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Title: three's a crowd
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Tamara, Sam
Words / Rating: 1200 words / PG-13 for language
Era: futurefic, but with spoilers through S4, I guess
Content / Warnings: canon-level violence, general creepiness
Summary: Tamara hasn't seen Sam Winchester in twenty years. She's not sure she's happy to see him now.

A/N: For [ profile] de_nugis. I did not even begin to do justice to your prompts, but I did enjoy getting to write Tamara again. I hope you find something in this fic to enjoy and that you have very happy holidays. <3

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So not only have I signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas, but I don't seem to be deleting the signup, either. So I guess I'm doing that, and therefore you should also. Signups end tomorrow evening!

Also if you're into kink, [ profile] spn_masquerade is open for another round.
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And in addition to Yuletide, look at these other goodies that I have recently received! They are both wonderful.

Brand New Colony, Jared/Gen, by [ profile] sagetan for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas
You guys, it is ARRANGED MARRIAGE IN SPACE. There is no way that I could possibly not love this. It's a few snapshots of the beginning of Jared and Gen's relationship, when they're still awkward and feeling each other it. It's as adorable as can be.

A Castle for Two, Jared/Gen by [ profile] Chash for the hurricane charity auction
I asked Chash for a fairy tale AU, and she delivered a delightful one. In order to rule her kingdom, Princess Gen needs to find a prince to marry. Her trusted tutor/adviser/friend Jared assists her on this quest. There's curse-breaking of various sorts, a variety of secondary pairings (including one with Osric!), and various not-too-scary shenanigans. Just delightful.

And getting these both in the same week make me think of the state of things a year and a half ago, when there were maybe five Jared/Gen fics in existence and three of them were porn. I am so tickled that it is actually a thing people write now, and not even always for me!

(Speaking of, forget not [ profile] genteensybang! May there be many more lovely Gen-centric fics to come.)
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I am on iffy internet and will continue to be so for a while, so quite possibly I will not see your gift for a day or two after you post it. I am ECSTATIC to see what you have done, though!
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I am putting this here even though this fest doesn't need a Dear Author letter, because my fest tags are where I always look for my old signups when I'm writing new ones.

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Sep. 1st, 2013 11:27 am
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[ profile] spn_j2_xmas has sign-ups open here (through the 7th).

[ profile] spn_reversebang has author sign-ups open here and artist sign-ups open here; see profile for schedule.

I've signed up for and hope to do both, which if so rounds out my fannish year. (My sign-up for spn_j2_xmas is SO LONG, good heavens. I just want to be thorough, okay?) I probably shan't sign up Yuletide after all, since I'm doing rarecharacters, although it's possible I'll write a treat like I did last year. That's less stressful. :)
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[ profile] shipswap is running another rarepair fic exchange, with nominations now open.

[ profile] rarewomen is running again this year, with nominations open soon.

[community profile] megexchange is a fic exchange for fic about one Meg Masters, demon. Sign-ups are open here.

I haven't decided which of these I'm going to sign up for, if any. The Meg-centric fest sounds like a great excuse to hone my Meg skills; I wrote that one Meg+Ruby ficlet a while back, and she was a lot of fun to write. And I already nominated a bunch of ships for Ship Swap, so they're there for me to request if I end up participating.

Really, the only exchanges I'm committing myself to this year are [ profile] spnspringfling, because I had a blast last year, and [ profile] spn_j2_xmas, because I wanted to last year and didn't. Next in priority after those would be [ profile] spn_summergen, but we will have to see. I did relatively a lot of exchanges last year and kind of wore myself out.

I'm also already signed up for [ profile] genteensybang (w00t! writer sign-ups close Thursday!) and [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, and I'd like to do [ profile] spn_reversebang again, because that was really cool last year.
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1. Sign-ups are open over at [ profile] spn_j2_xmas. Do I have room for one more exchange? Do I? Erg.

2. It occurs to me that much as I love the spirit of SPN RPF fandom, possibly there are other fandoms that better combine the wonderful crack (mermen! dragons! empaths! were-echidnas! although I'm still waiting on that last one) with the unsquicky rom-commy het I yearn for. Any recommendations? Preferably a Western fandom with either a fair bit of activity or a fair backlog of fic. (I suppose I ought to go hunt up some Marvel movieverse fic, hadn't I? But where does one even start? And is there enough het crack to make it worth my while?)

3. As soon as I post my epic list of A/B/O, of course I find something I'd have put on it. Specifically, No Limited Dimensions, by [ profile] cleflink, in which John Watson is shot and wakes up in a world of omegas and alphas and other things he doesn't understand at all. It's gen, and it's GLORIOUS.


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