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Look at me, reading comics and then blogging about them immediately after! Go, me!

Ms. Marvel #6 - Wilson, Wyatt/Herring
BEST ISSUE YET. I'd seen some rumblings that this one was less exciting, but I loved every single thing about this issue. I loved the Kamala-Wolverine teamup - more than I expected to, given that Wolverine sooner or later pals around with all the teen girl superheroes. But he's really hurt and lets her help him! She calls him a short, angry man who punches stuff, and he says he knew he liked her! She wrote Wolverine+Storm IN SPACE. It was great.

Also loved: the art. Hereby request that Jake Wyatt be the permanent fill-in artist, because he's fantastic. Love his simple linework combined with Ian Herring's colors. Love the simplicity of the action scenes, and the layouts, like Wolverine tumbling into the water.

And I reeeally love his design of the sewer. Prettiest sewer ever, slime and all. If digital copies came with this book, I would screencap some panels and show you. Love the gator pool with that tree growing in the middle of it, full of slime. And the clock and carvings over the archway, like if that water were a canal for boats rather than being full of, well, sewage. (Of course, if this is Jersey City Below, it could very well be both.)


X-Men #16 - Wood, Buffagni/Sandoval
At least the ongoing story took the entire issue this time, instead of stopping halfway through for more Psylocke+students danger room shenanigans. Although apparently all that was the emotional setup to justify Anole, Julian, and Rockslide being part of the team. Which is fine, I guess, except there was no reason it needed to take halves of three issues.

I mean, stuff happened in this issue, finally? Yay? I was struck again by how much I love the cast - Psylocke and Storm and Jubilee all have moments in this issue. I just hate the execution.

The art was cute.

One more Wood-penned issue, and then we move onto Guggenheim, whom everyone says is pretty bad? Feel free to weigh in, people with opinions. But his arc is going to be IN SPAAAACE, and I'm for that, so.

Black Widow #7-8, Edmondson, Noto
I forget what #7 was about, and I only read it like three days ago. Oh, right. Daredevil's in it. Matt judges Natasha for her life choices. I'm not particularly interested in reading about other people walking into Natasha's life and judging her for her choices, so that tells you about how this issue went over for me.

#8 had Bucky in it, and I guess it was supposed to be all elegiac and sad and stuff because he still cares for her and she has no idea that she ever had any personal history with him, but, you know, the reason she doesn't know is because no one saw fit to tell her, including Bucky (or so I gather from summaries of those events). So the melancholy is lost on me.

There were some extravagantly attractive panels in the Bucky issue, though.

Basically this comic is so bland, and the character moments just lacking in any kind of fizz. Natasha seems to have only one dimension, and "sad assassin" does not by itself a character make. Nope, not even if that character is a woman.

Elektra #3-4 - Blackman, del Mundo
This book continues to be gorgeous. The character design of the villain continues to be great. We see more of Elektra's informant who wears flapper dresses and uses slang that might be from the 20s or might be of her own invention, and I think she's a riot, so that pleased me.

A review I read said that this book just doesn't feel like it's about Elektra as much as it is about the man, Bloody Lips, whom she's pursuing, and that seems a fairly accurate assessment.

It is, however, very pretty. So very pretty. Pretty in a much more artistically interesting way than Noto; del Mundo is just much more interested in symbolism, and it results in art that has more layers than Noto's (even though Noto's stuff is undeniably attractive).

Date: 2014-08-02 06:38 pm (UTC)
geckoholic: (Marvel: Clint+Kate)
From: [personal profile] geckoholic
Completely agree about the team-up in Ms. Marvel. So much fun!

Our opinions on Black Widow and Black Widow continue to mostly be exactly opposite (though I'm not too fond of her now randomly teaming up with everybody and their cousin now either), so I'm no gonna dig into that. XD

Date: 2014-08-08 12:53 pm (UTC)
geckoholic: (Marvel: Clint+Kate)
From: [personal profile] geckoholic
Yeah, same here. I'm not familiar with X-23, but I have been educated somewhat by a friend XD and I've found her first run -- sadly not the first, but I'm looking -- so I'm planning to read up on her a bit before the issue. It sounds like a great issue indeed! :D


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