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I was in need of some over-the-top silliness, ideally with eye candy, so I got Stonehenge Apocalypse from Netflix. It delivered on both accounts. I got to spend a lot of time objectifying Misha Collins - which I can't do on SPN, because I simply cannot read Castiel as a sexual being - and it was indeed very, very silly.

For example, did you know that there is a global energy grid, at the intersection points of which ancient peoples built their monuments? You should never, ever detonate a nuclear warhead at one of these intersection points, because if you do, the radiation will spread all over the globe. Via the energy grid. Obviously.

The SFX were quite bad. We got a lot of mileage out of watching concrete blocks tearing up turf (because the stones of Stonehenge were moving, doncha know). The writing was abysmal. The acting was not bad - Misha made the best of his material, and I really liked the gal playing the dissenting scientist who ends up teaming up with Misha's character to stop the apocalypse.

I would recommend it on the power of Misha Collins' face, basically, plus ridiculous cheesiness. Also, there's a reveal about 3/4 in that I actually quite liked and would have worked as the seed of a much, much better movie.


Then, of course, I went to AO3 and read all the fic. (Well, all the marginally interesting-looking fic that didn't involved Jimmy Novak/Jacob Glaser twincest.) And found Ride the Lightning by [ profile] ratherastory, which is a little bit about Jacob and a whole lot about Claire and Castiel, which suited me fine. There is never enough Claire+Castiel fic. And the author has a very light touch. I recommend!


So now, in my SPN obsession, I've seen Ten Inch Hero (with Jensen and also Danneel), New York Minute (with Jared), an episode of Wildfire (with Genevieve), and this. The only one of those that was even remotely good was Ten Inch Hero, which, although deeply flawed in its themes, had good characters, quirk, and a lot of heart. New York Minute had Jared being ridiculously hot and not much else. The first ep of Wildfire wasn't awful, but it seemed to be leading directly into teen romance triangle shenanigans that I couldn't stomach, and also the casual, entirely unproblemitized misogyny bugged.
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Title: Double Pointed
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Jensen/Misha
Words / Rating: 900 words / G
Summary: Misha and Misha's werehedgehog boyfriend Jensen each have their own way of coping when life gets to be too much.

A/N: This is for a prompt in my ficathon (which is still there, if anyone wants to fill a prompt, although the LJpocalypse has left the comments a mess). It's really short and quietly angsty and also ends a little abruptly? But werehedgehogs!

(Speaking of, no discussion of werehedgehogs is complete without this, which I suspect is what inspired the prompt.)

Also On AO3.

'I need my tube,' Jensen says. )
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Title: Into the Briny Deep
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Gen/Misha, background Aldis/Adrianne, J2
Words / Rating: 2500 words / NC-17
Contents / Warnings: tentacle sex, role play, first time, college au, mentions of rape fantasy
Summary: Gen’s a fearsome pirate queen, and Misha’s a deadly kraken - even if it is a little weird wearing matching Halloween costumes when they aren’t technically dating. First this leads to awkwardness, but then it leads to sex, so overall Gen’s calling it a win.

Also available at AO3 here.

Originally posted to the kinkmeme. Given that it’s a sequel to my other Gen/Misha story where Misha has tentacles, it is probably the least anonymous thing I have ever posted while anon. Inspired by the fact that "historical role play" and "tentacles" occupy the same row in my [community profile] kink_bingo card, which clearly must result in pirates and krakens. Clearly.

Gen puts a lot of thought into her costume. )
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Title: Of Various Mythological Beasts
Fandom: SPN RPF
Pairing: Gen/Misha BFFery with hints of future shippiness
Words / Rating: 1800 words / PG
Warnings: utter crack, HS AU, dragony bits, tentacles!
Summary: The thing is, you don't get your dragon form all it once.

A/N: This is for [ profile] ghostyouknow27 and [personal profile] verity. They know which parts belong to which. :D

fic! )
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Title: What Should Really, Really Never Be
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Sam, Misha, Gen
Pairings (temporary, mentioned, or implied): Sam/Ruby, Sam/Gen, Gen/Jared, Dean/Misha, Misha/Jensen, and Dean/Cas. But it’s mostly a semi-plotty ensemble genfic! Really!
Words / Rating: 9800 words / PG-13
Warnings: kissing/cuddling dub-con due to mistaken identity, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, mentions of knotting and mpreg
Spoilers: for 6.15 The French Mistake
Summary: In which Supernatural is a TV show, the gal who plays Ruby has apparently knocked up the guy who plays Sam, and the guy who plays Cas keeps bugging Dean for PDAs. Dean’s just relieved that the guy who plays him is a beta, whatever that means.

A/N: written for an anonymous prompt requesting a French Mistake a/b/o AU. I’ve cleaned it up and filled it out a bit in places, but I’ve done basically no other editing. Some of the character and other details come from the ep, some are RL details that snuck in, and some I completely made up. Trust nothing!

'Dude, you're pregnant,' Dean tells Sam. )


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