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This is an experiment, and I'm not sure how it's going to go, but we'll give it a shot. I want to basically create a timeline of all the stuff that happens to the Pens this year, on and off ice - trades, fun interviews, games and notable features, random happenings from the wider hockey world. Lots of links, generally. If I keep this up the whole year, it would be SO USEFUL for fic. (Also if I manage to keep it up, I'll probably make it public at some point.) I have not decided yet how fine-grained this should be or how much a completist I can stand to be.

However, as part of this project I NEED YOUR HELP. The goal is to make a timeline of all the news/major events for the Pens in one place for future reference. Things that count as news: games, injury reports, roster transactions, cute photos on Instagram, Sidney Crosby documentaries. Things that don't count as news: interviews and profile pieces of players, analysis, speculation (unless I feel like it).

So if you happen to notice me failing to link to any of those things and feel like dropping me a link, PLEASE DO. I'm going to be tracking stuff I want to link to on my Pinboard, but crowdsourcing this would make it so much better.

UGH HOCKEY CANON, why are you so hard. Why is reality so humongous big.

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