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Dec. 18th, 2009 04:29 pm
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I am freeeeeee! One more (paid) dinner tonight, and I am on two glorious weeks of vacation. Today is a good day to be in education.

In celebration, I bring you recs.

In Peace, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
circa "Spiral"; Spike, Buffy, Dawn
Slayer and vampire find a few moments between the chaos to ponder one very important little sister. Despite the Spike/Buffy interaction, this is much less about them than it is about Buffy and Dawn, their sibling relationship, and the huge burden Buffy feels to protect Dawn. Quiet, understated, and gorgeous. I wish there were much, much more fic that explored Buffy and Dawn as lovingly as this one does. (Er, disclaimer: this fic was written for me, so I may be a weeee bit biased. I don't really think so, though.)

In the Living Season, by Jen.
post-S5; Spike and Scoobies
Okay, so you know about me and bite-size fic, right? And about me and emotional understatement? And about me and Spike, especially gennish Spike interaction with other folks? Then you could probably guess how much I love love love this drabble series about Spike and the Scoobies during the Long Sad Summer. Jen's language is careful and spare and exactly right and whoa, heartbreaking, and her characterization is pretty much perfect.

The Hero of the Piece, by [ profile] rahirah
Barbverse AU; Spike/Buffy, OC's
So Barbverse!Spike -- who's his badass, unsouled self and in a long-term relationship with Buffy -- wakes up one morning with amnesia. Who would Spike be if he didn’t know who he was? Barb uses the amnesia trope to explore this question in a very satisfying way. Spike’s attempts to understand himself and others’ perceptions of him are fascinating stuff.

A Girl Made From Sky, by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Crossover with Gaiman's Sandman comics; Dawn and the Cheeseman
Suppose the Cheeseman was one of Dream's minions. And suppose, in between ministering to the dreams of Wisconsin dairy farmers, he grew rather fond of Dawn. You'd think this would be cracky, but it's not; instead, it's sweet and a little bit sad, and makes wonderful sense of the Cheeseman as a character in his own right.

Readers, by [ profile] tesla321
post-series; Faith/Giles
Yay, I bring you new Faith/Giles! Hurrah! This is brief but beautifully written, starting with Faith's meditation on books and what she could have been were things different, and leading to some mutual Faith/Giles comfort in the wake of NFA. Basically: Faith/Giles h/c sex with bonus character study.

Dreamchain, by [ profile] erimthar
S5; Scoobies, almost-OC's; WIP (with steady progress - 5/7 parts posted)
Vampire plague is about to, er, plague Sunnydale, and the Scoobies are on the case -- as are the Korean Slayer of 1933 and her gumshoe sidekick Sid. I've recced [ profile] erimthar before for her fabulous character voices, which I think may be even better here. However, what I love most about this fic are Sid and Cho, whom I'd happily read whole fics about. Barbara Stanwyck glamour and the Slayer burden, plus Sid "cracking wise": what's not to like?

ETA: Falling into Shadow, by [ profile] deird1
pre-series; OC's
It started with a conversation about what the Council would do if a handicapped Slayer was called, and ended with this lovely character study of an OC Slayer and her Watcher. Catherine is courageous and wise beyond her years and yet very much a young girl, and despite all those qualities comes across as an entirely real person - a hero I'd like to meet. Deird has taken a troubling what-if scenario and made it human, and somehow hopeful despite the tragedy in it.
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