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EDIT: Rare Bears 2017 author, this letter is old but still says pretty much exactly what I want, so I'm just reusing it. <3

YAAAAY, Rare Bears! I'm so excited that this exchange exists, and you have no idea how thrilled I am to read the fic you write for me, dear author. I've included a lot of info here about stuff I like, but please don't feel overwhelmed - I obviously don't expect anyone to include all the things I like in one fic! They're just suggestions to hopefully jog your creativity. :)

To my mystification, I have recently fallen head over heels for Marchand, mostly by way of his nose and ridiculous eyebrows and entire face. I'm still just getting to know him and the Bruins by extension, but I have a lot of feelings about him as a scrappy third-rounder who's earned a spot on the first line, who's in this years-long partnership/love-in with Patrice Bergeron and was a failboat bro alongside Seguin while Seguin was in town, who is an asshole on the ice and yet much beloved by his teammates, including Saint Patrice. There's a lot of contrasts in there that I just find really appealing.

Likes: FEELINGS, admission of feelings, awkward feelings, awkward sex, feelings in general, conflict and angst with hopeful endings, unexpected kindness, kink negotiation (I’m perfectly happy with 90% negotiation and 10% actual kink, if you want to write that), relationship negotiation, people revealing things about themselves (“I’m gay/pregnant/a werefrog/an omega/etc.”), people being ashamed of some aspect of themselves (bodies, kinks, background, sexual experience, whatever) and being comforted, loneliness, lonely people finding they’re less alone than they thought, ships where dysfunctional people are weirdly functional together, ships with sex first (whether a one night stand or emergency heat sex or whatever) and feelings afterwards. Explorations of the aftermath in general is my fav - after the big thing happens, how does their relationship change? How is better? Harder? Weirder?

I also love hockey + trope AUs, as long as at least one of the players still plays in the NHL. So, soulbonding, telepathy, arranged marriage, mpreg, a/b/o (especially queered a/b/o, preferably without D/s trappings like kneeling, etc). I'm also big on "us against the world" stuff, so if you want to take one of these ships and, like, set it in a creepy just-left-of-center hockey world where hockey players are (slightly more controlled) assets or the acolytes to a dystopian sports priesthood or something, I would be so into that. Especially if it involved someone having to have a baby for reasons.

Explicit content is fine, but I like my porn with feelings unless it really hits my kink buttons. Specifically: watersports, enemas, stuffing, belly kink. Basically bellies of any kind, I am there. Feel free to mix and match or combine with the kink negotiation I mentioned above.

Dislikes / DNWs : everybody in the NHL is gay, Blackhawks, misogyny, crack that’s played only for humor, non-hockey AUs, historical AUs, comeplay, rimming, non-con, people being punished (in any context), people acquiring or turning into pets, a lot of focus on the Stars (if you choose to go the Marchand/Seguin route), unhappy endings.

I am here for SO MUCH Marchand/Bergeron tropey goodness! Or straight romance! Or sexuality angst! The story possibilities for Brad in particular fascinate me, and there are so many ways you could go and make me happy. If you want to write a fic where the ship is a little more in the background, that's fine, too, and I've included some prompts that would allow for that.

Some possible prompts:
• Marchy thinks Bergy is pretty much perfect and is ecstatic that Bergy wants to be with him, but he has no idea how to be alpha to a perfect omega. Honestly, he's not sure he's much of an alpha at all, and his usual tactic of making so much noise no one notices doesn't seem like it'll work here.
• It occurs to Patrice one day that he's into Marchy. He's so into him. (Maybe it's his first time being into a guy?) Now he has to figure out what to do with this information, and meanwhile Marchy is his same OTT squirrely little ball of hate as always, oblivious. FEELINGS.
• There are things Bergy needs that only Marchy can give.
• Kink negotiation or sexual discovery, where somebody likes or finds out they like something, and together they have to work out how to accommodate that.
• Marchand/his sexuality, endgame Marchand/Bergeron – I really enjoy stories about gay or bi people coming to terms with their own sexuality, especially in environments where sexuality is as loaded a topic as it is in sports. Definitely happy/hopeful ending for this one, please.
• Marchand/Bergeron+ensemble – team-y tropey goodness. Group soulbonding? Everyone's a werebear? TEAM CUDDLES?

These guys are my human disaster ship. I want allll the failboat bro plots for them, especially when that includes them stumbling into unintended feelings. I like them best when there's a serious undercurrent to their relationship, however cracky and happy-go-lucky things look on the surface.

Some possible prompts:
• Brofucking turns to feelings, and neither of them is quite sure how to handle it.
• Kink negotation, again, except failtastic, because they are them. But they get it right in the end. :) Really any kink you feel like exploring that I don't have in my DNWs is cool. :)
• Something a little more serious about them navigating a long-distance relationship once Tyler gets traded. Feel free to combine with, like, soulbonding or animal transformation or magic. :D

Human disasters + Bergy, pulled in from the sidelines? Bergy pining? A v-poly situation centering around Marchy? Established relationship? I'm a huge sucker for poly that starts with established couple + guy quietly pining but sure there's no room for him, if that's a direction you want to go. Or maybe something more understated in the shippiness, where it's all three of them in various configurations, all feeling that buzz in different ways.

The one thing I'd ask for these guys is no PWP - I don't mind some porn, too, but I'm most interested in the emotional aspect. Also I'm interested in romance rather than one-time threesome.

Some possible prompts:
* Some configuration of a/b/o, especially subverted a/b/o. Feel free to knock someone up if you like!
* Threeway soulbonding is uncharted waters as it is, and Segs getted traded to Dallas doesn't make things any easier.
* Marchy and Segs both know Bergy's the grownup in this relationship, which means they're not real prepared for the heavy emotional lifting when he has a crisis


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