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Dear Internet,

I like your show. However, I *still* do not like jump scenes, from the cat jumping out of the witch's chest in Season 1 to Robin Wood's fake-out death scene on the school bus in Season 7. Snick will testify that she spent a lot of time preparing me for jump scenes and giggling at me when I *still* jumped.

So, is there a modified version of all Buffydom with the jump scenes cut out, ala Phantom Menace with JarJar removed? And if not, will someone love me enough to create it for me? There could be cookies.

~ Housemate


May. 8th, 2010 04:44 pm
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Housemate wishes to inform the Internet that we have only two episodes left in the Great Buffywatch of '09-'10. We're finishing them this afternoon.
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- "I could definitely be in love with Principal Wood." He does have a special something, doesn't he? Although she says he's less attractive now that he has a vendetta.

- Of Wood and Giles alone, during LMPTM: "I just realized: here are two really good-looking men, and they are so totally different." And it is the truth!

- Housemate (without any prompting at all): "I really don't like Kennedy. She doesn't understand the gravity of the situation."

Me: But she's awfully cute, isn't she?

Housemate: Yeah, in that, 'I'm cute because I was made to look cute so I am cute' way.

[True fact: Kennedy may still drive me up the wall, but Iyari Limon is growing on me. Who knew a living human being could have eyes that big?

At any rate, the housemate's good taste and sense persist.]

- Likes Andrew and wants to be his buddy. See what I said about her good taste?

- Me (during a flashback to Spike in the subway in FFL): You know, he has really nice arms.

Housemate: He really does. They're the kind of arms you go "Ow ow" over.

Me: Yes.

- Liked Potential and Storyteller quite a lot, which was to be expected. Also very much liked LMPTM and Get It Done, which I didn't expect. She said she liked the Going to War Music in Get It Done, and Spike getting his coat and his swagger back, and him beating up the demon to the Going to War Music, and the growing tension between him and Wood. (Although now she wishes they'd gone a bit more subtle with it in LMPTM. She thought Wood gripping the stake and having blood dribble down was giggle-worthy.)

- Observation by housemate: Whenever this show wants to show that Things are Bad around town, it lights fires in barrels. We all lose our voices? Fire barrels strewn along the streets, right across from the guy preaching the end of the world on his whiteboard. Demon bikers come to town? They light fire barrels. The hellmouth incites the student population to riot? Fire barrels.

What's up with that?

- Overall: likes S7 much better than S6. I remind her that she actually liked parts of S6 - like, say, the beginning and the end - but it seems the Spike/Buffy sexfest scarred her to the point that that's all she remembers of the season. Whereas I'd talked this season down so much that apparently anything was better than I made it sound. *g*
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I was instructed to blog these eps now, during our pause between "Sleeper" and "Never Leave Me." So.

Housemate says (through tears): "I hate your stupid show!" Also that First!Spike is creeping her out; that she doesn't like "all the other people saying things" (Cassie and Joyce) either; and that "Sleeper" wasn't pain done right, it was just pain.

Closing thought from Housemate: "I want to make Spike a cup of tea."
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Good things: Emma Caulfield is excellent here. Oh, poor identity-crisis Anya breaks my heart! The Olaf/Aud flashbacks crack me up - apparently everyone in that time period was strangely literal. And again, I'm really liking the Anya/Willow friendship developing here - I'd totally forgotten it from the first watch. And the Spike-in-the-basement scene is a heart-wringer.

Bad things: Some of the writing is pretty lame, particularly everything Buffy appears in. Anya as a vengeance demon again represents a huge dilemma to our valiant Scoobies, and the episode acknowledges that, but it does so with a flat, obvious argument scene between Buffy and Xander with no nuance at all. And all Buffy's "I am the law" stuff felt like it needed a whole lot of build-up, rather than this sudden foregone conclusion. In fact, pretty much all the Buffy character 'development' in this ep felt as though it was assuming a bunch of previous development we've never seen.

(However, I like how the fact that Xander lied to Buffy in "Becoming" finally came to light, sort of.)

Housemate's opinion: "Pain done right." It hit all the right places, dramatically speaking. She found the cut from "I'll Be His Misses" to Anya with a sword through extremely effective.

Question: is it ever stated in canon that vengeance demons have to be beheaded to be killed? Or is that fanon?

Good: Okay, you guys, fine. You win. I enjoyed this episode much more the second time. Those last few minutes are great. I think my favorite bit was the shot of Wood in his office while we see Buffy and Spike tussling in the background.

Also, yay for Spike being Not in the Basement. Yay for whole minutes together of lucidity!

I love that Michelle Trachtenberg was actually Dawn's age while playing Dawn. It makes a huge difference in the authenticity of the character. I also really liked the Buffy/Dawn sisterly love there at the end.

Bad: The Buffy/RJ stuff still squicks me like an extremely squicky thing. The Dawn/RJ stuff, meanwhile, hits my humiliation squick like whoa - Housemate can attest I had my eyes closed a good part of the time. And yeah, just the general fawning girls thing was still pretty hard to take.

Plus, more lameness in the writing department: Dawn raises all those questions about souled!Spike and Buffy's feelings for same, which are great questions inelegantly phrased, made much more frustrating for that fact that, on the former topic, at least, we never get any proper exploration. Argh!

Housemate: Enjoyed seeing Buffy a little manic. Was creeped out by how readily RJ followed Buffy's lead.

Also, it turns out this is an ep that makes me think of fic, which meant first Housemate absolutely had to read Perfect for Home or Office, by [ profile] deird1, which cracked her up. This led to Towels, also by [ profile] deird1, which we ended up reading out loud to Housemate's husband - I took the Xander parts and she took the Spike parts (having spent time in England and therefore being more qualified than I.) Hilarity was had by all.

And, speaking of the housemate: see Wizard!Giles there? That is the dedicated Housemate Icon, selected by the housemate herself from my ample stash.
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Housemate reports that she is sad that Spike is out of his mind, because since he went and got his soul she'd just gotten around to maybe liking him again. Also, she's mystified by the zombie talisman in "Lessons" (does that ever get explained?) and thoroughly creeped out by the zombies themselves (whom I'm fairly sure we never see again, right?).

Also: Is Nancy in "Beneath You" - she of the wormy boyfriend - the same Nancy as in "The Wish"? It's not exactly a common name, but I'm curious to go back and check actress names. There was Sandy, after all...

Also, I'd totally forgotten we got revisits from all the Big Bads at once there at the beginning. It made me sort of nostalgic.

Wow, that Run, Lola, Run homage wasn't subtle, was it? Or else my idea of Germany has far fewer pink-haired girls sprinting to electronic rock than is actually the case. I'm much amused, though.

And, finally: portentous portentousness. Sigh. And broken Spike. I gotta say, these first two episodes have not changed my previous opinion of this season.
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- "It was the best apocalypse ever."

- "As soon as Giles came back, I knew I was ready for whatever else happened. Because Giles came back!"

- "Anya's teleportation was awfully convenient. Hmm."

- Wants to make an episode-by-episode chart plotting her feelings about Spike over the course of the season. There'd be lots of zig-zags, she reports.

- Is tired of the show emasculating Xander all the time for humorous effect; was really glad to see Xander finally make a major contribution to the show.

- Adores Clem. You know Spike's big "Can't be a monster, can't be a man" speech? I kept having to pause so she could giggle over the Clem commentary.

- Overall, feels that S6 was satisfactory. Yay! Because it went dark and dark and dark, but for the purpose of finally coming back up to the light in the end.
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[Snick: I was hearing some complaints about my insufficient reportage of housemate reactions, so after we watched OMWF today, I offered to let the housemate speak for herself. Here be the result.

IMPORTANT: For this post only, no spoilers past OMWF in the comments, please. You know what I mean. No implications, no hints. 'Kay?]

The housemate speaketh )
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Crush: It always amazes me how Drusilla shows up and just flips a switch in Spike; after two and a half years of alternately mopey, pathetic, and cranky Spike he's dangerous again. The change is palpable.

I Was Made to Love You: I still feel as though this ep is saying important things about Buffy's love life, but all I get out of it are fragments.

Tough Love, Weight of the World: I keep rewatching these and I keep being unimpressed. They're just in-betweeners, transitions between the interesting stuff.

Spiral: I like Spiral. I like the actiony scenes, I like every single moment with Spike (not yelling at Tara for burning him, grabbing the sword blade with his bare hands, having Xander light his cigarette), I love Giles' speech to Buffy. I've heard people say it's one of the weaker episodes, but I don't get why.

The Gift/Bargaining: How weird is it that the swan dive flashbacks in "Bargaining" hit me way harder than the actual swan dive in "The Gift"? By the end of "The Gift" I just want it all to be over, whereas in "Bargaining" the running leap off the tower, the accompanying music, and the look on Dawn's face hurt.

In other news, the housemate wishes to inform the Internet that she thinks Buffy's epitaph is tacky and tasteless. I tried to sell her on the irreverence as being in-character, for both the Scoobies and the show, but she was having none of it.
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HOUSEMATE: Besides, he's pretty sexy.

ME: Oh?

HOUSEMATE: Yeah, you know, with the trench coat. Did I tell you I have this thing for trenchcoats?

ME: I see. So all this time, "Spike's my favorite character," blah, blah, and now the truth comes out.

HOUSEMATE (weakly): Well, he's a really interesting character, too. Very complex.

ME: Uh huh.

HOUSEMATE: And also, I sort of have a thing for guys carrying torches for girls who don't respond.

ME (thoughtful): Hmm. But this whole Spike/Buffy idea... still icky, right?

HOUSEMATE (almost entirely certain): Oh, yeah. Still icky. The stalking is really creepy.

ME: And then there's the smoking.


ME: I mean, blood breath's bad enough...

HOUSEMATE: But blood breath and smoking...

ME: Yeah.

S5! S5!

Mar. 13th, 2010 09:47 pm
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Rewatch reportage: Out of My Mind turned out to be much more with the housemate trauma than I was expecting. I, too, probably thought Riley might die, but with the housemate there was actual flailing. As in, we had to pause for thirty seconds so she could literally flail and go "AHHHHHHHH!" After he was up and walking around again she felt much better.

Then, during the dream sequence at the end, she was like to whap me with a spoon, she was so ticked off. "That is not happening." She pointed at the pale pale Spike&Buffy kissage. "Not happening. It's somebody's really bad dream." Indeed.

Then "No Place Like Home." She is sanguine about the Dawn explanation. I however, am reminded again how very many plot threads were introduced in that episode. In terms of self-containment, it's one of the series's poorer episodes, IMO. Also, I remain mystified by the title. And finally, I maintain that "You have stupid hair" is the best example of character-based (rather than gag-based) humor ever.

Then "Family." Which still has possibly the sappiest non-comedic romance scene in the history of the series (after all, "I Will Remember You" was over on Ats...).

And then FFL. Yayyyyyy! You guys, I'm dedicated to giving the housemate the fabulous spoiler-free viewing experience I had, but I am having such a time keeping my mouth shut. It's getting hard to even talk about the episodes anymore without spilling the lentils.

Also, I've got a Buffy-is-the-Slayer post coming up here soon, because this is so the Buffy-is-the-Slayer season, as I realize more every time I watch it.
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What was the initial fannish response to Dawn when she just appeared in S5? Did people think Joss was off his nut? Was there a lot of discussion about the foreshadowy dream in Graduation Day?

The housemate and I just watched Buffy vs. Dracula and Real Me, and she is quite frustrated with the non-explanation thus far.

Also, RE Buffy vs. Dracula: I need an icon of Xander that says, "Strange and Off-Putting."
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The housemate and I just watched Superstar, and she requests I tell the Internet that she approves of this episode. Also, that she feels rather pleased with herself for spotting Jonathan on a cereal box (at Giles's place) and on a globe (in Xander's basement).

(Seriously, there was much chortling, snorfling, and snickering, laced with occasional guffaws. I kept having to pause so she could get control of herself again, over lines like, "I think -- for once -- we should follow her lead." [Riley])

(Also: in rewatches I keep marveling how hard the writers pushed Riley and Buffy's non-communication problems, from very early on. If it wasn't intentional that they get their first kiss in the episode without dialogue, then it was awfully fortuitous. And in this ep, this exchange:

BUFFY: I'm glad we talked this all out.

RILEY: Um... we haven't talked at all.

(And finally: I note that after Buffy moans, "Oh, Jonathan," in that very last shot with Riley, the shooting script has her say, "Just kidding" before the fade to black. I'm amused that they cut that.)
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Buffy and Riley first have sex in "The I in Team." The scene of Riley undressing Buffy as she kisses him is interwoven with the chronologically prior scene of Buffy, Riley, and the Initiative boys battling the Polgara demon, all overlaid with a bizarre but atmospheric electronic (I think?) soundtrack.


What is the interweaving of the fighting and the sex supposed to accomplish? It's clearly not the violence<=>sex tie of Spike/Buffy; are we supposed to take away that fighting side-by-side is a major component of the Buffy/Riley relationship, at least at the beginning? Granted, there is that conversation about fry cooks in "Doomed," but their similar, ah, professions aren't what initially attract them to each other nor what they're clinging to by the end. So if not that... what? Was Joss just feeling a bit experimental (read: random) that day?

(Also: the housemate asked if there was a lot of fic about Maggie Walsh. I had to tell her no. However, this is a great time to rec again Marina Frants's excellent A Hazy Shade of Winter, pre-series Maggie/Riley, which is both the longest and the richest Maggie Walsh fic I've ever come across.)
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Written for the housemate, who stumbled over certain fannish terminology in the introductory note to my Faith/Giles drabble, to amusing effect. It's possible you had to be there. Regardless, the silliest thing I've ever written.

Commercial Enterprise - Buffy, Willy
It took Willy to explain it to her. “It’s like you got a chihuahua, you know?”

“Only, not a dog,” she said, eyeing the card again. Definitely not a dog.

“Grub, actually.”


“What, night creatures can’t have pets?”

“So you have a grub...”

“And you want to fancy it up a bit. A coiffure, if you will.”

“With human hair. From corpses.”

“I always say, there’s no accounting for taste.”

“Right.” She turned and slid her stake loose. “Time for a little business negotiation.” She walked out on his splutter, dropping the card as she went.

Pet hairings, indeed.
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1. Since last mention, the housemate and I have gotten through all of S2 and just finished "Homecoming" in S3. The housemate wanted to know if there were hardcore Buffy/Scott Hope fans out there in Buffydom. I said pretty much not. She also says she's not sure she has room to like Faith, because she's still mourning Kendra. I assured her that Faith does get cooler and more complex with time.

Speaking of, my gosh, Faith is such an uncomplicated little thing this early in the show! She's friendless and watcherless and from a rough past, but she's basically pro-Buffy: watch her totally scare off that girl Scott was dancing with, just because he'd broken up with Buffy and it made Faith mad. Which is kind of sweet, really. Girl just wants a friend.

2. It's time for [ profile] plot_wout_porn again! Only not really, because the deadline is in August. But if you're feeling plotty, hey, here's your chance...

3. Just saw Avatar, and I couldn't help but think of [ profile] angearia's bodyswap/genderswap ficathon. Although, I suppose the Avatar style of things has more in common with transformation (werewolf, etc) than with bodyswap proper? Hmm.
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Yes. Have reached these eps with the housemate, who persists in having excellent taste with regards to most everything except for being completely immune to the appeal of Xander/Cordy. Alas.

Killed by Death is growing on me. The first time I saw it I went, eh, MotW ep. But the relevant monster is much more effectively monsterish than most Buffyverse monsters - as I told the housemate, it's one of the the few times Joss and co. went for the all-out horror element. It also has the fabulous Willow moment of win: "Frogs! Frogs everywhere! Get them off!" And the equally fabulous Xander white knight moment. Plus, it's just a great episode for Buffy herself - even down with an awful fever and stuck in a place she hates, she's still the Slayer, still worried about other people. I love the drawing the little boy sends her at the end.

Meanwhile, I Only Have Eyes for You continues to give me shivers. Folks, if ever I cared about the Bangel ship, it'd be because of this episode. All the pain and hurt and complexity - just amazing, and amazingly written. To me, "Becoming" is about Buffy, but this episode is about the two of them. This is the Bangel episode of the series.

Someday, if I ever have more time and more brain, I'd love to talk about all the ways this episode rocks. But as movie!Aragorn says, it is not this day.
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Oz! Aw, Oz. "I mock you wiz my monkey pants." *snuggles Oz*

I surely have noticed this before, but when Kendra says her Watcher sees signs of a great evil rising in Sunnydale, turns out Drusilla ain't the problem. It's just gonna take a few more eps to see it.

Housemate: "So, is there a whole subgenre [of fanfiction] about just Kendra?" And I had to tell her, alas, no. Alas, because Kendra is mildly awesome.

Still love the Spike/Dru in this episode. Love love love it. Also, I finally spotted those bruises on her arms that the shooting scripts talked about (as evidence of her weakened state) but which I'd never actually seen before.

Am still annoyed that Dru was in fact healed without Angel actually dying. If we're going to be dodgy with our ritual details, couldn't we at least point it out in classic BtVS fashion? *grump*

S1 rewatch

Nov. 25th, 2009 08:16 pm
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As previously mentioned, I got the housemate hooked on Buffy, via S4. We're now going back to the beginning and watching S1.

* Principal Flutie! Aw, Principal Flutie. Although I love to hate Snyder, I wouldn't have minded at all if we'd gotten a bit more Flutie first. Also, his death quite unnerved the housemate. She turned to me and said, "So, the only people I should get attached to are Buffy, Willow, Giles, and Xander, because I know they'll be around for a while." And I said, yep, pretty much.

* "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date": Wow, the writers really harked back to Owen when they developed Riley, didn't they? Tall and blond, thinks Buffy's a mystery, gets a kick out of danger and death-defying.

* "The Pack" was definitely the first really effective ep of the series, I'd say. Lots of emphasis on character dynamics and psychological creepiness, and very little on the mechanics of the thing. Plus, Nicky Brendon is darn good as a total jerk. I'd forgotten that.

* "Angel" gets less effective every time I watch it. OTOH, Angel pushing Buffy's buttons looks a whole lot like Angelus pushing Buffy's buttons. Could definitely see some of Angelus's creepy cheeriness in this ep.

* "I Robot, You Jane": still one of the stupidest eps ever. OTOH, yay Jenny Calendar (and nascent Jenny/Giles), yay the "We're doomed" closing speech (even this early, Whedon already knew how to end an ep), and yay this: "To read makes our speaking English good."
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1. Coming soon to a Xander/Anya fluff fic near you: was just rewatching "Goodbye Iowa" and noticed that when the girls are in bed in Xander's basement watching cartoons, Anya's nightie is Xander's orange-and-white long-sleeve tee from "Something Blue." *points to icon* Details, details - I love my show.

2. Was rewatching "Goodbye Iowa" because I've been introducing the housemate to BtVS, starting with "The Initiative" (which actually works pretty okay as a starting point, turns out). Except, by the end of "Goodbye Iowa" she announced decided that she was ready to watch the whole show from the beginning. Win! (She complained that everyone keeps worrying about Spike being evil, but she hasn't seen him be evil yet - "just cranky." Hee.)

3. Icon contest poll still not up yet, because I had no Internet the last two days. Tonight or tomorrow, probably.

4. Speaking of which, I'm gone for two days and y'all just pile on the luscious fic goodies! The potentially fascinating meta! Plus Classic Recs Weekend at [ profile] buffyversetop5 and the fruits of [ profile] shapinglight's Darla ficathon. Where was all this wealth on Saturday, when I was bored and looking for things to read? And how am I supposed to catch up now? *pouts*


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