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I'm through the first couple eps of S2 now. As I was telling [personal profile] lutamira, this show all exists in this one huge tapestry in my head; I can't break it into constituent parts yet. About all I can do right now is flail in its general direction and say, "You guys, this show!"

That said, definitely the character I'm most engaged with presently is Audrey Horne. One one hand, she's a brat, and I don't mean that in a good way. From the moment we meet her she's causing chaos just because she can. She's spectacularly self-centered, and there's just no way I can spin that positively.

But on the other hand, she's definitely charismatic, and I've been in more suspense about her plight at One Eyed Jack's than I have about any of the other storylines. I also appreciate that she does seem to have some sincerity tucked away for special occasions, and that she's not equally a brat to everyone. She and Donna seem to get on fine, for example. And I like that her storyline has only a minor romantic component, that her story is not yet another story of high school drama and romance (as opposed to Donna, even).

So I do want to like her, and yet... such a brat.


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