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* Look look, someone made me Geno icons! I think I'm snagging numbers 1 and 5 for immediate use, but if anyone wants to nab any of the others, I am happy to share. :)

* Someone asked for Spike/Buffy prompts, and I am trying to oblige, but SO MUCH Spuffy fic has been written, and I'm having trouble thinking of things I haven't seen. Most of what I'm coming up with is either verrrry Snick specific (for example, a/b/o) or things that are not new ideas, but that I just want new treatment of. I was not happy with a lot of Spuffy fic at the time for it treated their dynamic, but now I'm a lot more able to put my finger on things that bother me, most of which boil down to Spike being predatory towards Buffy and the fic treating that as both okay and IC for Buffy to put up with.

But "Write this premise lots of other people have written, only better" leaves something to be desired as a prompt. I think this person may very well end up with a space AU as one of their prompts.

(If it turns out the person with that request is on my flist, I'm going to be very amused.)
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I will probably skip this year because I'm signing up for two holiday exchanges and also have just spent an entire year doing a LOT of fannish events, but I've enjoyed it in years past. Other folks should totes sign up and get/make fun things. :)
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So two different people have written me wonderful wonderful things here recently that I must tell you about (here on my library internet connection).

On the Treetop by [ profile] gryfndor_godess - Dean/Bela, S3 AU, mpreg
Alexandra has been taunting me with this mostly-unwritten Dean/Bela mpreg 'verse for like a year, and what pieces she has written, while lovely (and Ruby-centric, to add frosting to the cake), were all post-pregnancy, and I just wanted poor woeful angsty knocked-up Dean. And now lo! This is indeed all hurty and broken, plus pregnancy discomfort, plus moments of grace between Sam and Bela and Dean.

Meanwhile for insmallpackages, [ profile] ghostyouknow27 wrote me Carebears on Ice, which is the post-S8 Meg/Castiel fic where Castiel is cursed into being a polar bear and they wander around the Arctic together and don't have sex. And it is exactly as wonderful as that description suggests.
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I need to get ahold of some real live photo editing software, because there's only so much you can do with the Photobucket image editor. Fortunately, with comics art often a decent crop is all it takes - very little skill required. :D

Most of these are of Saga, for an [ profile] insmallpackages wish (great taste like that needs rewarding, I felt), but also a couple of others I made a while back for my own use. Looking at them now, I find it hilarious not only that they are all of ladies - which could perhaps have been predicted - but that nearly all of them involve the lady in question looking straight at the viewer. IDK what to say about that.

1-5 Saga
6 Nextwave
7 X-Men

icons! )
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The low-key Christmas wishing/giving fest has its wishing post open now.

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I'd not run across this holiday exchange before, but it appears to be a very low-key sort of thing where you post five very simple requests ("5 icons of X," "ficlet about A/B having coffee," "your favorite recipe for mulled cider"), which are then posted anonymously. I like that part - I love anonymous exchanges, whether the anonymity is on the end of the giver or the recipient.

I've already got my requests in. Come play? For reference, here is last year's post of wishes to grant, and here is the post with the results.
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1. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS, by [ profile] rokhal. Amelia, crotchety veterinarian, suddenly has a very human medical emergency on her hands. Amelia in this is wonderful, and the Amelia-Sam-Dean interplay is wonderful, and there's tons of totally believable medical detail, and also meticulously described gore of the Alien variety. It's hurt comfort and character study and perfectly drawn character interactions. It's the best thing, folks.

2. Via [ profile] goldenusagi, this interview from last year's Paley Fest features the following gem:

"Jim Beaver was cast because of another beloved actor’s scheduling conflict. The oft-asked question, “Where’s Missouri Moseley been?,” prompted a surprise anecdote about casting Bobby Singer that was news even to Jim Beaver. Kripke revealed that it was Missouri’s – not Bobby’s – house the boys were supposed to go to in the Season 1 finale. When Loretta Devine was cast in a movie, she couldn’t commit to returning to Supernatural. Kripke started thinking, “Let’s see what a male looks like in that role,” and the father figure Bobby was born."

3. [ profile] insmallpackages is a low-key fannish gift exchange, sort of a cross between [ profile] fandom_stocking and the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, with the difference that requests are made anonymously. Since I have no other fannish commitments past the beginning of December, I think I shall participate.


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