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It hasn't been quite a year or 21 fics new fics posted yet, but nonetheless I was in the mood to do this meme again. I am startled by how much more directly these enter into the action, and there are almost none with explicit time cues, versus, well, MOST of them last time. All in all, I think I actually prefer these. That's called improvement, right?

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This meme is going around again, and it's been almost exactly a year and 21 fics since I did it last, so hey.

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In short: clearly I think the question of when is the single most important question to answer. Also who.

I started listing the last lines, too, but it was too depressing. I need to pay more attention to how other people end their stories, because mine end with dialogue very nearly always, and more variety seems desirable.
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I've seen the meme going around where you quote the first lines of your 21 most recent fics. Results below. This is a pretty broad mix, with lots of SPN and SPN RPF but also some BtVS and Downton Abbey thrown in, plus a Yuletide fic.

Generally with first lines I want to give convey setting or character or era (if canon-fic) or conflict or, ideally, all of the above. Most of these do at least one of those things. I also tend to start things with context-less statements that I then interpret in the next paragraph or so. Otherwise, I'm not seeing a lot of patterns here.

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OTOH, I decided to list my last lines as well, and wow am I confirmed in my impression that I was weaker with endings than beginnings. First, lots of dialogue, which is not necessarily a problem in itself but which probably should not end every story, and second, a lot of sentence fragments that make no sense out of context. Hmph.

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