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You might've noticed that I stopped posting regular link roundups here in my journal, but that's because I've moved them over to [community profile] thisfinecrew (partly to stop spamming all my people here). They're all in this tag.


Dec. 20th, 2014 07:11 am
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Heads up, I seem to be incapable of directly accessing LJ right now, even via the mobile interface, which is my usual fallback. IDK if this will change before the new year, so, don't expect from replies from me on LJ anytime soon. :\
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I've been having ideas of hosting a Buffyverse comment meme with a kink focus. Probably I'd make some kind of rule for all prompts and fills being made anon, because I really like that convention. Timing is questionable - I figure the best time has to be either within the next week or two, or else after the holidays.

Interested? Suggestions? Comments?
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Have acquired new DW layout. It's very soothing generally, but I wish it would let me customize things a little more. It's very strict about which module is in which column, and it will let me customize all the text except the one piece of text I want to change (the "modules" link on the top right, which takes you down to the modules at the bottom). Mostly I just don't like how hard it is to find my links now. Maybe I'll move them to my profile? Or I could make a post and sticky it to the top? Undecided.
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I am on iffy internet and will continue to be so for a while, so quite possibly I will not see your gift for a day or two after you post it. I am ECSTATIC to see what you have done, though!
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A note to say that between holidays and injury, I probably won't be heard from much for a few days. I know I owe some people comments on their December talking meme; hopefully I will be able to make those comments later.

a/b/o lists

Oct. 3rd, 2013 06:04 pm
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Have updated the epic A/B/O list. (Again. I did it once a few months ago and then accidentally edited all my work back out. Argh.)

I'm wondering, though, if my haphazard collecting is particularly useful these days. I still have a moderately good idea what's happening on the SPN/SPN RPF side of things, and anything Teen Wolfy that [personal profile] verity writes or recs to me, I will read, but I haven't trawled the main a/b/o tag on AO3 in ages. And besides, the trope is so widely dispersed now that people are less likely to be interested in random fanworks for it that aren't in their fandom. Which also suggests that maybe I should rethinks my categorization strategy and try to organize it more for fandom than contents?

IDK. If it can still be useful as something besides a historical artifact, I'd like it be as useful as it can be. If any of y'all ever refer to it and have suggestions, I'd be wide open.
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FYI, for those of you still wanting to post anon on the comment meme or on the post about anon memes, I'm probably going to close that option here in a day or two because of all the spam. :P So, get your comments in now (or else let me know you have something in the works, and I'll leave things open a while longer).

Or, is there a way to leave comments open on individual entries? That would be nice.


May. 16th, 2013 09:02 pm
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On one hand, yay LJ being back; OTOH, BOOOOOO that significant numbers of comments seem to be missing or misplaced. Like, half the fills for my comment meme have disappeared. (If they don't reappear in a day or two, I might go in and repost them myself, since I have them all saved in my email? Or just notify the authors. IDK.) It sounds like some people's info - inbox messages, for example - is slowly coming back, so maybe there is hope?

Feeling extra glad I changed my LJ settings so that I'm sent copies of all my own comments (carefully filtered away in a folder so that I don't ever have to see them in my mail). Also glad for the back-up DW that I have purely for importing posts/comments into from LJ.
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In addition to accidentally making the list of a/b/o ladies an entire post of its own, I also updated the original epic a/b/o list with some choice new fics. The new ones are marked with the date they were added.

EDIT: by which I mean I added a bunch of updates that I then accidentally saved over the top of. Ugh. I will add them back later today.
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I am [ profile] snickfic. I don't do a lot? But I am logging in more than once a week. The rule there (snagged from [personal profile] verity) is, It's My Blog and I Reblog What I Want. Which is to say, the three most recent things I've put there are Jared+Gen being adorable, art of Claire Novak, and a bunch of gifs of Jo Harvelle.

If you're there, drop me a note here so I can check you out! Also feel free to follow me or not; I'm even more informal about it over there than I am here, which is pretty informal.
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I'm backing away from the Internet for a couple of weeks. So far as I know, I have no fannish obligations during that time (do I? If I've forgotten any, please tell me). If you're used to seeing me other places around the Internet, it is possible you will still see me occasionally, and if you talk to me off LJ then I will still be available that way. For the most part, though, I shall be an absent Snick.

See you on the other side. Don't have any too exciting scandals without me.
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I just did a friends cut to clean out my LJ flist a little. I meant to only cut folks with whom I didn't recall interacting for quite a while, but if you didn't want to be cut, for whatever reason, let me know and I will happily add you back!
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Dear All,

On DW I'm, ahem, "removing from my circle" all my Open ID people who also have a DW account. My assumption is that if you need to access flocked posts on my DW and you have a DW account, then you will use that.

If that's not true of you, let me know I will happily add your Open ID account back into my circle.
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It turns out, crossposting is just very slow today. Like, say, ~20 minutes.
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I have gone through and overhauled the fic masterlist again. I'm now keeping track of all my multi-fic verses using masterposts, which are a handy innovation used by those intelligent folks over in SPN fandom (and probably other places, but SPN fandom is where I noticed them). I've now got masterposts for the Seraphverse, the post-apocalyptic Spuffy mpreg verse, and the winterpocalypse verse. Yay.

Now maybe I'll actually, like, write some more in one or more of those verses. Housecleaning can be very inspiring, you know.
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Is anyone else having trouble with LJ logging them out on a regular basis, even though they haven't closed their browser down? I'm talking every hour or two. Also my Firefox LJ-Login extension has quit working with LJ. (It still works fine with DW, and DW hasn't been logging me out, either.)

So: LJ, or something suddenly gone wonky with my cookies?
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I have no idea which of my old invite codes are still good and which have been used. So, starting with today's, here's a list. Please comment if you take one, so I can take it off the list!

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I'm all moved in at [personal profile] snickfic over at Dreamwidth. What this means:

1. I will continue to crosspost to LJ for the forseeable future. It doesn't cost me anything, and I know it makes it way easier for all of you who don't want to make the move.

2. From now on, I'm redirecting all comments to DW. I think having comments in two places would drive me crazy just that little bit faster. If you don't have a DW account, you can choose the "comment using OpenID" option, which I believe involves signing in the first time and is completely painless forever after. Or if you're interested in crossing over to DW, let me know; I have some invite codes available. :)

3. I will of course still be reading my LJ flist. I want to be where the people are, yo. You guys are the whole point of this here blog.

For those of you who post to both LJ and DW, let me know if you have a preference about which one I read.

Why, you ask? Why now? Why at all? Well, the DDoS attacks are frustrating. But so, last year, was LJ changing the way it dealt with spacing in tags. As was nine tenths of my LJ inbox going missing two weeks ago. As are the ongoing missing comment notifications and the sudden lack of tracking for three or four weeks. [personal profile] deird1's still-missing icons, tags, and memories are downright alarming.

On the plus side, DW has tons of little touches that make their interface just niftier and easier to use. Like, for example, the handy "select random icon" feature, which I used for this post. :)


Apr. 6th, 2011 06:01 pm
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Some ridiculously nice person has given me 12 months paid time on Dreamwidth. Wow. Thank you so much, ridiculously nice person! I guess I'm committed now, aren't I? *g* And now, among other things, I have space to import all my icons over! \o/

(I told a friend about the DW upgrade gift, and her comment was, "Wow, someone loves pregnant Spike as much as you do." I told her that seemed unlikely.)
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I done been done in by these DDoS attacks. For the foreseeable future (and probably permanently), I'll be crossposting to LJ from DW. I hate to split my comments in two that way, so I may end up closing LJ comments and redirecting everything to DW, but I'm still undecided about that. (Feel free to comment if you have an opinion on that one way or the other.)

If you're looking to make the move yourself, I have an invite code available and I know there are lots other floating around.
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Alas, I have finally given up on Opera for just hanging up a lot for no reason. Too bad; there were certain minor features that I really liked.

However, since I'm back to Firefox, I've been trying out this handy extension which lets me switch between my two LJ accounts at will. It also handles DW accounts. So far, it's quite spiffy! Possibly this will mean I'll update the non-fannish blog more often.
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LJ tracking seems to be completely offline the last day or two. I'll track a post for comments and get no notifications. I set them to notify by email, but I think I'll try the "notifications to inbox" and see if that gets me anywhere.
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Most of the comments are just slow showing up in email, but now I'm getting comments in email that aren't showing up in my LJ comment inbox. I give up.

ETA: Ah, now I get it. I have no problem getting replies to comments posted in other people's journals; there's just a big delay on notifications of comments posted in my journal.

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home internet wonky STOP work internet minimal STOP please send replacement intertubes STOP expect to get much writing done STOP
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Would it be helpful to anyone if I started cross-posting to (or from, rather, but same dif) Dreamwidth? Never fear - I would still be posting to LJ as well. But is there anyone out there for whom this would be beneficial?

My hesitation with cross-posting is that I hate the idea of splitting my blog conversations, with some folks commenting on LJ and others on DW. But closing comments on one or the other just shuts part of the conversation down entirely. I still have no answer to this problem.
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[Also posted on my DW profile]

Presently I'm using my DW account solely as a mirror/backup for my LJ account (also Snickfic) and as a way of reading/commenting on others' DW journals. I will re-import my LJ here periodically, but I won't be crossposting. The only DW-only posts I'll be making will be regarding DW itself.

Basically, if you want to read what I'm posting when I post it, I recommend friending my LJ account. If/when I change my policy about this, I'll mention it both at my LJ and here.


May. 9th, 2009 03:19 pm
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Disabling comments. The instructions are not clear as to which post gets comments disabled, the LJ one or the DW one...

ETA: And, hurrah! It seems the LJ one gets comments disabled.
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And, good to know, if I crosspost a post to LJ and then reimport my LJ, I end up with two copies of the post on my DW journal.

DW question

May. 9th, 2009 02:19 pm
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Okay, just so we're clear: none of the three currently available journal styles allow for color-coding friends on our reading page. (Y'know, like everyone on my LJ friendslist has a unique color combination.) Correct? Or is this one of those options available only to paid users?
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I'm snickfic at DW as well; see here. However, I have no idea what I'll be doing with it. At this point I just want to play around and look at the capabilities; I have no plans to make DW-only posts, so folks reading me on LJ will be just fine continuing to read me on LJ.
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I'm snickfic at DW as well; see here. However, I have no idea what I'll be doing with it. At this point I just want to play around and look at the capabilities; I have no plans to make DW-only posts, so folks reading me on LJ will be just fine continuing to read me on LJ.


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