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I was just looking over the het mpreg ficathon masterlist and feeling nostalgic, and then I realized that it got launched just about a year ago. Would anyone be interested in a second round? Obviously I need no excuse to write the stuff, but if of y'all want to and need a boost, we around here would be happy to enable help you with that. So, consider this post a gauging of interest.
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1. First, wearing my het mpreg ficathon mod hat, I must point out that [ profile] lusciousxander has just begun posting her multi-part pregnant Xander fic, an S3-era fic that appears to be a Scooby friendship fic in the classic mode.

2. Meanwhile, [ profile] shipswap, a rare ship fic exchange, has begun accepting nominations. As of now, there are no Jossverse nominations, although I intend to rectify that this afternoon. Also, please note that per the rules, all SPN het ships qualify except Jo/Dean.

3. Instarec: amnesia, by [ profile] desertport, which is a romantic Dean/Lisa poem post-6.21. Given the events of 6.21, I tend to side-eye the romantic aspect, but as a poem this piece is absolutely gorgeous. The central image is striking, wonderfully specific to Lisa, and a really neat bit of possible worldbuilding all in one. Just beautiful. Go read.
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We've had two entries so far. W00t! Remember, it only has to be 500 words!

Per the ficathon rules, the deadline for the Het Mpreg Ficathon is March 25th, one week from today. How's that looking for y'all?

Personally, I've got 2500 words, and I'm busy trying to decide whether adding a stealth Midsummer Night's Dream crossover increases or reduces the crack factor of mpreg in my totally non-supernatural, non-SF canon. Such a tricky question.
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Multi-Fandom Het Mpreg Ficathon

We here at the het mpreg ficathon got our first entry today! It's Checkup (Smallville/DCU fandom), by [ profile] shinysylver. Hurrah!

This serves as a great excuse to remind y'all that fics may be written/posted at any time. Deadline (for certain very flexible definitions thereof) is March 25th. Prompts have still been straggling in at the prompts post, in case you're in need of inspiration. Odo/Kira mpreg, anyone?


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