Oct. 30th, 2012


Oct. 30th, 2012 09:07 am
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1. After a day and a half of mind-numbingly slow internet, we are back up to speed (heh), which means I'm now caught up with, like, Tumblr. (Yes, catching up with Tumblr is a thing I do now. Mostly it involves reblogging fanart and pictures of Gen Cortese's face. Also sometimes Jensen Ackles' face.)

2. THIS FIC. This fic is 3500 words of [livejournal.com profile] gryfndor_godess's answer to "Sam/Ruby, accidental baby acquisition." Her Ruby voice is marvelous, just the right balance of annoyed and driven and a wee bit sentimental (but that's probably just the meatsuit). (Warnings for vague reference to mpreg, because the child in question is the aftermath of the author's as yet unwritten Dean/Bela S3 mpreg fic. Which I want SO BAD.)

(Also, I promise I will not squee over [livejournal.com profile] gryfndor_godess every time she posts new fic. It's just, sometimes it's necessary.)

3. Now that I have internet again, I can deal with the rest of those Trick or Treat requests. Was v. difficult without internet.

4. I'm not allowed to sign up for Yuletide. I'm not allowed to sign up for Yuletide. I'm not allowed to sign up for Yuletide.
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Title: Biding Time
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Rating / Words: PG / 1800 words
Warnings: mpreg
Summary: In which the world is still ended, Spike is still pregnant, and he and Buffy are still feeling their way through the idea. Set in my post-apocalyptic shanshu!Spike/Buffy mpreg 'verse.

A/N: And lo! an errant Spuffy fic appears! Apparently I had one more fic from this 'verse in me - or on my hard drive, rather. I never posted any of it because I thought I was going to write a lot more, but I don't expect that to happen now, and shuffling the vignettes around has yielded something that approximates a fic. So here it is.

Then there was the big announcement. There was some discussion on how to handle that part. )
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1. Have just discovered that Sesame Street did a Twin Peaks segment of Monsterpiece Theater. The mind boggles. (For a taste, here is a gifset excerpt.)

2. Have just posted 100th fic to AO3.


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