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Title: Death (of Rats) Takes a Holiday
Fandom: Discworld
Characters: Quoth the Raven, Death of Rats, A'Tuin
Spoilers: Uses geographical info derived from The Colour of Magic / The Light Fantastic, but should read just fine for anyone familiar with the characters.
Summary: Quoth the Raven takes a holiday with the Death of Rats, sees new sights, and acquires a taste for elephant fleas. Also there's a cat.

My first Discworld fic! Gah, writing in new fandoms is always stressful, especially prose fandoms. I ended up liking this okay, though, even though I wrote it in one evening after I realized that I had misjudged the [ profile] rarecharacters deadline by TWO WEEKS. (This is also my excuse for the title and the summary.) Half the plot sort of inspired by a fortuitous reread of Cordwainer Smith's story "A Game of Rat and Dragon."

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Oct. 24th, 2013 07:03 am
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You guys, someone drew me Sif for [ profile] rarecharacters!!! Isn't it the coolest?! Gosh, I love the textures in it especially, and also of course the subject matter, because SIF. And besides, I have never gotten art in an exchange before, so I am all :DDDD.

And I have a fic somewhere in the collection, too, although things are anon for now, so I guess you get to guess which is mine. :)


Aug. 20th, 2013 11:16 am
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1. Recently I have picked and helped can green beans and also cut up lots of peaches. It's one of the things I enjoy when visiting home at this time of year. I like food processing in moderation, and I get just about enough before I have to leave again.

2. I've had fics nominated through a couple of different awards thingies recently - specifically the Sunnydale Memorial Awards and [ profile] wicked_awards. Both are Buffyverse-based awards, although the latter allows for a number of other fandoms as well. As far as I can tell, awards were never a thing in SPN fandom proper, were they? I've never seen them, anyway. Meanwhile, bangs never caught on in Buffy fandom. Interesting how each fandom ends up organizing itself.

Anyway, getting nominated is always pleasant. I'm a bit bemused by the concept of "winning" one of these, since it comes down to either judge preferences or a popularity contest, but I do like that nominations function as a kind of reccing system - writers and artists get a little more exposure, readers get new things to read and look at. Everybody wins. :D

(And while most of the noms are for Tea Parties, which apparently is my winner for the year, Respite also got nominated, which pleases me very much. I think my little Dean/Ellen fic that could never did quite find its audience.)

3. Apparently all Ultimates titles are getting cancelled in November and getting replaced with... mini-series? It is not clear to me. Oh, well, I guess that saves me worrying about looking into that end of the Marvel multiverse anytime soon.

Also Captain Marvel isn't listed in the November solicits, which wouldn't necessarily be worrying, because sometimes this is because a book is running behind (see: Hawkeye), but OTOH sometimes it means the title is canceled without notice (see: Journey into Mystery). And I haven't even gotten to Captain Marvel yet! It can't be canceled! Also it's the only remaining female solo title.

EDIT: CM author Kelly Sue Deconnick seems confident that the book is not canceled. So yay for that.

4. I got my [ profile] rarecharacters assignment. It's going to be a new canon, which is always a bit daunting, but it's only 1k, right? Right. /firm

5. I continue to make progress on Summergen. I'm barely a month behind now! I wonder when fics will finish posting and reveals will happen. I'd like to get as far as I can by then - it's always more fun reading and commenting anon, IMO. Exchanges with anon periods are my absolute favorite.

6. I think I shall try to post every day in October. Similar efforts by several people on my flist have inspired me. August and September were never going to work, though - too much travel.
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Oh look, Snick is signing up for an exchange, because she can't help herself. (But you guys! You can request/offer art and icons for this one, as well as fic!!! Sign-ups close tonight! And you should sign up, because I strongly suspect my requests are not matchable right now. Woe.)

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1. multifannish kinkmeme - although it's looking singularly monofannish right now. Go prompt other things!

2. [ profile] fic_corner: sign-ups close sometime today the 29th for the Exchange at Fic Corner, for children's lit. Some great fandoms nominated there.

3. [ profile] rarecharacters: nominations close tomorrow the 30th for this rare character fic exchange

4. [ profile] rocksalt_recs: sign-ups always open to rec SPN and SPN RPF goodies. Right now most August slots are open.


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