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Merry Christmas to you both. :)


For [ profile] rahirah: Spike/Willow
The Road Less Bloody

One night she confesses the story of Vamp-Slut Willow. Spike sees in her eyes the unbabbled fear: that he’d rather have the other, all ruffles and confidence and kink. It teases him a moment: his Willow, demon-driven, glorying in the crimson drench of blood and riding him as this one’s still learning to do.

But there’s a warmth about this one that’s nothing to do with temperature, a delight that’d sharpen to mere cruelty if turned, and ambition even undeath couldn’t improve. He relished the idea once, but he was wrong. Damn his soft heart, he likes this one best.


For [ profile] quinara: Buffy+Illyria
If at First You Don't Succeed, Kick Something

“Fight with me,” Buffy said.

“Battle would be brief and do no one credit,” Illyria said, turning away.

Another day. “You like violence, right? I like violence. We could do the girly bonding thing.”

“I am only superficially female.”

Again. “Look, I need to fight you. I fought gods before, and I pretty much sucked. I need to not suck.”

“Mortal strength is tinder before my blaze. Cease your vain striving.”

“Fine, ” Buffy said, and kicked Illyria’s chin.

The battle was indeed brief. But Buffy rose, gasping, unbroken, and said, “Tomorrow?”

She was not wholly unworthy. “Yes,” Illyria said.
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