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1/31/17 activism/politics links (take 2)

Activism / Resources
* Anonymous Group Reveals Direct Phone Numbers For White House Staff (Gothamist)

* March. Organize. Win. It's Much More Than One Women’s March (Glamour). Glamour saw what Teen Vogue was doing and decided to get in on the action, I guess. (I'm being snarky here, I have no idea how politically conscious Glamour generally is.)

* Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump (538)

* Spreadsheet: List of known town halls for all members of Congress

Good News
* Two GOP senators still undecided on final DeVos vote (The Hill)

* Diplomats defy White House warning, criticize travel ban (AP). To me the really striking bit is at the end, where it talks about diplomats trying to rush visas for people from countries they thought would be affected.

* Believe it or not, #TheResistance is working. These are not small things. [LIST] (Twitter). I had no idea about some of these. (Please note, I have not verified.)

* White House says it won’t roll back LGBTQ protections (Seattle Times). I'm deeply suspicious, but I won't complain, I guess.

* How Chuck Schumer Found His Spine (Slate)

* This is from an American friend of mine working with the UN in Iraq. (Twitter). An anecdote that made me a bit wibbly, in a good way.

* Southern Baptist Convention sends letter condemning Muslim ban (WaPo)