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I've pretty much gotten my exchange plans for the rest of the year worked out, and I'm Very Excited About Them: I'm doing [community profile] femslashex (noms now, signups open Aug 13) and Yuletide, and that's it. I've determined that if I do Trick or Treat, then I don't have enough energy left for Yuletide, and I really miss Yuletide. Also I had trouble writing a ton of treats for Trick or Treat last year, like I wanted to.

So! FemslashEx and Yuletide. I have my FemslashEx letter mostly written, and I'm contemplating Yuletide noms. :D :D :D
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As of December 23, I was sure that I wasn't going to manage to submit anything to the collection this year, but then on Christmas Eve I saw a signup on the pinch hitter prompts post that somehow got the gears moving, and so I wrote some Steve/Nancy/Jonathan for Stranger Things, a ship I'd been wanting to write ever sine I first saw the show.

objects in the mirror - Stranger Things, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan, 2.5k
Jonathan has no fucking idea why Nancy and Steve gave him the Nikon. He doesn't know why they're so insistent on seeing the pictures he takes, either.

And then an hour before Madness opened I got an idea for a Saga drabble. So, at final count, I managed TWO fics in the YT collection! \o/

if you want to tell the news, you have to fucking live - Saga, Upsher/Doff, drabble
Love on the battlefield. (A meet-cute.)
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I have something like 60 more fics still to go on my Kindle, but I don't expect I will get any further on them before reveals, so here are some more recs.

Morning Glories, Hail Caesar!, Sense8, Jeeves and Wooster, Shia LeBeouf, Queen's Thief )
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I have a bunch of fics downloaded to put on my Kindle later, but I'm pretty much done with my pre-reveals reading, so have a final batch of recs.

Beauty and the Beast, The Dispossessed, Sunless Sea/Fallen London, Strange Empire, Sunshine (McKinley), Imperial Radch )
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My focus this Yuletide has been largely space stuff, stuff with lots of focus on female characters, or both, which informs most of this list. (I have been having the BEST time, too. I'm going to use this strategy every year.)

Dune, Jane the Virgin, Saga (Comics), Vorkosigan Saga )
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Apparently it is Rectober this month, and also the Yuletide letters post is up (signups opening tomorrow, I believe), so this seems like the perfect time to rec all of the gift fics I've received in past Yuletides.

Yuletide 2008
Three times Valancy said what she was thinking (and one time she didn't have to) (The Blue Castle - L.M. Montgomery, Valancy gen, 2k)
The very first exchange fic I ever received! My request was basically one of those "I'd love anything!" ones, but the result is just lovely, and so very much in the spirit of the book. I think the Valancy+Olive scene is the one that sticks most in my mind.

Yuletide 2009
Good Children (Spirited Away, Chihiro gen, 2.9k)
Exactly the day-in-the-life/worldbulding fic I wanted about Chihiro's life in the bathhouse. I have particularly fond memories of her further encounter with the Daikon spirit.

Eh By Gum (Wallace and Gromit, gen adventures, 5.3k)
Candy making caper with mandatory sneaky villain! The voices here are so good. There are so many great lines. I see there is more W&G fic on the archive now, but I think this was the first.

Yuletide 2010
The Time Comes (seaQuest DSV Krieg+Ford gen, 2.1k)
I think this was the third year in a row I'd requested seaQuest fic, and finally my ship came!. (Except not a ship, because it's gen. :D) This is set very much in and around one of my favorite episodes of S1, and captures some of the thoughts and motivations of one Ben Krieg (who reminds me a little of my current Brad Marchand headcanons, though that is neither here nor there).

Yuletide 2013
and now we are many places (FF, gen ensemble adventures, 2.9k)
A fic about a day out with the Future Foundation, featuring exactly as much mishap and joy as the comic itself provides. (Gosh, I loved this comic.)

Yuletide 2014
So Goddamned Beautiful (Saga, Alana/Marko, 4.6k)
AKA the Alana/Marko mpreg fic of my dreeeeeeams. I accidentally peeked at the tags for this ahead of time and freaked out, and then it met all of my expectations and more. The worldbuilding is perfect, the character voices are perfect, it's porny in all the right places. BEST.

A Tale of Two Thieves (Uncanny X-Force, Psylocke/Cluster, 2.3k)
A very sweet fic about two thieving mutant ladies coming to terms with themselves and each other. The only femslash I've ever gotten for YT; apparently it's inspired me to request a bunch more, judging by my letter this year!
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I am in such a weird indecisive place about Yuletide this year. Half of me is busily collecting possible requests and trying to figure out if I should make my requests around a theme (canon mpreg? SFF lit?), and the other half thinks maybe I'll just forego this year, or stick to treating someone. I've done plenty of exchanges this year and have two more coming up, and it's not like I have several YT things I really want. I honestly am not sure right now which way things will shake out.

In the meantime, a list of things I'm thinking about requesting:
* WNBA RPF (Ramu Tokashiki <3)
* Left Hand of Darkness
* Kraken - China Mieville
* Decoys (2004)
* Zerophilia (2005)
* Jupiter Ascending (I want more Jupiter/Kalique fic so bad)

Interestingly, no Saga on that list. That is because a) between YT last year and rarepairfest this year, I already got the two Saga fics of my DREEEAMS, and b) I'm not really feeling my previous Saga enthusiasm, due to current canon.

my Yuletide

Jan. 2nd, 2015 05:38 pm
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So I wrote three fics for YT! Two Saga (I bet NO ONE saw that one coming, after the sudden and apparently unwarranted burst of Saga posting I did about two weeks ago...) and one for a little-known horror movie called Decoys

If Wishes Were Fishes, Saga, The Stalk/The Will, 4.6k
In which The Will and The Stalk partner up for a job on the steampunk planet. This was my main assignment for [ profile] pinstripesuit, whose request was "The Will (finally) has a good day." At first I thought this was going to have to mean fluff, and I am TERRIBLE at writing fluff on purpose (or possibly I just hate the process), but then a friend commented on what a wide-open prompt that was, and I realized, oh, it kinda was. So instead we got this assassins-on-the-job thing, with costumes and banter and snark and shippiness and maybe some stealth feelings. (And no spoilers, btw; if you've read the first volume you're good.)

Meet-Cute, Saga, Klara/Barr, 1.3k
I was determined to write at least one Saga treat, and this turned out to be it, Klara and Barr's first meeting at that youth hostel at the Craters, although it's really more an excuse to write about Klara's mom and also a coffee plant that likes sex jokes.

I Dated a Tentacle Babe from Outer Space, Decoys, Roger/Constance, 7.4k
I discovered this movie via someone talking it up during noms, and I watched it on account of CANON XENO HET MPREG, for this ship that is absolutely adorable. And then I wrote a ton of words of fix-it fic that is possibly the least filtered my id has ever been. Which is to say, a lot of cute in the midst of weird and a lot of mpreg. (I'll probably work up a promo post for this movie, because it's not exactly GOOD but it's quirky and its treatment of certain things is unexpectedly complicated, and I want you all to watch it and then talk to me about it.)
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I got TWO YT gifts! My main gift, So Goddamned Beautiful (Saga, 4.6k words) is pretty much EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DREAMED OF in Alana/Marko and more besides, with great character voices and insight and sexy vignettes and development of setting and EVERYTHING, and also it is mpreg. So it is pretty much the best ever, and if you like Saga, YOU ALSO SHOULD READ IT.

AND I got a treat, A Tale of Two Thieves, (Uncanny X-Force, 2.3k), which Betsy/Cluster after I'd just about given up on ever getting Betsy fic. It's a sweet fic that finds them finding each other again after the events in Humphries' run, even though Betsy is still trying to decide whether she wants to be found.

Recs of things not gifted by me probably coming tomorrow!
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No, YT signups aren't open yet. I posted because I thought there was a letters post happening, but it seems to be looking a little suspicious? Oh, well. In any case: my letter is all done! Ahead of schedule!
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YULETIDE. I thought I was excited last year, and yet somehow this year I am even more excited. Last year I comfortably found four things to request; this year I had to squeeze and squeeze before I managed to get my requests down to six.

I hope that you, dear author, are feeling similarly excited. I'm thrilled to have you writing something for me, and the fact that you offered one of these fandoms at all tells me that you have excellent taste. I'm so excited to read whatever it is you choose to write!

Also: personally, when I write for really small fandoms I end up putting all this pressure on myself to write The Definitive Fic in the fandom, but that's silly. If you feel the same, please be assured that I'm not hoping for the fic, just a fic. :)

So, on with the requests.

General likes / dislikes )


Uncanny X-Force )

FF )

Saga )

RPF – Pittsburgh Penguins )

Kraken – China Mieville )

IT Crowd )

My Yuletide

Jan. 1st, 2014 03:34 pm
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Yuletide authors are revealed. I see that fellow Marvel enthusiast and recent new friend [ profile] ladymercury_10 wrote my lovely lovely FF fic. I was pretty sure you had, because a) you didn't comment on or kudos it, and b) the date was fairly early in mid-December. (I don't know why it took so long to appear on my "gifts" list - maybe the tag wranglers hadn't wrangled the fandom yet? IDK. You must have been so confused!)

I signed up for Yuletide this year because I wanted to write (and receive!) comics fic, and write it I did. I wrote four pieces, about 6k words total, for FF and Saga and had a delightful time. I will talk about them a bunch more individually later, but for now, links:

Pitching the Woo, FF, Scott/Darla, which was my pinch hit for [ profile] tigrrrmilk
Microbe tours and VIP concert tickets are totally things friends do for each other. Right? (In which Darla and Scott spend a lot of time being oblivious to the nature of their relationship.)

Lying to a Lying Cat, Saga, Sophie and Lying Cat, my main gift for [personal profile] andraste
After what happened on the fruit planet, Sophie's not sure Lying Cat will ever be friends with her again. (spoilers for #16)

Not a Hound, Saga, The Will and Lying Cat, my treat/deleted scene for [personal profile] andraste
He pulled his heartbreaker out of its holster, and then considered further and brandished a knife with his other hand. Not that that’d help him much if it turned out the thing spit acid or was fixing to explode, but odds were he wouldn’t run into two biogenetic bombs in one month, right?

“Hey, dog,” he said.

Better in Blue, Saga, Alana/Marko, smutty language porn/actual porn treat for [personal profile] were_duck
Alana is still discovering all the ways she and Marko are different.
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Serious - Legally Blonde, Elle/Vivian
YOU GUYS. This is a fic about Elle Woods' journey of bisexual self-discovery, and it has wonderful female friendships, and adorable female romance, and some hot lesbian sex, and ELLE WOODS. It is practically perfect in every way; it makes me SO HAPPY. And if, like me, you haven't seen the movie in ages, it catches you up on the details just fine.

I think this one won Yuletide, you guys.
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I've just finished my first batch of Yuletide fics, which means it's time for some recs. Hopefully there will be another batch before reveals.

recs for Orphan Black, Asimov's Robot Series, and Heyer's Cotillion )
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So, Yuletide! I got the most wonderful fic written for FF, the Fraction/Allred comic: and now we are many places, a Scott-POV fic about one disastrous day at the Future Foundation. The Scott voice is wonderful, the kids are all wonderful (to read about, possibly not to be in charge of), Jennifer steals every scene she is in, there's sweet hints of Scott/Darla - it is absolutely perfect. If you know the comic, this is not to be missed.

(Also, based on circumstantial evidence I have a strong suspicion that I know who wrote it, but I shall say no more.)

I've been poking about in interesting fandoms, hopefully for the sake of compiling a recs list. Right now I'm knee-deep in Orphan Black fic. Will report back, of course. :) The full list of Yuletide fandoms is here, and the Madness (<1k words) fandoms are here. Go explore the goodies! I ended up writing three fics in the main collection and one in Madness; if you guess any of them, you win a virtual cookie. \o/

Meanwhile, if you're interested in comics specifically, the good folks at [ profile] comicstore_news have helpfully compiled a complete list of comics-related Yuletide fic (excluding Madness fics).
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I quickfast edited this one last time on Friday October 18 - just the general likes/dislikes. I thought I had the whole weekend to fiddle before assignments went out!

First: If you have a story you've been wanting to write about any of these canons, I would love to read it. I talk a lot (a LOT) below about some of these comics, including lots of suggestions, but they are only meant to help get you started. Any story you've been itching to write for these characters, I would love to read.

Also, you definitely don't need to write all the characters listed for any of these canons. I've picked people I like to give you variety, but feel free to zoom in on just one or two.

Another thing: personally, when I write really small fandoms I end up putting all this pressure on myself to write The Definitive Fic in the fandom, but that's silly. If you feel the same, please be assured that I'm not hoping for the fic, just a fic. :)

And finally, I wrote a lot more about some of these canons than others, but I seriously will be thrilled with fic for any of them. I haven't done Yuletide for several years, and I signed up this year specifically because I've fallen in love with comics. Whatever you write for me, I will be excited about. :)

General Likes/Dislikes )

Uncanny X-Force )

FF (comic) )

Journey into Mystery )

Saga )

Thank you so very much for writing fic for me, dear author! I can't wait to read it. :)
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Polysemy (3071 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Railsea - China Mieville, MIEVILLE China - Works
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Abacat Naphi/OFC
Characters: Abacat Naphi

She stands on deck, weight shifting as natural as breathing with each nickitut nickitut of wheels on rails, & she shields her eyes with her hand – her natural one, made of meat not metal – & you ask, out of what stock does one begin to whittle Abacat Naphi?


Finally, after years of wanting to write Miveille fic, this year I did: a treatfic about Captain Naphi from Mieville's newest, Railsea. Naphi is the (female) Captain Ahab figure in a novel that in the end does not look very much like Moby Dick. She's rather an enigma, in terms of motivation, and she is fabulous.

I ended up working in my fascination for the novel's concept of a "philosophy": a driving force, a motivating principle embodied by some particular, huge animal that one is trying to kill. In Naphi's case, it's the gargantuan pale mole Mocker-Jack, Mole of Many Meanings. This is not, it seems to me, so very much unlike the Church of God Kraken's worship in Kraken (another Mieville novel which I otherwise mostly disliked). It's got that same idea of attaching personal metaphysical significance to elements of nature.

The fic's also notable for being my first honest-to-goodness femslash, of Naphi/OFC, although the basic thrust of the fic is more character study than romance. (I notice that I tend to be very lady-centric for Yuletide; all of them have at least one significant woman, even if I had to invent her myself - I also tend to invent OCs for Yuletide - and most have no male characters at all.)
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A merry Christmas and joyful holiday season (or midwinter vacation) to all on my flist!

The Yuletide archive is open, and I've spent part of my morning reading delicious things. Ideally I will read a bunch more and make more recs before authors are revealed next week, but it's going to be a busy next few days for me, and I wanted to make sure to get these recs in.

recs for Downton Abbey, Revenge, and Sunshine (by Robin McKinley) )

Also, I did indeed finish a treatfic. I highly doubt anyone will ferret it out from among the 2700 other fics, but if you do guess, there's a ficlet in it for you. :)
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I am this close to finishing a Yuletide treat, which pleases me to no end. I love Yuletide; it's the stress, especially at this time of year, that I don't like so well. But there's no stress associated with treats except what I put on myself.

Plan for next year: I will have finished Twin Peaks (YES REALLY) and will offer it for Yuletide. Also, I've ordered the first two season of B5; perhaps if the series and I get on better this time, I can offer that. I would like to offer that - it's the sort of fandom I'd enjoy writing in, I think.
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...are now available here. :DDD

Right now I'm looking through a few and saying "No, Snick, you haven't seen that canon in years, no you can't get ahold of it again in the next six days, NO you may not read try to read that entire novel again, no..."
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A meme is going around in which one talks about one's past Yuletide fics. I haven't done Yuletide the last couple of years because I realized I find learning to write new canons under pressure stressful, especially as a gift for another person. I miss the fun of the Yuletide archive opening, though.

Anyway, here are my fics written for Yuletides past. Perhaps I will do another one on gifts I've received, since I've received some lovely ones and would like to think people are still reading them.

lots of writerly blather, with links )


Oct. 30th, 2012 09:07 am
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1. After a day and a half of mind-numbingly slow internet, we are back up to speed (heh), which means I'm now caught up with, like, Tumblr. (Yes, catching up with Tumblr is a thing I do now. Mostly it involves reblogging fanart and pictures of Gen Cortese's face. Also sometimes Jensen Ackles' face.)

2. THIS FIC. This fic is 3500 words of [ profile] gryfndor_godess's answer to "Sam/Ruby, accidental baby acquisition." Her Ruby voice is marvelous, just the right balance of annoyed and driven and a wee bit sentimental (but that's probably just the meatsuit). (Warnings for vague reference to mpreg, because the child in question is the aftermath of the author's as yet unwritten Dean/Bela S3 mpreg fic. Which I want SO BAD.)

(Also, I promise I will not squee over [ profile] gryfndor_godess every time she posts new fic. It's just, sometimes it's necessary.)

3. Now that I have internet again, I can deal with the rest of those Trick or Treat requests. Was v. difficult without internet.

4. I'm not allowed to sign up for Yuletide. I'm not allowed to sign up for Yuletide. I'm not allowed to sign up for Yuletide.
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I've concluded that one of the reasons I find Yuletide stressful (and thus why I haven't done it for a couple of years) is the pressure of writing a giftfic for someone whose enthusiasms are really different than mine. Obviously that's a hazard with any exchange, but for Yuletide fandoms I feel it more? I don't know.

Anyway, the obvious solution is to write treat fics instead for whatever prompts take my fancy! All the prompts go live around Christmas Eve, I think, but I'm already at home on Ye Olde Dial-Up Connection by then, and that's really inconvenient. Hence, the the Dear Yuletide Letter spreadsheet of amazing is a wonderful, wonderful invention. I've just spent half an hour trawling for things that might maybe result in plotbunnies.

Testimonial: I got Wallace & Gromit fabulousness one year from someone who wasn't even assigned to me. So yes, people do actually do this!

All of which is to say, if you've signed up for Yuletide and wrote a Dear Yuletide letter, be sure to drop a comment at the collection post so it can be added to the spreadsheet! Because then someone might find it and write you something extra. (Protip: if you include the actual text of your sign-up prompts in the letter, too, it makes it easier for random people to write you things.)

Also, FYI, Yuletide signups are still open until here until the 31st.
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'Tis the season for Yuletide recs! I missed last year because of busyness, but I've been finding some truly delicious stuff this year.

Discworld, Downton Abbey, Queen's Thief, The Matrix )
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1. I don't think I'm doing Yuletide this year. I love it, I encourage everyone else to do it, but I think I don't have the energy for it this year, myself. I just now, with Seasonal Spuffy, have finished the last of my fics with deadlines, and I still owe fics to a number of other people, including (but possibly not limited to?):

* Harvelle fic for Eilowyn
* potato ricer fic for [personal profile] ghostyouknow
* SeaQuest fic for Eowyn (I am soooo sorry, hon. I haven't forgotten!)
* something Giles-Buffyish for general Giles fen on my flist, although I may unilaterally decide that the Faith-Giles winterfic counts instead. :)
* others? If I owe you a fic and it's not here, tell me! I want to write you fic!

Anyway, point being: deadlines are stressful right now, and I just don't think I can do Yuletide justice this year. Alas. Also, there's nothing I desperately want to request, and I wanted to offer Twin Peaks yet I still haven't finished the series. And finally, I have fic projects of my own that I care about more this time around.

But I shall cheer you all on!

2. Without warning, Sam/Jo is now my SPN OTP. No, I don't know how this happened. I just think they have the potential to be functional together and good for each other, that they could meet each other as equals in ways almost no other potential pairing in this fandom could. I just, I like them. So there.

3. Speaking of, there is now more of the mpreg sequel to [personal profile] ghostyouknow's Sam/Jo plantfic. 'Tis here, 'tis called Diaspores (hee), and 'tis dark and angsty and cracky as all heck but, you know, good. In fact, it is quite possibly the best plantbaby mpreg fic ever. And it is for meeeeeee.

4. AO3 was being a pain this week. It's better now, but for a while I kept getting errors every fifteen minutes or so. You're supposed to be better than LJ, AO3! *shakes fist*
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After three years of asking, I got SeaQuest DSV fic for Yuletide! Specifically, I got The Time Comes, a coda to "Nothing But the Truth," one of my favorite eps of the whole series. The fic takes my prompt "Ben Krieg - just because he's a scheming opportunist doesn't mean he doesn't have good intentions" and turns it into a character study. If you are SQ-inclined (which is to say, if you're ), you should check it out.

I haven't been doing a whole lot of reading yet, but here are other goodies I've found so far:

A Woman's Whole Heart
A gorgeous character study of Isabeau after the movie, exploring what it means for Isabeau to join polite society again after two years of cooking her meat as she liked, wearing her hair as she pleased, and worrying for no one's opinion.

big ideas (don't get any)
An absolutely pitch-perfect exploration of an intriguing what-if. Voices are perfect, prose is perfect, fic is exactly as long as it needs to be (which isn't very). Focuses on Michael Raines and Dan Lewis.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon (and other crimes committed while being Adora Belle Dearheart)
Basically, an excuse to put Spike and Lady Sybil in a carriage together. Nothing much happens, but it's got some marvelous Pratchettian lines in it - I shrieked with laughter more than once.

The Muppet Show
Follow That Star!
Kermit, Fozzie, and Scooter - the three wise guys - set off after a mysterious star. I confess, I wanted the ending to be bit more... more, but otherwise it's glorious fun, with exactly as much reverence to the source material as one would expect of such an enterprise.

The Iron Giant
Through His Iron Fingers
Hogarth waits for the giant to come back. Quiet, gentle, no real surprises but a delight nonetheless.
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I failed to mention it earlier, but: Yuletide! My fic is posted and, other than some last-minute polishing, done. Yay. I'd been worried about AO3 server overload, but uploading turned out to be relatively painless.

Meanwhile, I checked the list of Yule fandoms and found that at least one story had been posted for each of my fandoms. Gift-shaking foiled! Although, let's be honest, I didn't really want to know.

In other Christmasfic things, I'm making steady progress on the Spuffy story. I should warn you all, it ain't deep. I'm having fun writing it, though.
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And, second year out of three, it's for the one canon I signed up for that I'm not actually familiar with yet. (I hadn't read The Graveyard Book when I signed up for it, either - I don't think it had been released yet.)

But I signed up for it because I was excited about the canon, and it will stretch me, and it will be much fun! YAY!
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First, thank you so much for being my Santa! I’m thrilled that someone is writing a fic for me. :) I’ve got ideas here for what I want, but if something I say triggers an idea you’d rather write, feel free! Surprise me!

My fic tastes )

My requests: Mary Poppins, seaQuest DSV, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Sunshine - Robin McKinley )
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A sort of laundry list of my likes/dislikes in stories, partly for myself and partly for my Yuletide Santa. Analysis of my psyche may now begin.

Things I Love )

Things I Don't Love )
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Things said aloud while reading the list of nominated Yuletide fandoms:
* "Hey, I've been meaning to read/watch that." (Anathem and a bunch of others I've now forgotten. Drat.)

- Lady Lovely Locks (I loved that show when I was very small)
- Primer (Seems even less fic-friendly than Inception, although we all know how right I was about that. I am still mystified by that one, y'all.)
- Creatures of Light and Darkness, by Roger Zelazny (Now there's a canon that'd require some serious chutzpah to write for)


I'll be offering some lit fandoms, because there are a few that are near and dear to my heart or would just be fun to write for (A Tangled Web by L.M. Montgomery would be a hoot), but generally I am much, much more comfortable with writing for screen canon. In the process of translating visual story to verbal story, I feel a lot more freedom to put my own spin on things. Also the question of copyright infringement feels less sticky, at least to me.


My assignments the last two years: English kids' fantasy book fandoms for which my recipient's first request was for future-slash between the principle child character and the principle adult character.

Any bets on what I'll get this year?
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Yuletide sign-ups are open. I hear the servers are slow; you might want to wait a day or two if you mind that sort of thing. Also you need an AO3 account, which you'll need to request an invite for, about which see here.

If you've never done Yuletide before and want to be talked into it, here are some things you might like to know )
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Because I spent a significant portion of my childhood living under rocks, I have just for the very first time seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit? And all I can think is: I want this for Yuletide!!!

'Cuz with the hilarious toon/live-action cultural interaction, and the peculiar physics, and my gosh the crossover possibilities. And what about the villains, like Cruella de Vil and Maleficent? It can't be all sweetness and light down there in Toontown...

(Why yes, I already have a list of potential Yuletide requests. Why do you ask?)
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I got not one but two rich, wonderful Yulefics this year. In my requests I shied away from anything angst-prone - this year has been too full of RL weariness to want angst in the off hours. So I aimed for fun and possibly frolic, and that's just what I got.

First, I got just exactly the Spirited Away fic I wanted!!! I asked for something that dealt with the day-to-day workings of the bath house, because I find them all fascinating - I love how Miyazaki tends to ground his fantasies with things like ironworks and boiler rooms. And my assigned Yulewriter wrote me Good Children, in which Chihiro deals with cleaning up the aftermath of the river god's visit and also deals with a potentially cranky radish spirit. And it's fabulous! All the details are perfect: the radish spirit, the bath house's frog employees.

But what surprised me and what I think I like the most is how very much herself Chihiro is in this fic. I hadn't given her all that much thought before, but every bit of her portrayal in this rings true: her persistence, her tendency for weird but topical questions, her pluck. She's a determined young lady who gets things done, is Chihiro. I love it.

Second, a wonderfully generous soul wrote me Eh by Gum!, which is everything I could possibly want in a Wallace&Gromit fic. Wacky inventions (complete with a numbered list of what should happen, and another of what does happen)! A new scheme! Wonderful Wallace lines! (“Gromit!” Wallace shouted in panic. “Get out of here, lad, she's gone loco for cocoa!”)! The return of old friends! (Naturally, Gromit and Wendolene have bonded over knitting.) Just fabulous stuff.

So, go check them out. 'Cuz they're really neat.


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