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Usually I'm of the opinion that the work should speak for itself and anything I might say can only take away from it, but I ended up having quite a lot of thoughts as I was writing The Only Cure For Grief for [ profile] spn_summergen. And here they are, although they aren't so much commentary as just a lot of ramblings.

cut for those who don't to know the messy details )
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Title: The Only Cure for Grief
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Jimmy Novak, Dean, Sam
Rating / Word Count: PG-13 / 5500 words
Warnings: Character deaths major, minor, and implied (but all prior to the beginning of the fic)
Summary: The apocalypse is over, and Jimmy Novak has cobbled together a life now, kind of. The last thing he needs is for Winchesters to come walking back into it. Yet here they are, Sam recovering from demon blood and Dean only recently angel-free, looking for refuge and other things Jimmy doesn’t know how to give.

A/N: This is my [ profile] spn_summergen fic, written for [ profile] sistabro to the prompt Dean said yes. Sam didn't. I... took a fair bit of liberty with that. Originally posted here.

Jimmy’s given up on *normal*, on *safe*, and still the shock when Winchesters turn up on his doorstep again is like a blow to the chest. )


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