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Feb. 21st, 2017 07:12 am
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I know there are several people here who are quite into gaming in various forms, so it's probably worth passing on a fascinating website I just came across (and save myself a link to it at the same time).

PaxSims is run by Rex Brynen, professor of political science at McGill University. His focus is "the development and effective use of games and simulation-based learning concerning issues of conflict, peacebuilding, and development in fragile and conflict-affected states" So you get lots of stuff trying to simulate the intersection of politics, military affairs and humanitarian crises. There's at least one complete game available under the Aftershock link, but it's the reviews I've been finding fascinating, as there are more games in the sector than I'd imagined, ranging from the serious military simulations with added politics (Persian Incursion - Israel tries to take out the Iranian nuclear programme, incidentally the link that brought me here), to slightly more balanced mixes with BCT Command Kandahar, to much more political/resource management focussed with Afghan Provincial Reconstruction. Even better, the reviews are mostly based on having played them, in some cases with his students, and analysing what worked and what didn't, rather than simply having skimmed through the rules.

There's also reviews of books on wargame and game design, which I'm pretty certain [personal profile] yhlee  will find interesting, and a ton of links to related sites

[Review] First Test - Tamora Pierce

Feb. 20th, 2017 11:06 pm
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Review )
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YAY, the spinoff to The Good Wife is here! I shall be using my tag for that show, for funsies. Also, LOVE.

The Good Fight 1.01 Inauguration )

The Good Fight 1.02 First Week )

Supergirl 2.13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk )

Phew! Clearly I had a lot of feelings about this episode. Feel free to tell me why I'm wrong!

Comment Fic

Feb. 20th, 2017 03:04 pm
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Today's Theme was 25 words so they are very short, but fun. Two fandoms, Ouran Host Club - Tamaki, and
Boondock Saints - Connor MacManus+Murphy MacManus.

You can read them here.

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Feb. 20th, 2017 09:51 pm
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Have not floated away in a flood. Yet. :)

The Magicians, part infinideux

Feb. 20th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Seriously, though, I get it. I know why everyone hates this show. I hate this show. BUT IT IS ALSO SO F*ING BRILLIANT. I just. That last episode.

*headdesk* *headdesk*

also, gdi, I have ANOTHER new pairing now. Hai, Julia/Margo. Welcome to my personal hell.

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Feb. 20th, 2017 08:02 pm
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C and I are trying to watch more movies this year. I don't know why 1.5 to 2 hours of a self-contained thing somehow seems more difficult than the equivalent time of TV episodes, but it does. 

Also I am trying to log more movies that I have watched. For some reason I will faithfully log every book I start reading, but I will forget to do so for movies. I have a Letterboxd account if you're truly curious. (As it's mostly for record keeping, I rarely review.)

So, here is a quick run-down of movies I've seen in the past month.

Hidden Figures
is delightful and inspiring. Taraji, Olivia, and Janelle are amazing, I was really annoyed by Kevin Costner's white savior character, and I was delighted to see Aldis Hodge and Mahershala Ali, who I was not expecting. I was impressed by Kirsten Dunst's white lady character, who is instantly recognizable from your Facebook acquaintances and replies to black people on Twitter. The whole "I know you think I hate you but I don't" exchange was brutal. I don't want to say it was simplistic, but it was very straightforward. That probably served the message of the story better, but it felt a little glossed over, too pat to be real history.

John Wick
is a really enjoyable action movie once you get past the upsetting animal death. There's a surprising amount of worldbuilding in it, stuff that's just on the edges and makes you want more exploration. The stunts are so fucking well done, which I suppose is unsurprising given that the directors were Keanu Reeves's stunt doubles on The Matrix. There is deep thought and attention paid to the fight choreography, and Wick's economy of movement in killing is very reminiscent of Kurosawa's samurai. There's never a wasted punch, kick, or shot. Wick actually reloads his gun when the clip runs out, which I don't think I've ever seen in an action movie before. 

This is all well and good, but there's also a ridiculous gleeful spirit of camp to the movie. I was telling C that it reminded me a lot of Boondock Saints (which is a stupid movie that I love a great deal), and not just because Willem Dafoe is in it. The dialogue is hilarious and overwrought, and some fine actors (Ian McShane among them) get to chew the scenery with great relish. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a movie.

Keanu is best paired with John Wick in my opinion, because it's a completely different kind of stupid and also parodies John Wick. Also there's a really cute kitten in it. 

I finally got the chance to watch Moonlight, after hearing raves about it for months. I thought I would be overwhelmed and amazed, based on people's reactions, but it's the sort of movie that's quiet and understated, wondrous because it's so subtle. It feels like the sort of fanfiction I have always wanted to write, the minutiae of gestures indicative of things that run deep. C called it just artsy enough, which I think is fair. It's so beautifully shot, and I love the way the harsh fluorescents contrast with the dark blue palette.

There is so much craft and regard put into this movie, and every character is treated as complex. I wrote this before about Luke Cage, but I think it applies here as well. This is what happens when you let people make art about themselves. You get beautiful, nuanced, thoughtful media that everybody else can watch and appreciate, and it is a fucking joy. 

No creating today

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:31 pm
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Today is wrapped up in dissatisfaction, though it really should not be.  I made progress on work projects, got a good number of chores done, and finished the assignments for the first chapter of the Access course I'm taking.  But I also had to crash on the couch for a long nap to kill a headache and give me enough energy to get through the rest of the day, and there are several personal projects that are just not getting worked on at all today.

It feels like letting people down, like I'm not living up to my potential.  And it's very difficult to distinguish "can't do any more right now" from "don't feel like doing any more right now".  Either way, it still means things aren't getting done. 

Hopefully tomorrow will come with more motivation.  I don't want to fall down two days in a row.

But do they speak for the trees?

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:46 pm
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(The name was the first thing that struck me, of course, but I also enjoyed the various angular intersections of the railings and roof penthouse.)
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This...I mean...there are elements in it that could be good? And it looks like if they ditched the King Arthur aspect, this could be an entertaining if unoriginal (and way to dude-centric) fantasy movie. But this actual movie looks like a terrible mess. Also, needs more color. Of more than one variety.

stuff done: Monday

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:53 pm
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1. Changed the scented wax in my wax melter.

2. Checked my weight.

3. Bought some groceries. Sadly, I failed AGAIN to buy applesauce, because there was none of the right kind in stock. (The other kinds were also sold out or pretty sparse, oddly enough. Is there some kind of applesauce shortage I don't know about???) Well, I have two individual serving cups left, after which I guess I will eat craisins as my breakfast fruit, and hope that the store is restocked on Thursday.

4. Photographed my peppers.

5. Walked into town and bought some nice bread (cheddar chive sourdough) from Collegetown Bagels, just because.

6. TOOK A NAP. \o/

7. Boiled eight eggs.

8. Baked brownies.

9. Repotted all the component sections of Babylon (one of my spider plants) and hung the pot back in my living room window. Then I took down Damocles (another spider plant), trimmed and/or uprooted all of its component sections, and put them in a giant pot of water to grow new roots. I will empty the dirt and horrible tangled dead roots out of the hanging pot tomorrow evening.

10. Hand-washed the upper section of my rayon-blend pants to get the body stink out of them in preparation for wearing them a second day. During that process, I realized the reason they felt a little weird at work is that one of the buttons is almost falling off. *headdesk* I will be wearing different pants tomorrow anyway (because I got a little overenthusiastic about the washing), so I will resew that button Tuesday evening.

11. Began skimming some worship-planning books borrowed from my DRE, in prep for the youth group's upcoming weekend get-together with Oneonta. The first book is from a mind-bogglingly Christian perspective, but there are some interesting ideas sprinkled in and among the relentless Jesus-Jesus-Jesus.

12. Worked a little more on the Cotton Candy Bingo ficlet. I am just... it's not making me happy, you know? It's meant to be a cute and fluffy ficlet, but it keeps veering toward people being tired and uncharitable toward each other -- which I think is because I myself am tired and stressed and fed up with the world in general -- and that's not what I want to be writing. I think I need to rip up the second half (from the introduction of the unexpected ambassadors) and go into those scenes with the assumption that the characters are going to give each other the benefit of the doubt and be polite rather than snappish. Appropriate behavior is a big thing in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, after all.


And now to bed.

Prompt for 2017-02-20

Feb. 20th, 2017 07:50 pm
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Today's prompt is "two miles is Thursday".

Prompt for 2017-02-19

Feb. 20th, 2017 07:49 pm
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Today's prompt is "positively rebellious".

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Feb. 20th, 2017 10:39 pm
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Interesting Ted Talk on How to Spot a Liar or Lying:

Cool Science stuff

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:24 pm
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Cool science stuff...

My cousin states it's clearer and more reliable than string theory...although I think string theory is more fun.

So...the true science of parallel universes:

See? More fun. Well, if you are sci-fi geek.

I'm reading John Scalzi's "Redshirts" now, and the Big Book of Science Fiction -- which is basically a collection of over 300 some classic sci-fi short stories and novellas.

i'm alive

Feb. 21st, 2017 10:59 am
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I have no idea how long it's been since I updated. Sorry?

I've been at the branch long enough now to know I don't really like it. I don't hate it. I do hate the schedule. If I could have the schedule of the primary school with the classes of the branch school, it'd be perfect. That can't happen, of course.

Big D Depression has set in. Meaning physical symptoms. I'm so fucking tired all the time. I cry too easily. So filled with "I just can't." It's ridiculous and frustrating, and if I lived elsewhere, I'd be checking myself into the hospital. No way I'm doing that here.

I am seriously wondering if I'm going to be able to make it through this term. It doesn't end until fucking August, and I just don't know if I can do six months.

On the brighter side of things, there's my lego crap.

Just a sample. More at my lego tag on tumblr. There is of course some nsfw stuff there, but it's tagged as such. Like the shibari. ;)

I guess that's all for now.

Animated movies/shows

Feb. 21st, 2017 09:38 am
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Back on a Moana kick recently. So I made this set and then I made another centering around the use of hongi in the film and belatedly remembered to check the tag first and oh. Somebody else had made it already (with almost the same choices of GIF size and frames- it was bizarre!) and their set already had more than 25000 notes. XDDD The digital release is tomorrow (it's already the 21st here, but I'm assuming most of you reading this are not on this side of the world, haha), and I'm very much looking forward to getting the mini movie with it! :DDD

Here, have some icons in the meantime! GIF ones are sized for DW, but the last two are JPEGs that will work for LJ too.

Pua the pig drooping Maui winking and pointing Moana and Te Ka do a hongi Baby Moana meets the ocean Moana smiling hopefully Moana and Te Fiti do a hongi Moana throwing a spear
Baby Moana reaching up for the ocean Baby Moana tracing Te Fiti's heart Moana shouting at the ocean Baby Moana getting splashed Te ka hongi Te Fiti giving the stinkeye

Your Name (君の名は)

A gorgeous movie that hooks you with its lighthearted and hilarious beginning and gradually ends up heartrending and suspenseful. The bickering between the main characters for "acting OOC" during their inadvertent bodyswapping is just delightful. XDDD My favorite bit is when he's yelling at her for spending his money on cafe food and she's like, "well it's YOUR body I'm feeding and I'm doing your PT job to earn it, so." And then the confusion and loss when that nuisance other half suddenly disappears. The plot is like The Lakehouse, but layered with references, parallels and symbolism, and the attention to detail is astonishing. I loved seeing the red string everywhere. I loved how it really felt like Tokyo, down to the warning stickers on the train doors. I got so nostalgic watching it- I used to live in Tokyo and even hearing that abrupt slamming sound of a train rushing past another made me love it all the more. It does the flip side of country life just as accurately, with the sound of fusama shutting to the accent (Gifu is near where I live, and my kids actually have an accent like Mitsuha's, to their Tokyo relatives' constant amusement.).

Despite all the buzz, I think anybody saying this is the best animated film of the year is kidding themselves? Moana, Zootopia and Kubo and the Two Strings convey much more powerful, universal messages, especially when you consider that the target audience is a lot younger. Yes, it definitely could have gotten an Oscar nod, but I don't think it deserved to win over any of those. Still, it was a wonderful film, and I made some icons to celebrate it too! (Really, I just wanted the words バカ and あほ on my journal. LOL):

Mitsuha and Taki and the fateful string Mitsuha writing aho on her face Taki writing baka on his face Taki and Mitsuha protesting Mitsuha and Taki meet at last

Race to the Edge is back too, but have only watched the first ep so far. It's not as compelling as the HTTYD movies so it's easy to give them to the kids one at a time. (Plus I've already been spoiled via tumblr, so I can just watch those GIFs with glee.) :D

Reveals will be happening for chocolate box soon! Can't wait to see what else my gift maker has written! I think somebody has recced my fic somewhere because I just got a bunch of comments on it in this morning, which just makes me so happy. :D I wrote something that wasn't a popular pairing/character and it's towards the back of the archive because I guess I submitted earlier than most folks, so the hits have been pretty low. I'm glad people who read it liked what I did, at any rate! :D

Summer in Melbourne - Kevin Hart

Feb. 21st, 2017 12:01 am
[syndicated profile] speculumannorum_feed

Don’t go to Paris, love: it’s full of punks
From Harvard, trying out their thin, bruised French.
Their cheese is chocker with cholesterol,

And that strong coffee makes your teeth go brown,
Croissants cause cancer, and smoky seminars
Reduce your life by twenty years at least.

Far better, love, to soak in summer here;
And, if you like, I’ll buy a wedge of brie,
A bag of fresh plump cherries, a cheeky white,

And we’ll read Rimbaud at St Kilda Beach,
And really get inside his cabaret.
Don’t go to Rome! Don’t even talk of that!

My dearest, think: their pasta’s fattening,
And Italy’s one sweaty queue to see
What’s up in Grandma’s attic anyway!

You’ll be touched up while on a crowded bus!
You’ll catch a cold inside those catacombs!
There’s better pizza down on Rathbone Street

And Sapienza’s really just a set
They use for B-class films like Left Behind:
I’ll smear olive oil across my lips

And read Montale all the afternoon!
Ah stay with me, my love, and let warm days
Just dangle overhead all summer long,

We’ll sleep in late, be louche, and stagger through
A case or three of Yarra Valley red
And love the city and each other too.

From Best Australian Poems 2015

Chat log for posterity

Feb. 21st, 2017 10:57 am
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Testing dreamwidth's image function!

A chat log. )
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Sometime over the weekend I caught myself thinking, Weird--[ profile] scruloose and I were making such quick progress on The Good Place, and now it's been a week or more since we watched any.

Funny how that happened when I was unexpectedly at Casual Job for a week and then we had a much-anticipated house guest for the entire long weekend, which meant almost non-stop socializing for the duration.

Now Much-Anticipated House Guest is back in Toronto, and Ginny and I are back to work tomorrow morning. Until Friday afternoon we'd thought we'd be back to work tonight at midnight, so the fact that we're actually starting at 9 AM instead is almost relaxing. The thing that's completely up in the air is if we'll basically be working standard workdays all week until we catch up on the "emergency" work (at which point I'll be done again until the actual spring session begins, whenever that is) or if we'll be working long hours for some or all of the days.

All of which is to say that I'm behind on absolutely everything else, other than keeping up with reading DW. And what with non-stop work flowing straight into non-stop socialization, I'm bone-tired now, no matter how good the former is for my wallet and the latter is for my heart.

(Thanks to the Humble Bundle included in the linkspam I just posted, I've had the new Mira Grant novella in my possession for a few days and haven't even started reading it yet. Really, that probably tells you all you need to know about busyness levels. [And that the novella isn't Newsflesh related, because that would've been read immediately...although I have no clue how.])

Linkspam: fannish/geeky/SFF, misc.

Feb. 20th, 2017 10:37 pm
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Fannish/Geeky Things

[ profile] pbam (Porn Battle Amnesty)'s second Prompt Stack is open for prompts for a couple more days (until February 22, 23:00 GMT).

Humble Bundle currently has a Subterranean Press bundle that includes Mira Grant's new novella, Final Girls, which doesn't come out in hardcover until April.

"Kino's Journey Novels Get 1st Manga Adaptation Next Month". [ANN]

Via [ profile] misbegotten, "Learn How To Make An Origami Princess Leia [Video]".

Via [ profile] spikedluv, "Hayley Atwell to Star in Howards End Adaptation for Starz, BBC".

"Star Trek: Shirts and Skins in TOS". "Two important questions that we are asked fairly frequently are:

Why does Kirk’s command tunic sometimes appear gold and other times greenish?

Why does Mr. Spock’s skin color seem to vary from chicken-soup yellow to crab pink?

They’re good questions, and ones that we ourselves asked when we were learning about TOS. And since they do get asked often, we thought we’d address them here, at"


"40% of Wikipedia is under threat from deletionists". [Boing Boing]

Via [ profile] dine, "Overflowing Bouquets Built From Hundreds of Spare Utensils".

Via [ profile] sovay, "Zealandia – pieces finally falling together for continent we didn't know we had".

"The Mermaid" at Scandinavian ballad blog Balladspot.

"Nokia’s beloved 3310 cell phone is being relaunched".

"Museums Share Their Creepiest Possessions In Twitter Challenge".

Via [ profile] alisanne, "Bead Dragon Brooches By This Russian Artist Will Make You Want To Tame One".

"Having Disabled Kids In Public School Classrooms Is Good For Everyone". [Sarah Kurchak at The Establishment]

Via [ profile] jimhines, "Cherry Blossoms Have Just Bloomed In This Japanese Town, And The Photos Are Magical".

"The Improbable Life of the Inventor of the Modern Bra: She was also a pioneering publisher and, later, a princess". [Atlas Obscura]

"McDonald’s Engineers a New Type of Straw for Slurping Shamrock Shakes". [Mental Floss]
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So I’ve seen some admonishments going around along the lines of, “stop calling everyone who disagrees with you a Nazi!” and other variants of the good ol’ Godwin’s Law. Never mind that Godwin himself said, “If you’re thoughtful about it and show some real awareness of history, go ahead and refer to Hitler when you talk about Trump. Or any other politician.” I’ve specifically run into this admonishment lately in discussions about various people who have been advocating various racist, xenophobic, misogynist, and homophobic opinions along with laws and policies intended to harm people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity...

(The rest of this post about whining people who don't like being treated the way they treat others is at FontFolly.Net.)

The Awakening

Feb. 20th, 2017 09:03 pm
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The AwakeningThe Awakening by Kate Chopin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'd only read this book once a very long time ago as an undergraduate, and my memories of it were hazy before this reread. I hadn't remembered how candidly it treats Edna's infidelity, and I thought it had been written much later than the turn of the century.

I also didn't know anything about Kate Chopin until this reread. Apparently, publishing The Awakening ruined her career; the book was roundly condemned, and she lost her reputation and many friends as a result. She only lived four years after it's publication, dying of a stroke or aneurysm. I think a lot about women writers who weren't appreciated in their time and what they would think of their place in the literary canon carved out by second wave feminists in the 60s and 70s. I hope Chopin would feel vindicated that classrooms of college students read her novel each semester and discuss Edna Pontellier's stifling marriage and the limited choices available to her.

I was especially struck on this read by her feelings for her children, how she loves them but doesn't want to be consumed by them, how she wants to follow her own desires but doesn't want her children to be hurt in the fall-out. I am so glad that I live in the 21st century in which I can find plenty of examples of women who have careers and families, who follow their own hearts and are good mothers, who pursue their ambitions and hold down the fort at home at the same time. I'm so glad we live in a time where people can be more open about how maddening motherhood is, how nobody enjoys parental sacrifices, and how being angry or depressed or frustrated is a natural part of being a parent. If I had to live surrounded by the "mother-women" Chopin describes, those women who are constantly sewing baby clothes and who cannot leave their husbands alone because the husbands need them, and who are defined solely by those relationships, I'd probably find myself in crisis, too.

This book is very sad but very beautifully written. Highly recommended.

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Camping on the fifth floor

Feb. 20th, 2017 08:53 pm
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three slightlybowed windows with lighting entering

This is the living room of my new place where I'm currently camping out. My stuff which I was hoping would arrive tomorrow is instead appearing at the end of the week. As often happens with movers, there's a delivery window and at first it seemed like I would be at the front end, am now at the back. Weirdly I think that the internet will arrive before the stuff.

But that's okay as today I felt like I was a porter going on a major mountain trek as I brought supplies up like an aero-bed, my electric kettle, bathroom stuff and a few kitchen things. There's still more in my car but I feel prepared. I've also started to explore the neighborhoods around me and I think I've landed in a really good place.

My cold's still around and that plus my asthma has left me worn out but good. Now to start the long process of changing my address with everyone that I can think of.

Its so strange to be doing something this hopeful with the mess of everything around but I know if I'd delayed too long on moving, I'd get stuck. Now I'm here and can keep moving forward and learn how to be most effective here.

Super Powers, Chapter 5

Feb. 21st, 2017 09:49 am
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"'Plot' is overrated and generally accepted theories of story are outdated, having been made in a time of monarchy and aristocracy. There’s no place for it in our egalitarian global community." -- Tom Scioli

Last time, in SUPER POWERS...

Read more... )
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Holy crap, so I went to the trigger-point reflexology place tonight for a cheapo half-hour head-and-feet massage to see if that would help the headache. It was great; IDK if trigger-point or reflexology actually work but a super hardcore focused massage definitely does something.

But he was about five minutes into the head massage when he pressed his thumbs down on my jaw and something on the left side of my face BURST. Like, that side’s been sore for a week, but he pressed on it and it was like there was a teeny tiny water balloon in there somewhere. We both felt it pop.

The rooms are not entirely private, because you don’t undress for the massage, so there were two other people also getting massage work done, which meant we had to keep quiet. But he froze, and then leaned over and whispered, “What just happened?” and I was like “I don’t know!” and he was like “Are you okay?” and I was like “I don’t know!” but I wasn’t bleeding or, like, leaking anywhere, so eventually he just kept going.

My headache isn’t gone, but it’s a lot better, and it has shifted around, so I guess there’s that. Also my nose is running like crazy. 

Maybe there was a poltergeist in my face. 

from Tumblr


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