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[community profile] thesinbin continues to make me very happy, so I'm making an effort this weekend to advertise it a little. One part of that effort is a promo post on Tumblr - feel free to reblog if you like. And the other part is a collection of fic recs specifically for the kink meme. If you've been reading my hockey recs for a while, then you'll probably already have seen a lot of these, but I wanted them all in one place.

So, here's an idiosyncratic, Snick-specific collection of links to show why the kink meme is great. These are mostly short on kink and long on feelings, but there's plenty of stuff at the meme that's more hardcore, too – see the Delicious for all the links. :)

Asterisks on the stuff that's never been posted anywhere else, AFAIK.

*Sid/Geno, Sid gives birth at Consol - very silly outsider POV fic from the perspective of one of the Pens beat writers, with appearances by several others and one of the Pens media guys. Just fun.

Kessel/Bozak ALL THE TROPES - that is, it has virgin!Bozak somewhat accidentally paying his rent with bedsharing and (bad) sex. It sounds like crack, but it's treated seriously, and there's good angst to be had.

Crosby/Braden Holtby hair kink fic - Sid kinks on hair, and Braden has a lot of it. Again, sounds cracky or at least niche, but actually this fic is all about relationship negotiation and internalized kink shaming, and it hit all my angst buttons so hard. The sequel's good, too.

*James Neal/Rich Clune sex anxiety - Nealer gets drunk to have sex, except now he's hanging out with Dicky, who doesn't drink at all, which leads to Nealer coming clean about some stuff. Features past Neal/Martin and current Neal+Martin BFF-ship, which is quite possibly my fav part of the fic.

*Sean Monahan, Sam Bennett/Johnny Goudreau - Boring Sean Monahan knows Sam and Jonny have a thing, and he wants to show his support. It's the POV in this that's killer – it's hilarious, on top of being possibly unreliable.

*Paul Bissonnette+Crosby bodyswap - Somehow they've swapped bodies; they both promise to lie low; neither of them do. Delightful crack.

Crosby/Toews, tentacles - Sid discovers Jonny is a lake monster, and Jonny takes him swimming. It's pre-slash teetering on the edge into slash, and it's sweet and sensual and has a neat background arc about keeping secrets and being known.

Seguin/Rule63!Benn, cunnilingus - This is one part porn and four parts flirtation between Tyler and his teammate's huge buff baseball-playing sister. Love the banter and interplay between them.

*Carter/Richards reluctant wristnames WIP - Much to his horror, the guy whose name Richie has on his wrist is one of those hockey player guys. This is the complicated, emotionally messy wristname fic I've been pining for. These guys feel like real people, especially Richards. WIP, updating slowly but steadily.

*Sid/Geno watersports - One day in the training room, Geno just lets go. This gets at the taboo angle of the watersports kink than any fic I've read in a long time. Way hot, if you go in for this sort of thing.

Kane/Toews stuffing - For his birthday, Jonny feeds Pat an entire birthday cake. So hot with all the pushing of physical limits here, but also Jonny and Pat's interactions are just really sweet.
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