloquentia's shame/comfort trope, which is one of those bulletproof kinks for me. If I can write this and end up with feelings, you know the kink is bulletproof.

In case it isn't clear: this fic is very silly.

put your lips together and blow (2135 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Characters: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin
Additional Tags: Crack, Crack Treated Seriously, First Time, Shame/Comfort

Tonight Geno finally gets to see the bugle in Sidney's pants.

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So, I am getting my new laptop set up, and there is this image on the corner of my screen that I can't get rid. What is the arrow in the lower right corner??

large image )

EDIT: Turns out it was my number lock key. :P
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Bennett leaves practice with apparent knee injury after being more out than in last season with a wrist injury. This boy is so injury prone. Basically the only thing anyone has said about him in the last three months is, "He can really shine this season, if he doesn't get broken." Well.

Meanwhile, Crosby and Kunitz have yet to play a game, although they've attended the last two team practices. There is still hope Dupuis will play in the preseason, but he hasn't done it yet, either. And Malkin hasn't skated since Sept 8 due to an undisclosed injury, but Coach Johnston says there has been no need for further testing or evaluation??

EDIT: Oh, and Bortuzzo's injured, too.

(ICON!! :D)


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