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I cannot remember the last time a show gave me so many thoughts. Supernatural I love because it gives me such strong feelings, but only very occasionally does it give me thoughts (Dean in S1, Sam in S4, Sam and Plot Stuff in S6), whereas Mad Men rarely inspires in me any feeling other than sputtering rage but gives me more thoughts - about characters, mostly - than I know what to do with. Not only are these episodes longer than an "hour" of standard network television, but they're really dense. Makes me wish I had the discipline to watch them all twice before I actually sat down to talk about them; I always develop so many more thoughts the second time through.

What's more, although the episodes do have arcs and themes of their own, at this point I'm really more invested in the broad strokes of the character development than in the subtler points in the individual episodes. For that reason, I've decided to quite breaking things up by episode and instead break them up by character, because I have Big Thoughts about developments for, hmm, at least five right now.

So here, have all my thoughts for Pete Campbell through 1.07 Red in the Face.

I wouldn't have thought Pete Campbell had a single character beat that could inspire me to sympathy. )


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