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This is apparently the recs post of ficlets about people not Spuffy. I don't think Spike appears once in these fics. I ask you, what's the world coming to?

Rise, by [ profile] effulgentgirl
Buffy, Giles (B/G epilogue); early S6.
Buffy gets vamped. Now what? This is a brief, haunting meditation on vampires as we see them in the Buffyverse rather than vampires as we're told about them, with no easy answers.

Devouring Time, by [ profile] quinara
Darla; pre-series
Darla goes on safari! I love the portrayal of Darla here, that she will dare the hazardous African sun for the sheer experience of the thing. The writing is gorgeous, the whole thing is suffused with sunshine, the setting is beautifully evoked (and we all know how I am about setting). This fic reminds me anew just how much I love Darla.

Of All the Wonders I Have Yet Heard, by [ profile] girlpire
Angel/Darla, AU S3
In which Darla became human there in the alley and lived to raise Connor with Angel. This is gorgeous and heartbreaking and beautifully written, and a great contrast to the side of Darla we saw above.

Journey by [ profile] lawyergirl15
Faith/Giles; spans whole series
A lovely series of drabbles that starts when Faith first walks in the door of the library of Sunnydale High School and ends somewhere else altogether.

In the Wolf's Mouth, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Willow; Rulesverse
A sort-of sequel to Triplicate, which I also loved, this is the fic in which all Willow's magic use comes to a head again. I'm fascinated by Willow in the Rulesverse, who manages to be powerful, pitiful, and sympathetic all at the same time.

Ink Library by [ profile] nicole_anell
Wesley, Dawn; S3 and Ats S5
In which Wesley tries to deal with two conflicting sets of memories, and Dawn helps, being much wiser and more experienced in these matters than he. Just nifty all the way around.
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