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I do not have TIME to claim any of your art and write for it. I do not. Stop looking at me like that.
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I woke up just in time today to put in some claims at [ profile] spn_reversebang, but people must have had excellent taste this year, because they were all taken. That's fine, though; I didn't really have time to work on another project anyway, and now I know that all my favorite pieces are in the hands of people who want them.

Then I spent the rest of my morning reading about Dave Sim and Cerebus. Cerebus was a graphic novel serialized monthly over some thirty years, featured a talking aardvark, and, so I am told, produced more innovation in comics than any author's work since Eisner while talking a great deal about life, the universe, and everything. I'd heard of it mainly because over the course of the comic Sim developed into not a raging misogynist but a coldly rational one, and also because in the comic he explains his development of a new and, uh, quite innovative reading of the Abrahamic religions' sacred texts, which he eventually concludes is the correct one (and which everyone would hail as genius if only his reputation hadn't been ruined by Feminists).

It does not sound like a work I am in the least interested in exploring for myself, because cerebral parody is not my bag even without the misogyny, but reading about it was fascinating. I followed a bunch of links from Tim O'Neill's blog, which includes a number of his own posts on the importance of Cerebus to an understanding of comics in academia as well as some introductory material by other people that he recommends for context.

Speaking of reading about comics, I recently finished Scott McCloud's book Understanding Comics, which my college boyfriend gave me many moons ago. Unexpectedly, especially given that it is actually in the form of a comic, I found some of it hopelessly dry, either because it was too subtle or too obvious - I wasn't always sure which. He also made an awful lot of assertions about the effect of this or that artistic technique on the comics reading experience that I would have liked a whole lot more argument and support for, and I could have done without the art theory and "What is art?" discussions.

However, I liked it a lot more once he got down to the brass tacks of comics, like making gutter space between panels versus letting a panel run to the edges of the page, what a panel with no dialogue might accomplish, that sort of thing. Really, I just want help figuring out how to look at comics art - panel design, textures, pacing, that sort of thing - and the middle parts of the book were helpful for that. I would also really like to learn some more vocabulary to be able, for instance, to describe David Aja's Hawkeye art to someone (points to icon), but I think I'll have to look elsewhere for that.


Sep. 1st, 2013 11:27 am
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[ profile] spn_j2_xmas has sign-ups open here (through the 7th).

[ profile] spn_reversebang has author sign-ups open here and artist sign-ups open here; see profile for schedule.

I've signed up for and hope to do both, which if so rounds out my fannish year. (My sign-up for spn_j2_xmas is SO LONG, good heavens. I just want to be thorough, okay?) I probably shan't sign up Yuletide after all, since I'm doing rarecharacters, although it's possible I'll write a treat like I did last year. That's less stressful. :)
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[ profile] shipswap is running another rarepair fic exchange, with nominations now open.

[ profile] rarewomen is running again this year, with nominations open soon.

[community profile] megexchange is a fic exchange for fic about one Meg Masters, demon. Sign-ups are open here.

I haven't decided which of these I'm going to sign up for, if any. The Meg-centric fest sounds like a great excuse to hone my Meg skills; I wrote that one Meg+Ruby ficlet a while back, and she was a lot of fun to write. And I already nominated a bunch of ships for Ship Swap, so they're there for me to request if I end up participating.

Really, the only exchanges I'm committing myself to this year are [ profile] spnspringfling, because I had a blast last year, and [ profile] spn_j2_xmas, because I wanted to last year and didn't. Next in priority after those would be [ profile] spn_summergen, but we will have to see. I did relatively a lot of exchanges last year and kind of wore myself out.

I'm also already signed up for [ profile] genteensybang (w00t! writer sign-ups close Thursday!) and [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, and I'd like to do [ profile] spn_reversebang again, because that was really cool last year.
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1. RBB POSTED. Have spent the last day and a half catching up with all those important things in life, like Tumblr. Also my inbox is almost completely cleaned out, YAY. I still owe a few people replies, though, as well as some Halloween treats. /o\

2. That is the last time I post a big bang fic to LJ, where all the LJ pages link to other LJ pages and all the DW pages link to other DW pages and like that. I'm done. Next time, I'll put a masterpost on LJ where people can comment if they just really prefer commenting on LJ, and I'll post the whole shebang on AO3 and call it good. Because let's be honest, 98% of the time I'd rather read on AO3 anyway, and my Google Analytics suggest that that's true of a lot of other people as well.

3. This ART, you guys. It's [personal profile] gnatkip's art from RBB, and it's one of my very favorite pieces this round. If there were a print, I would buy it. You can see the original all in one piece here.
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Google Maps is the road-trip fic writer's best friend and a boon to mankind. Streetview even lets me see the scenery my trio is driving through.

Also, after I pinpoint where a specific scene is happening, I can look up weather events on YouTube.

Also also, thanks to the wonders of social media, I've seen the pumpkin one of my favorite actors carved for Halloween.

The 21st century is weird, y'all.
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I stayed up last night for [ profile] spn_reversebang claims, and came out the other side with this beauty:

Art is by [ profile] onceuponarhi, whom I'm really looking forward to work with. And, yes, that is Jensen/Jared/Genevieve. No, I don't write threesomes. Or J2. But GEN. And is so PRETTY. And also the prompt is for "post-apocalyptic road trip," and dude, how have I not written one of those yet?

In other things, I do believe I have lured [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni into participating, too. Heh heh heh.
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So... I think I managed to claim art for [ profile] spn_reversebang. Will have to wait for confirmation from mods. Am very excited (especially to find out who my artist is!). Also up waaaay too late. To bed, now.
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1. [ profile] shoofus sent me a panda! Thank you, shoofus! (This is a good time to mention that I'm really, really bad at remembering to thank people for v-gifts. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate the sentiment! I just forget. If you've ever sent me one, I appreciated it!)

2. Art previews are now up over at [ profile] spn_reversebang. You have to join the comm to see the preview posts. There are some very nifty things. Some of the RPF art is kinda making me wish I wrote J2. I'm still not for sure going to claim, but I've narrowed things down to my top 6-7 choices in case I do. Claiming opens at midnight my time! Yikes, glad I live on the west coast...

3. I made a feed, [ profile] spnkink_feed, for the Pinboard of the SPN kink meme. As soon as fills get tagged on the meme, the bookmarks come through on the feed.


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