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Is anyone pretty comfortable with their knowledge of Fred Burkle? I've got a couple of questions, and I only watched most of Angel once.

I think I'm covered for now, thanks!
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Has there been any good fic for [ profile] spn_summergen that both a) features ladies and b) doesn't involve any canon after S8? Because if there are, I would like to read them.

Also, anybody have any SPNJ2BB recs? I haven't looked there at ALL yet. /o\
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Sooo, one of my fannish resolutions for the year was to write more Saga fic, but especially in fandoms this small, it helps my motivation a LOT to write for a specific person (if for no other reason than because I'm likely to get at least one comment!). So if you follow me and are interested, I would like to write you a Saga fic!

FYI I find it easier to work with "What if" or "What happened when" scenarios, as opposed to prompts that are like, "Write something about The Stalk." Moods or settings can be helpful, too, though. And obviously if you have some particular fic you want, I would like to try and accommodate you.

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So I am attempting to write this fic that has the Sochi Olympics smack in the middle of it, and I am having a heck of a time finding information about athlete experiences there. If anyone has any articles, blogs they followed, anything like that that went into specifics of how athletes got to Sochi (did the entire US men's hockey team fly to Russia together?) and what they did once they got there (how and when did they get their security passes?), I would be extremely appreciative.

What I'd really love is some first-hand accounts from athletes who competed, but I'm not finding anything like that; so far I've only been able to find spectator accounts.

Ugh, research. :P
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So, I am getting my new laptop set up, and there is this image on the corner of my screen that I can't get rid. What is the arrow in the lower right corner??

large image )

EDIT: Turns out it was my number lock key. :P
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Okay, my Tab Mix Plus, a plugin for Firefox, just updated, and now it refuses to open new tabs next to the current tab, even though that box is clicked, and it is driving me up the wall.

I don't actually know what help I am asking for, unless any of you have had the same exact problem and also managed to fix it.
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It is time to get a new computer. My old reliable laptop, nearly five years old, is dying by inches.

So, question: what processor do I need to be able to stream in HD comfortably? The internet is not being very helpful in answering this. And does the kind of processor matter much? The price seems to vary by processor, even when the processing speed is the same, which confuses me.

Please note I'm not gaming or anything. The most taxing thing I am going to ask of this computer is let me watch hockey games and use ghcat at the same time. :)
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Y'all, my friendslist has suddenly started looking very strange, as of about four days ago. When I view it in Firefix (version 12.0), almost the whole first page is made up of ugly stripes, like my layout gone wrong. The same thing is happening with my other LJ account, which also uses an Expressive layout (althoug a different one). I've tried just restarting Firefox, but that has no effect, and as far as I'm aware I haven't gotten Firefox updates recently. Everything looks fine on Internet Explorer, though.

Is anyone else having this problem? I don't know what to do about it.

EDIT: I figured out how to clear the cache, and that did the trick. Hurrah.
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I recently received a PM from [ profile] 3hours, who is new to LJ-land and to Buffydom and who wondered if I knew where she could find a beta for her Spuffy fic. She says she looked at the beta listings at some of the Spuffy archives and that they were pretty outdated.

You guys, I have no idea. Are there any updated lists around of people up for betaing BtVS fic? ([personal profile] slaymesoftly? I feel like you'd know this if anyone would.) Or, alternately, is anyone interested in beta-ing a Spuffy fic? If you would, then you could drop a comment here or PM [ profile] 3hours directly.

[ profile] 3hours also asked if I knew of a place online with a timeline of BtVS. I don't know of one - all I can think of is the Buffy Dialogue Database, which is not really that at all. Help?
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Is there a relatively fuss-free way to take a bunch of data from, say, Excel and put it into a table or table-like format in html? (And by "a bunch" we're talking 10 rows, ~6 columns; if I have to retype it by hand I will be annoyed, but I can do it. And watch another Farscape ep in the meantime, mayhap.)

I ask because rather than doing any of the things I was supposed to be doing this morning, I have been faffing about with fic feedback statistics, and now I want to share.

EDIT: Some lovely soul on the web has created Tableizer, into which you can paste your spreadsheet data and get html code for a nice table. Yay, internet.
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Frakked Up Beyond All Recognition, by [ profile] thistlerose. Because who knows what kind of other experiments the Cylons are running.

Oh, hey! Now I can read ALL THE HELO/ATHENA FIC. And any other fic people might feel inclined to point me to. What should I read? Pointers to past recs posts you've made would be nifty, too.
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In pursuit of academic excellence, I watched the ST:TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" today. (Tribbles make excellent exponential function problems.)

And, uh. I was kind of charmed. It was so silly! It's been years and years since I've watched TOS, long before I developed any taste. All the ST I've seen in the last few years, mostly early TNG with clips of DS9 or Enterprise here and there, has been so dreadfully, laughably earnest. Whereas this knew precisely how silly it was and ran with it. I didn't even hate Kirk! Plus I have a weakness for 60s TV, with the over-bright sets and the stiff non-acting.

So I might be watching some more?

(In slightly related news, can anyone point me to a Firefly icon that incorporates Zoe's line, "We live in a spaceship, Dear"? I want a Joss-related explicitly SF-themed icon.

ETA: Check out the totally nifty icon [personal profile] next_to_normal made me! Isn't it spiffy?)
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As usual Buffyverse Classic Recs is coming the end of October. Yay!

Now, I have a question for y'all: is there any particular sort of thing you'd be interested in seeing recced? I've gone through a lot of my favorite topics already for previous classic recs sessions, but if y'all have something you'd like to see recs of, I might could accommodate you. :)
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I have been wanting a Buffyverse/Angelverse crackficathon for months, but it just occurred to me a few days ago that a comment ficathon is probably much more everyone's speed right now. So I'm going to do it! Here in a day or two, probably. Very easy-going, and I'll keep a masterlist, being as that is The Thing That I Do.

So, I was wondering if someone graphically-minded would be willing to make me up a banner or two. One for BtVS and one for Ats seems like a good idea. Help?

ETA: Graphics help found! I should have the ficathon post up sometime today (Wednesday).
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I think I'd like to get my feet wet writing SPN fic, but am intimidated. Prompts, please? Obviously no spoilers past mid-S4, and anything really canon-specific should probably be in S2, since that's the season I actually own. Crossovers prompts could also be fun.
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The roommate was asking about situations where a TV show adapted something about its storyline or characters due to viewer response. I know there are a million and a half examples, but I can't think of any. Help?
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I've hit a lull with BSG, but I still really want to finish it. I may not care about hardly any of the characters anymore (except Helo/Athena, whose development seems to be over), but I still want to know the deal with the Cylons, and I want to see if the ending is disappointing as everyone says it is.

However, I need some help getting motivated, which is where you come in. It is time to tell me what really happens in the last season and a half. Does the Galactica stumble across a small Firefly-class scavenger, with a crew that tells them mournfully of Earth-That-Was? Do Adama and Roslin ditch this sorry mess and go back to New Caprica to build that cabin? Does Tom Zarek become the savior of the human race? Does (unlikeliest of all) Gaius Baltar grow a backbone?

Notice that you don't need to have actually seen the show to tell me The True Story.

For your reference, this is where I am and what I know: )
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...I would love to hear about them. :)

Actually, I'd be up for SPN/other crossovers, too, so long as the other canon is something I'm marginally familiar with. I was dreaming of an SPN/VM crossover the other day.
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I'm looking for long, yummy, Ats-era shippy fic of any of the following pairings:


Huh. I thought I was looking for more variety than that.

Anyway, y'all know what I like. Humor, angst that makes sense, good voices, good characterization, writing that makes me squeal with glee. For these particular cases, I'm really looking for fics that also suggest the possibility of long-term, functional relationship; I don't really want the angsty grief/hate/self-loathing!sex for now. Is there anything of length like that out there for any of these pairings? (I'll check my usual suspects, too, but y'all are my primary arbiters of taste, you know.)
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I was putting together a post for [ profile] buffyversetop5 (which is now open, through Jan 31!) and realized that when LJ ate Deird's memories, one of the things it ate was her exhaustive collection of all-penguin AU Spuffy fics. Woe! Can anyone point me to other listings?
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All right, I made a mention before, but now I'm just plain asking for help: who has some Gilmore Girls recs I can point NuRoommate to? Authors, LJ memories, recs lists, archives with a penchant for halfway decent fic...? She's read [ profile] penny_lane_42's one and everything by [ profile] dollsome and enjoyed them very much.


May. 11th, 2010 05:06 pm
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Okay, folks. I know when there was all that Mary Sue discussion going on that I somehow found a huge Delicious repository of fandom-related links. It seemed to be an ongoing thing, with people adding new links daily. I now have no idea how I found it or how to get to it now. Help?

ETA: Aha! Turns out I'm talking about the metafandom tag at Delicious. Thanks, [ profile] deird1. :)
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What was the initial fannish response to Dawn when she just appeared in S5? Did people think Joss was off his nut? Was there a lot of discussion about the foreshadowy dream in Graduation Day?

The housemate and I just watched Buffy vs. Dracula and Real Me, and she is quite frustrated with the non-explanation thus far.

Also, RE Buffy vs. Dracula: I need an icon of Xander that says, "Strange and Off-Putting."
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Question: when were either Xander or Willow treated in the hospital during the series? I can think of Willow in "Becoming" and Xander when his eye's poked out, but were there any other times?
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At what point after Yuletide does it become more awkard to respond to fic comments than to not respond to them?

[Poll #1522740]
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There's a bunch of kinds of fic that I'd just like to see More Of. Some of it I've written myself and some is on the to-do list, but this "write it yourself" motto only goes so far - sometimes I want to read what I like as written by other people.

So, other people: Consider this a standing wishlist. If you're ever wanting to write something that you know at least one person will be thrilled to read, then here y'are. I, for one, promise to be enthused.

Besides, it'll be fun. Honest!


Buffy and Faith, gen. These two together fascinate me. Equals, yet utter contrasts with one another. So much potential for angst and competition and moments of grace. I'm especially fond of Buffy and Faith maturing towards some kind of understanding post-series, after Faith's grown up a lot more, but pretty much any time in canon makes me happy.

Post-series Giles/Faith. Or, failing that, Giles&Faith. By the end of the series there's so much history not exactly between them, but adjacent to them. They've each been broken by both choice and circumstance, each defensive and well-armored against any kind of intimacy, and I love watching them each fumble past those barriers.

Spike and Illyria, shippy or gen. This is all [ profile] anaross's fault - her snippets of Spike/Illyria backstory in Baby Blue and Nevertime had me immediately and utterly enthralled. I think it's because there's a lot of Dru about Illyria: a singularity of focus on things not necessarily visible to anyone else and an utterly unselfconscious self-centeredness, plus those little moments of vulnerability. And Spike, as we saw with Dru, has plenty of experience with daft, capricious women.

Dawn and Illyria, gen. The God-King who walks dimensions and the Key who opens them. What stories these two could have...

Buffy and Dawn, gen. Sisters! Sisters with so much unsaid between them because they've been too busy surviving tragedy and apocalypses all this time. Fic that lets them work some of that stuff out make me very happy indeed - or would, if I had ever found any to read. Ever. I especially see a lot of post-series potential, but anytime, really.

Spike and Darla, gen, anytime during the series. Oh, the snark! The sniping! The history dragged into light! Plus those oh-so-rare occasions when they're both feeling just mellow enough, just vulnerable enough to remember that they're family.

Spike/Buffy circa S4 or S5, stories whose entire point isn't just that Spike and Buffy have lots of meticulously transcribed sex. Stories where Buffy is still Buffy (strong, no weepiness, no bouts of damsel-in-distress) and Spike is still Spike (snarky with occasional chinks in the armor, and also no weepiness). Plotty stories with inventive premises. You know, the good stuff!

The Buffyverse interacting with faith (as opposed to Faith). I have a few Riley drabbles, some interesting stuff in the midst of a Drusilla fic, Spike in church by himself once and with Angel another time. Oh, and a Xander&Faith piece in which Anyanka turns out to have been sainted. But really? Not sufficient. What about Willow? Does she ever make anything more of her Jewish heritage than spouting "Hannakuh!" a few times? What about all the crosses and holy water - why are they any good against vampires? What about that priest character in "Pangs" who dies?

Mpreg. Preferably not slash, but I'll take what I can get. Gen or het mpreg with any of my favorite male characters (Spike, Giles, Oz) being in-character would send me over the moon. And none of this fainting or these crazy ridiculous mood swings, please.
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I've been planning on a big long commentary on the whys and hows of writing Seraph, and I'm not just sure when I'll have time to write it. But when/if I do, what would you like me to talk about?
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Soon I hope to post recs for the two lovely Yulefics written for me, but for now, this:

Does anyone know of any advantages to posting a longfic using the 'chapter' function in AO3 vs. posting it all in one document, with internal chapter breaks?

I'm trying to figure out how I want to post Seraph.
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Dead. That's what it is.

So, I gotta question. If I were looking for a treasure trove of Restless icons, where ought I look? I especially want a shot of Anya-the-comedian, but there are so many other great shots, too. I've tried my usual obvious peoples ([ profile] ruugericon, [ profile] earth_vexer, [ profile] indulging_breck) and come up with nada. Suggestions?
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I think these may be both be "it depends on the episode" questions, but:

If a vamp is dusted while holding something, say a weapon, is the weapon dusted, too?

When a vamp is staked through the heart with a stake or something, does the stake ever disintegrate, too? Maybe only if it's left in too long?
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In canon, is there ever any mention or evidence of Wesley's medical skills or lack thereof? First aid, anything like that? In 'The I in Team' we have Giles specifically stating "I'm no surgeon"; is anything comparable ever said by/about Wesley?
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First, when's the first time we actually see (or hear the make/model of) Xander's car? Besides his uncle's convertible that he borrows, I mean. He mentions "the Xandermobile" in late S5, but I can't recall seeing a vehicle until maybe S6 sometime. Or am I just blanking?

And second, is there some obvious place to go for this kind of canon info? The Database of All BTVS Trivia Ever, or something like that?


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