Aug. 4th, 2017 06:36 pm
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I tried the first ep of Daredevil today, and it was very dull. I knew to expect violence, but I didn't expect to be bored! I didn't care about the organized crime or the vigilante justice at all. All I wanted was Matt and Foggy defending innocent clients with gentle snark and mad detecting skills.

IDK, I'm just in this for the ladies that are supposedly showing up.
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(Madchen Amick icon ftw!)

I'm all caught up on this show, and you guys, it is so great. Archie Comics are one of my most hardcore nostalgia fandoms from my preteen/early-teen years, which makes me feel like I'm supposed to be some kind of purist about it. However, I think there are fandoms to be a purist about and fandoms that I just want remixed every which way, and Archie is definitely the latter. And so this campy, trashy soap is EVERYTHING I DREAMED OF.

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Jul. 9th, 2016 08:31 pm
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Got around to watching this, at long last. COME TALK TO ME, FRIENDS.

spoilers )
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To distract myself from the next hockey game (Pens up 3-2 in SCF! Could win the cup tomorrow!!!) I got a Netflix account for the first time in years. I had a whole list of stuff to watch and ended up starting with Person of Interest, which I'd never been super excited about based on on what I'd heard until I heard it had canon queer lady romance.

It turns out that happens way later, though - right now it's all a wealthy genius with unorthodox ideas about philanthropy and a special forces vet teaming up to stop murders via a post-9/11 flavor of Minority Report. Also it turns out the former is Michael Emerson and the latter is Jim Caviezel, which I had somehow failed to realize. Actually it turns out that I can't recognize Caviezel at all when he's not Jesus, not even a little.

So far I'm enjoying it! The dude to lady ratio is awfully high, unfortunately, but the cases are fun and the ongoing arc is fairly low key currently, which helps me keep watching. And Caviezel does a great job making Reese really creepy. Like, I would not want to talk to that man on the street - even on TV he rings ALL the alarm bells. And Michael Emerson, whom I didn't really appreciate on LOST (I was 100% about the good guys on that show), is just a joy to watch.

Haven't had a lot of strong feelings about specific eps so far, but I just watched 1.06, which has the fixer Zoe Morgan in it, and I LOVE HER. She is so great. There's all this mutual respect between her and Reese, which is my kryptonite, and she's so competent, and I like that she's a tidge older than I'd expect, somehow. And it sounds like we might even see her again! (Don't tell me if we do. NO SPOILERS.)
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Is anyone else watching this? It's a Canadian show about some women surviving in frontier Canada - the main characters are a half-Native woman with gun skillz and a broad-brim hat, an Easterner with brains who spent time in an institution (possibly for not being neurotypical? or just caring too much about the wrong things, aka How Bodies Work), and the madam who runs the town brothel.

I watched the first ep and really liked it but also it was kind of intense, so I haven't watched any more. Basically I need a watching buddy who will hold my virtual hand (not necessarily in realtime) so I can nerve up and continue. I am promised canon femslash down the road, and I really want to get to it!
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Apparently those are the two things I'm fannish about right now. Huh.

I finished Agent Carter's first season a week or so ago. Overall, I was utterly delighted by it; it's easily my favorite MCU offering. (Second would probably be CA:TWS.) With Peggy in particular it kept not doing exactly the thing I was afraid of it doing, and this pleased me quite a lot.

finale thoughts )


As for hockey, wow what a game last night. I am kind of cracking up that we lost to the Avs and then beat two of the best teams in the west on back-to-back nights. The last third of that game last night was super tense as it became clear that the first goal was going to be the only goal.

I cannot say enough about Flower. People were saying that was his best game of the year so far, and I have to agree. He looked so good, so calm, such great position and rebound control. None of those LA shots looked even close to going in, despite the Pens' defensive breakdowns.

All that, and he shut out LA both games this season. I am so smug.

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And this after running all over the top of the Ducks the night before. Good work team.

a TV post

Nov. 17th, 2014 07:43 am
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Bored and in need of free TV, I started watching Jane the Virgin. Let's be clear: this is not the show the title says it is. The title sounds like a sex comedy to me, but in fact what they seem to be going for is a play on Mary the Virgin, ie, immaculate conception. You see why everyone in the titling department should be fired.

So instead of a sex comedy, what it is is a humorously self-aware English-language attempt at a telenovela, or Spanish soap opera - in this case, one about a virgin who accidentally gets artificially inseminated and is now pregnant (which is the first of many, many unlikely happenings). And it's actually really cute! Jane's relationships with her mom and grandmother are complicated but loving, and the main actress in particular is adorable.

I also really love that she is basically constitutionally incapable of lying, which means she spends little to no time hiding things from people. I had NO IDEA how much I wanted this until I started watching this show. People making things harder for themselves by not communicating facts to other people stresses me out; this show is therefore so relaxing for me.

Unfortunately everyone else in the show seems to be some degree of terrible, except for the star of the in-show telenovela, who is terrible but also hilarious, and the narrator, who is just hilarious. I would like to root for the baby's father's sister, a screw-up who's presently banging another man's wife, and the father's wife, who is still unmitigatedly terrible, so I am hoping they both produce some sympathetic qualities soon so I can.


I watched the 200th ep of SPN. spoilers )


I suspect I may want more TV now with colder weather (26 on the way to work this morning!) and shorter days. Who knows, maybe I'll finally make it through B5. Also I have decided Sleepy Hollow would be the perfect show to watch with ex-roommates - cute characters for the girls, apocalypse for Mr. Roommate. So you may be hearing about that as well.
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Huh. )

Anyway, overall, I really loved most of this series. Great characters throughout, great acting, some really spine-chilling moments, neat cinematography, neat music. Well worth the two seasons.
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I'm through 2.09 Lincoln Highway now, and folks, I enjoyed the first season, but I am really enjoying the second season.

spoilers )

In short, this is absolutely my new #1 choice for "TV Shows Canceled Before Their Prime." I enjoyed S1, but now in the middle of S2? This is some great TV, right here.

(Not that I don't understand why. What kind of TV show has an elephant? And LIVE VULTURES?)
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Yes, I am finishing the first seasons of all sorts of things today! I started watching B5 again just after I moved, because now I can watch it on a TV within hearing distance of the kitchen, and it turns out this does wonders for me TV-watching habits. Also, as with Due South, I find that I have much more patience for cheesy mid-90s TV than I did two years ago. The acting is still frequently terrible in B5, especially from guest actors, and sometimes the dialogue is still obvious and stiff, but it has exactly the right amount of suspense, and I've grown rather fond of everyone, even Sinclair. I didn't even use the guides several people helpfully provided to me of the must-see S1 episodes; I just watched them all.

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If y'all are not reading Nimona, you should be. It starts out all light and fluffy, and then plot builds and stuff gets real and right now there is AFTERMATH, glorious AFTERMATH. It is excellent.

And then it spawns comments like this: I thought to myself, "I would like a Shapeshifting Murder PiƱata for my birthday" and then I thought about it a little more and realized that I did not, in fact want one of those.

Speaking of things happening, spoilers for SPN 9.09 )
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Perhaps we are over the worst of it? My throat feels better, and I can breathe pretty okay.

I spent most of this evening eating popcorn, updating my fic masterlist (for the first time in eight months), and watching Due South, which I own the second season of solely because it was $4 at the grocery store. No, really. I tried the first season a couple of years ago and couldn't get into it, but this second season was exactly what was needed on a sick day: tropey and a little bit plotty but never actually tense. And I mean, in the season opener we are stranded in the wilderness and one of us is blind; in the next ep we get locked in a bank vault; in the third ep we get ourselves arrested - both of us independently - so we can go to prison and investigate a witness whose testimony changed. It's hard to beat the classics.

I also watched another ep of Sleepy Hollow, which makes three total. The cast is delightful in every way, as Tumblr promised me. Unfortunately the plots are so very silly, folks. I suffered through several seasons of SPN butchering the biblical apocalypse and several more of aftermath, and only because I already had three seasons worth of emotional investment in the show. I don't know that I'm willing to do it again, especially when the show is so silly in all its other plotting, too. Seriously, there's a Revolution-era ammunition storage tunnel between the police station and the armory, which apparently no one knew about because 200-year-old ammunition was still stacked in a corner (talk about fire hazard), and yet this tunnel has a metal grate walkway? Really, show?

I also went to the library and brought back many books - in particular some more Gail Simone things, the first two volumes of Morning Glories, and the first volume of China Mieville's Dial H. Will report back.
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I continue to watch Carnivale (very slowly, because the episodes only come two on a disk, and I only get to pick every other disk).

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Uh, my response to this first episode is "I have no idea what's going on." It's nice to see Clea Duvall again, though. It's disorienting but appropriate to see the midget from the Twin Peaks dream sequence.

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I spent a large portion of today diving back into Mad Men. I got stuck somewhere early in S2, but now I am back on track. I just finished episode 2.09, I think. I have no particular thoughts, but I was so excited to be watching again that I needed to share with you all.

to recap )
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apparently I can't be bothered to find out titles )

General reminder: I haven't read the books and don't mean to, so I appreciate very much all efforts made to keep from spoiling me. For lo, I am a delicate flower. Gracias. :)
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Pretty clear what I did with my weekend, eh?

It's a bit of weird experience, knowing that I'm soon going to run out of new episodes, and yet I could read the books and find out another three seasons worth of plot. I don't particularly want to read the books, though; I think I'd rather the surprises happen to me on screen, rather than on the page, since I've come this far with the show already. But of course that means I'll have to sit by knowing lots of people know lots more about the story than I do. It also makes venturing into any kind of fandom a treacherous activity.

In terms of spoilers, it's a weird place to be in.

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Yes, I finished the first season yesterday. It's been a while since I've had a show where I just flat wanted to know what happened next like I do with this show.

spoilers aplenty )
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As is probably obvious by now, I've been having trouble sticking with one TV show for very long. I'm much, much better at starting shows than at finishing them. I feel a little bad about this, but, eh.

Anyway, I have, much to my surprise, come into a full set of DVDs for the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, and have begun watching. (I've never read the books. However, I am spoiled for a particular Big Thing that happens at the end of S1.)

first, a rant, in which I am not kind at all )

and about the rest of the show )
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spoilers )

Sometime I should say something about 8.14, which I actually liked quite well. Another day, I guess.
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I'd never heard of this until Abigail Nussbaum mentioned it; Nussbaum, who's seen a few more episodes than I have at this point, says it's like if Richard Kelly (of Donnie Darko fame) were writing TV, and that alone would have sold me on it.

Guys, this is an instant fave. A group of folks on an internet forum get together in person to discuss the possibly prophetic comic book they're all obsessed with, and suddenly they're dying and getting arrested for crimes they didn't commit. We've got conspiracies, a pair of villains that Nussbaum likens to Vandemar and Croup from Neverwhere, and the beginning inklings of something very weird indeed. (Also a so-far apparently unrelated plot about a man with the Department of Health getting blackmailed by the Russians.)

Also on offer: the most fabulous drunk make-out scene I have ever seen. Also the cinematography is gorgeous.

Edit: however, be warned for the pretty awful scene of eye-torture, which is one of my personal squicks. D:


Feb. 7th, 2013 06:10 pm
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So that hiatus is over. Honestly, it was mostly in my head; I was still around, lurking, I just felt like I had removed any pressure to engage. Although I forgot myself a few times, there, so a few of you heard from me anyway. :D Anyway, I will probably continue to be a little slow responding to comments and such for a while.

1. Have started watching Breaking Bad; I've seen the first season. Everybody told me it was amazing, and it is. Time lapse photography! Consistent characterization! And also Aaron Paul having the most amusing, most delightful inflection known to man.

However, nobody told me that it is like a marginally more sympathetic Coen brothers miniseries, and it's that, too. I feel like I wouldn't have any idea how to watch this show without first having seen, say, Fargo and The Ladykillers. The former, especially; Walter White reminds me a lot of the Steve Buschemi character in Fargo, only rather more competent. Also, there certain scenes in this show that suggest parallels with the wood chipper.

Otherwise, I don't have a lot to say about it yet other than that I agree with all the points [personal profile] selenak makes in this post.

2. I haven't been writing much. I do have 3k of fic for [livejournal.com profile] genteensybang, but I don't really like it. I don't have a word written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang yet and haven't even really settled on a story.

I also have absolutely nothing written for my [livejournal.com profile] spnpairingbingo card; I've managed to write several shippy things since I got it, but they either were pairings not on the card (Sam/Madison, Sam/Jess) or not long enough (Dean/Bela). And now I reeeeally want to write some Meg/Castiel (perhaps inspired by this gifset), which isn't on the card either. I think I'm doing this bingo thing wrong.

3. I watched SPN. My thoughts are brief: spoilers )

4. It never fails to make me sad when I see a fic marked Jared/Gen or Jensen/Danneel on AO3 only to realize that the primary ship is actually J2. This is true of like 95% of the fics marked Jared/Gen or Jensen/Danneel on AO3.

5. [livejournal.com profile] spn_weirdnews will introduce an exciting new feature on Sunday. :D


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