Mar. 8th, 2014

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So, hockey is a thing I read now. Also a thing I watch. [ profile] ghostyouknow27 and I have plans to watch the Caps/Pens game Monday night and chat at each other about it. ([personal profile] flamebyrd, you were not wrong.) Two weeks ago, everything I knew about hockey I had learned from The Mighty Ducks and sequels; now I know... somewhat more, which maybe I will tell you about sometime if you are interested.

But in the meantime, FIC. All of these are at least nominally non-AU, in the sense that the characters still play hockey, but then there might also be soulbonding or a green card marriage or a ficus plant. Fidelity to actual observed RL personalities is loose at best, with a strong but questionably accurate trend towards space toaster Sidney Crosby and imperturbable sweetheart Geno Malkin. Since that is a combination I find appealing, I am not much fussed about accuracy. :D

NB that many of these are locked for AO3 users only, so be sure you sign in first.

AU-ish Sidney Crosby/Geno Malkin )

less AU-ish Sid/Geno )

other pairings )


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