Feb. 28th, 2011

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Hence I have the first disc from Netflix. Pilot ep, here I come! Tell me true, flisties: how much utter dreck do I have to wade through before things start getting good?

Other things I am presently watching, just so we can all keep track: BSG, Avatar: The Last Airbender (I got to the good stuff, [livejournal.com profile] deird1!), and The West Wing.
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It always mystifies me in S7 when the decision to keep Spike around is justified by pointing out what a strong fighter he is. As if we've ever cared tuppence for brute force on this show. As if he is somehow a better fighter now than he was, say, in late S5 through early S6, when he'd already proven his loyalty but hadn't committed the AR yet and wasn't a brainwashed murderer.

Also, for some reason the word 'fighter' bothers me. Spike... is good with his fists? Enjoys a rumble now and again? Gets antsy for a spot of violence? Can handle himself in a fight? Yes to all those things. But somehow 'fighter' seems so generic and nondescript.

I realize that it's largely (entirely?) Buffy using this justification, and that it's a good, safe, pragmatic reason she can give to mask other, more personal reasons. It always fell really flat to me, though. I mean, really, no one ever called her on this?

Then again, If they challenged that logistical decision, then they might also question why this apocalypse requires tactics no other apocalypse has required and various other plot peculiarities of S7...
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I love love loved the first season of Veronica Mars; I did basically nothing else that week but go to work, sleep, and watch TV. Mind-bogglingly good. And then I watched just enough of S2 to ascertain that that was indeed Logan on Veronica's doorstep.

But yanno, I think that's all I needed. I'm satisfied. I don't see how the series could possibly go anywhere but down, and the word is that that's more or less what happens (despite the exciting guest stars). And also, buried under the brilliant sparkling exterior of the show is a world of pain so deep I'm still recovering. I don't know that I'll be up to coping with more of it for a long time yet.


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