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This is apparently the recs post of ficlets about people not Spuffy. I don't think Spike appears once in these fics. I ask you, what's the world coming to?

Much Buffyverse fic goodness this way! )

Recs #15

Jun. 7th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Much Spuffy and one Wes-and-Faith thing. In particular, much Spuffy by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni or from [ profile] sb_fag_ends or both, which between them are the sources for something like 75% of all the Buffyverse fic I've read recently.

Also, a note: it occurred to me that it's weird for me as a mod over at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy to single out particular fics from the comm, but I urge all you Spuffy-inclined folk to check out the masterlist of our last session, if you haven't already. There's some excellent stuff there, as usual.

Let's put this out there first, so it doesn't get lost in with the Spuffy:
A Witness to See the Mess I've Made, by [ profile] ever_neutral
Faith, Wes; mid-Ats S4
This is a lovely fill-in-the-blanks fic of Faith's time with Wes as they try to stop the LA apocalypse. The voices are excellent all the way through, and it adds up to quite a satisfying character study.

Take Five, Everybody, by [personal profile] stultiloquentia
Spike/Buffy; post-NFA; NC-17
So much fic about this ship assumes that they enjoy a transcendent, glorious sex life, for which, if they (and by 'they' we mean 'Buffy') have any brains at all, they shuck friendships, responsibilities, and innermost convictions. Bleah. This, on the other hand, is about a relationship that may finally be coming together into something workable and also about the awkward sex that comes with. Wonderful for the voices and the awkwardness, emotional and physical, that feels real instead of fantastic.

This Wanton World-verse, by Eurydice
Spike/Buffy; AU; NC-17
The single most imaginative thing Eurydice has done, IMO, this is a joyous remixing of Buffyverse elements. Buffy's the Slayer, Ethan Rayne is her keeper and de facto watcher, the Slayer line's gone wonky, and Spike is a vamp hired by the Council to fix it. One dead Slayer, coming up. This gets pretty dark in places, but watching all the different elements come together is worth it.

Green Card 'verse, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Spike/Buffy; AU S4
In which the Initiative is much scarier, Spike's chip is much more useful to our heroes, and Buffy marries him to protect him from the folks who want him back. The premise is pure crack, but B_m_B is doing wonders with it so far. I love the quiet, awkward fledgling friendship that's developing between Spike and Buffy and how it's trying hard to be something more besides both their efforts. Also, it has them being civil to one another, which it turns out is a favorite thing of mine. (I know you are all shocked.)

Everything Would Be What It Wasn't, by [ profile] smells_corrupt
Spike/Buffy; early-season AU
The world is falling to pieces, and our heroes need allies, even if the ally is Spike, who's only around to keep an eye on his newly-ensoulled girlfriend. These are the bare sketchings of a truly fascinating premise, and chock-full of our favorite secondary characters as well. I only wish there was more of it.

For a Certain Value of Real, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Spike/Buffy; post-NFA
When Buffy finally finds Spike after the big battle, he can tell she isn't alive. But, it turns out, neither is she dead. This is one of the weirder Spuffy premises I've ever seen and beautifully executed.
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This recs post is half things-from-last-year-I-can't-believe-I-haven't-recced-yet (rediscovered when I was putting together my [ profile] buffyversetop5 posts), half older finds, and one brand-spanking-new fic that hasn't gotten nearly enough love yet. Also a pretty even split between the Spuffy stuff and the other stuff.

Teh Spuffy

Fin Amour, by [ profile] angearia
AU S5; Spike/Buffy
Not the first Buffy-is-pregnant-with-the-Key fic I've read but almost certainly my favorite, this has occasionally humorous, eventually gorgeous Spuffy stuff going on in it, plus a three-hankie angst warning. Really lovely and on my list of Favoritest Babyfics Ever.

Let Nothing You Dismay, by [ profile] constance_b
S5; Spike/Buffy
In this old-school fic, Buffy gets nabbed by Initiative-type bad guys, and it's up to Spike and Dawn to save her. Too bad Spike has to get his chip out to do it, and too bad he doesn't have snowball's chance of getting her to trust him. Weird to say, but my favorite bit here is the epilogue, which I think I've read at least twice as many times as I've read the rest of the fic.

I, Robot, by [ profile] calove
S5; Spike/Buffy
Another classic that I somehow missed. Giles and the Scoobies order a Spikebot for Buffy for training purposes. Surprisingly, this results in much less porn than one would expect and many more sweet character moments of Buffy and Spike, together and separate. (Also: Spikebot/Buffybot, the match made in Warren's basement. The hijinks they could get up to, if only Spikebot were anatomically correct!)

Apologies: A Dialogue, by [ profile] willowgreen
post-series; Spike/Buffy
By magical means unspecified, Spike and Buffy are made to actually talk out all the things they're sorry for. The author apologizes for the meta nature of the fic, but honestly, I love seeing these two get all their issues out in the open. Basically a sweet, lovely fic despite the subject matter.

Obstacles, by [ profile] shapinglight
post-series; Spike/Buffy
An oldie-but-goodie that I read long ago and have been cogitating on all this time. In a happy Spuffy future, Buffy's sudden loss of her powers throws huge tension into her life and her relationship with Spike. Despite the Spuffy nature, what's stuck with me most strongly about this fic is how Buffy comes to terms and deals with her, ah, handicap. It's one of the first fics that started me on the path to understanding the hero that is Buffy Summers.


The Other Stuff

Taking Care of Business, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
post-NFA; Faith, Wesley, Illyria
After it all, Faith comes to clean up some loose ends at W&H, specifically Wesley, who appears to be alive when he's supposed to be dead. Some great lines, some lovely character interaction, a beheading or two, a conclusion that fits perfectly even when you wish it didn't.

Courting Sin, by [ profile] leni_ba
S2 AU; Buffy/Angelus
I'm really only interested in Buffy/Angel in S2, and then only because of the way it subverts any number of romantic and horror tropes. Buffy/Angel happily ever after does nothing for me. However, I seem to have a weakness for twisted dark manipulative Buffy/Angelus, of which I'd be unaware were it not for this fic. Claustrophobic and brooding, with a narrative style that skates on the edge of traditional, this is a really impressive example of the sort of thing it is. Highly recommended for those who think they might like that sort of thing.

Battlefield of the Gods, by [ profile] bobthemole
post-series AU; Glory, Illyria
Two old acquaintances of the multi-dimensional pantheon get together for coffee. Humor and Glory!pwnage ensues, as it should. Delightful.

Wide and Starry Sky, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Rulesverse; Wes/Illyria
A companion piece to the Rulesverse Spuffy babyfic Winds Blowing Chill, this is about Wes and Illyria working towards something that might possibly be a relationship, and I think it's the fic that started me shipping them in the first place. Plus it's got Illyria leaving a message on an answering machine, which is difficult to beat for sheer fabulousness.

Silence Speaks, by [ profile] knifeedgefic
pre-series; Dru
The beginning of what the author says will be an ongoing series of Dru-centered ficlets, these first few are fascinating and chewy, with some very sharply written imagery. I'm always interested in fic about Dru, and these are very satisfying indeed.
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Short short character study pieces here, some longer shippy angst, and something very silly.

Triplicate, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
A brief, chilling, sympathetic, entirely believable character study of Willow post-series. Not to be missed.

Reckless, by [ profile] angearia
Another of Emmie's forays into Faith/Giles, this is the first one with explicitly shippy action in it, as well as a tour through Faith's head that'll just break your heart. A lovely piece.

Something, by [ profile] gryfndor_godess
Absolutely gorgeous Spuffy suggestion of how things might have turned out post-S7 if Spike hadn't burned to death in "Chosen," but also very clever in subverting certain standard fannish expectations. Just excellently written. SEVERE ANGST WARNING.

Grauidus, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
Lauren wrote happy fluffy established-relationship Spuffy mpreg! Awww. With possibility of more! I may be a wee bit biased about this one, folks. But: characterization is sympathetic yet clear-eyed, as usual with Lauren, and explicit mpreg details are few, for those of you who shy away from such. This is in the same fic universe as Infinitas Infinitio Infinitus, which is also lovely, but you can read this just fine without reading that.

Morning is Broken, by [ profile] beer_good_foamy
And now for the very silly. One morning in S7, Dawn discovers beer bear in the fridge (good thing Spike wasn't living with them yet, eh?). It gets worse from there. Sort of a Jasper Fforde crossover, if you squint.
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Brand-new Spuffy! Old Anya/Xander! Somewhat recent Faith/Giles! And more.

First, the fic that I just discovered and which you must all read immediately:
mercy me (the night is long), by [ profile] websofseaweed
Angelus is loose again, so Buffy goes looking to LA looking for him and finds Spike. This is not primarily a Spuffy reunion fic, but that's definitely a major element of it. First and foremost, though, this is Buffy grieving both the many people she's lost and all her past relationships. The characters - Buffy, Willow, Angelus, Spike - are all exactly themselves, and every word rings painfully, beautifully true.

A Few Things Anya Knows, by [ profile] nwhepcat
AU post-"The Gift"
I will never run out of Hep fics to rec, it seems, because she's written such a wide variety of things. Here, in drabbles, is another way the end of S5 might have gone, details left to the reader. The emphasis on a broken Xander, a pregnant Anya (her voice pitch-perfect), and how they get each other through.

Hope is the Thing with Feathers, by [ profile] mediumrawr
Giles calls Faith and asks her to come to England. She does. Lovely bit of pre-shippiness (or so I choose to read it) about two lonely people being less lonely together.

They Also Serve, by [ profile] rahirah
Of all Barb's brief [ profile] schmoop_bingo responses, this is perhaps my favorite: Sunnydale and Spike/Buffy from the perspective of a waitress at the local diner. These sorts of outsider views are always fun, and this ranks with the best of them.

Blood Runs Thin, by [ profile] kcarolj65
Rather than returning to Sunnydale, newly souled Spike gets sent by newly ascended Cordelia to LA to help get Angel out of that coffin. This is technically a WIP, but the first sixteen chapters do a decent job of reaching some emotional closure, if not plot closure. And it is gorgeous! Beautifully written, beautifully characterized, and exquisite soul-angst for those of us who like that sort of thing.

Impossible, by Bitterness
This is the plotty, ensemble-cast souled-Spuffy prophecy-baby longfic that I've always wanted. The gang's all here, everyone you could want (except maybe Cordelia), all as big as life. The Spuffy reunion and rebuilding is slow and cautious and occasionally fraught, but beautiful. The Buffy|Dawn relationship is wonderful, too. There's fun plot stuff and serious plot stuff. Even the actual pregnancy developments are handled gracefully and with aplomb.
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I know, I know, I just did one of these. Y'all don't mind, do you? Anyway, this one's mostly full of short pieces, as I haven't spent much time trawling lately.

Songs of Experience, by [ profile] noelia_g
Post-everything: Giles, Illyria, libraries, grief. I've having trouble coming up with a summary that does this justice, so: go read.

Moving On, by [ profile] jedibuttercup
Post-NFA. Another find on the hunt for Illyria fic. Every year, on the anniversary of Wesley's death, Illyria returns to the hall of Vail. Grief and moving on, and delicious little hints of Illyria learning to cope in our dimension. Lovely.

Hot Rocks, by [ profile] ljs
In an AU S7, Giles and Spike are off looking for a stone to help defeat the First. Lori's beloved Giles/Anya is here peeking in around the corners, but primarily this is about Giles and Spike hunting a magic rock and coming marginally closer to an understanding. Beautifully characterized, both the banter and the almost-poignant moments.

That White Rush, by [ profile] girlpire
One morning, Angel begins to grow wings. Fred thinks this is pretty cool. Honestly, Angel/Fred? Soooo not my pairing. But I've been looking for wingfic for a long darned time, just to see the appeal, and this is snappily written and quite amusing.

Feast and Famine, by [ profile] mabus101
Buffy character study, via food. A rather heartbreaking fanwank of SMG's weight loss over the course of the show. Now I want to take Buffy home and let her eat as much as she wants.

Sea Change, by [ profile] mabus101
This may be the coolest bit of Dawn-is-the-key fic I've seen in a long time, partly because it's so hopeful, a break in the clouds of oppressive Buffyverse pessimism. So short, and yet so good.

Better Late than Never, by [ profile] cindergal
Yay, this aptly-titled WIP is finally done! This is mid-S5 Spuffy, which nearly always makes me happy, and it's sweet and hopeful and very quietly romantic. Plus: time travel! And Ripper! What more need I say?
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Come Crashing Down, by [ profile] deird1
post-"The Gift"
You love canon AU's that take a big step sideways? You have a thing for post-apocalyptic goodness (/badness)? You're in the mood to have your heart ripped out and stomped on in only 1500 words? This is so the fic for you. Sparingly worded yet rich with implications. Beware character death and angst like an elegant anvil.

Kindred Spirits, by [ profile] nwhepcat
I keep calling this epic the Dawn/Ethan fic, and yeah, there's definitely intimacy and sexiness and magic. However, it's much more a fic about Dawn, her origins, and her future than about her relationship with Ethan. Hep takes the ill-fitting pieces of the Buffyverse worldbuilding and builds something much richer and stranger out of them.

To Apprehend Air, by [ profile] quinara
post-"Lies My Parents Told Me"
I seem to have a thing for fics that explore Spike losing his soul after he's gotten it, and I think this is my favorite yet. Ramifications are explored, rich S7 Spuffy interaction is had, Anya shines, and meanwhile the crew explores Arashmaharr and storms a castle. It's a romp, but with introspection! (I was going to say 'with soul-searching,' but I refrained.)

Traditional Love Stories, by [ profile] tashlae
A breezy, self-aware review of the Spike/Buffy relationship that's almost as much about us Spuffyites as it is about the ship itself. Even though I knew the story, the expression was always just one step left of what I expected. Delightful.

Recs #9

Apr. 2nd, 2010 12:09 pm
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This ended up being the late-season Spike/Buffy/Spuffy recs list. It’s all S6 or later, all involving either Spike or Buffy or both and accompanied variously by Dawn, Tara, Oz, Illyria, Faith, and Nikki Wood.


Old Year's Eve, by [ profile] st_salieri
Dawn makes a discovery about Spike and Buffy and another discovery about herself. This is Dawn-growing-up fic, beautifully written and with the sense of weight and melancholy growing up brings.

untitled Valentine’s Day vignette thingy by [ profile] theohara
Tara stumbles across Spike in the greeting card aisle, just before Valentine’s Day. Cue quiet companionship and sharing of respective relationship woes. One of those pieces I reread when I want to cry.


Take the Heat, by Estepheia
Sometime before S7, Oz spots Spike in a crowd. What comes next is one of those moments of unexpected grace that never fail to move me. Plus, yanno: Oz!

Nothing Special, by [ profile] deird1
Brief, quiet Buffy-and-Dawn sisterly fluff snuck in during the S7 chaos. I think I love this partly just because I love their sister relationship so much, and there isn’t near enough fic about it.

Microwave Meals (Quick, Easy, and Sometimes Satisfying, by [ profile] quinara
And more S7 fluff, this time of the Spuffy variety. If I ever come around to liking S7 Spuffy, it’ll be because of folks on the flist like Quin and fics like this. Quiet, gentle, funny, hopeful.

Wayward, by Devil Piglet
Nikki Wood shows up at the house on Revello; Spike is tasked with taking care of her. Long and mildly plotty and heavily angsty. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this fic around before and was positive it wouldn’t work, but lo! it does, at least for me.


Winds Blowing Chill, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Rulesverse Buffy starts thinking about babies, but in the Rulesverse there are no quick fixes for the vampire reproduction problem, which leads to one of the more emotionally complex pieces of Spuffy babyfic I’ve ever read. Also: excellent Buffy voice.

Angels in the Architecture, by [ profile] only_passenger
This is the closest I’ve ever seen to the long, character-study style genfic of Buffy&Faith post-Chosen that I keep wanting. They have such a fascinating dynamic and so many issues, and this explores a few of them.

The Last Fingers of Leaf, by [ profile] quinara
Buffy and Illyria. A dragon. Pizza. Combined, they’re an unexpected pleasure as the two find commonalities that I’d never have thought of. Poignant and elegantly written.

Life in the Present Tense, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
A long, delicious series of vignettes of Buffy, Spike, and Dawn living in Rome. Lirazel describes this as self-indulgent Spuffy fluff, but yanno, sometimes that’s just what a person wants. Rich and gorgeous and hopeful.

Recs #8

Dec. 18th, 2009 04:29 pm
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I am freeeeeee! One more (paid) dinner tonight, and I am on two glorious weeks of vacation. Today is a good day to be in education.

In celebration, I bring you recs.

In Peace, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
circa "Spiral"; Spike, Buffy, Dawn
Slayer and vampire find a few moments between the chaos to ponder one very important little sister. Despite the Spike/Buffy interaction, this is much less about them than it is about Buffy and Dawn, their sibling relationship, and the huge burden Buffy feels to protect Dawn. Quiet, understated, and gorgeous. I wish there were much, much more fic that explored Buffy and Dawn as lovingly as this one does. (Er, disclaimer: this fic was written for me, so I may be a weeee bit biased. I don't really think so, though.)

In the Living Season, by Jen.
post-S5; Spike and Scoobies
Okay, so you know about me and bite-size fic, right? And about me and emotional understatement? And about me and Spike, especially gennish Spike interaction with other folks? Then you could probably guess how much I love love love this drabble series about Spike and the Scoobies during the Long Sad Summer. Jen's language is careful and spare and exactly right and whoa, heartbreaking, and her characterization is pretty much perfect.

The Hero of the Piece, by [ profile] rahirah
Barbverse AU; Spike/Buffy, OC's
So Barbverse!Spike -- who's his badass, unsouled self and in a long-term relationship with Buffy -- wakes up one morning with amnesia. Who would Spike be if he didn’t know who he was? Barb uses the amnesia trope to explore this question in a very satisfying way. Spike’s attempts to understand himself and others’ perceptions of him are fascinating stuff.

A Girl Made From Sky, by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Crossover with Gaiman's Sandman comics; Dawn and the Cheeseman
Suppose the Cheeseman was one of Dream's minions. And suppose, in between ministering to the dreams of Wisconsin dairy farmers, he grew rather fond of Dawn. You'd think this would be cracky, but it's not; instead, it's sweet and a little bit sad, and makes wonderful sense of the Cheeseman as a character in his own right.

Readers, by [ profile] tesla321
post-series; Faith/Giles
Yay, I bring you new Faith/Giles! Hurrah! This is brief but beautifully written, starting with Faith's meditation on books and what she could have been were things different, and leading to some mutual Faith/Giles comfort in the wake of NFA. Basically: Faith/Giles h/c sex with bonus character study.

Dreamchain, by [ profile] erimthar
S5; Scoobies, almost-OC's; WIP (with steady progress - 5/7 parts posted)
Vampire plague is about to, er, plague Sunnydale, and the Scoobies are on the case -- as are the Korean Slayer of 1933 and her gumshoe sidekick Sid. I've recced [ profile] erimthar before for her fabulous character voices, which I think may be even better here. However, what I love most about this fic are Sid and Cho, whom I'd happily read whole fics about. Barbara Stanwyck glamour and the Slayer burden, plus Sid "cracking wise": what's not to like?

ETA: Falling into Shadow, by [ profile] deird1
pre-series; OC's
It started with a conversation about what the Council would do if a handicapped Slayer was called, and ended with this lovely character study of an OC Slayer and her Watcher. Catherine is courageous and wise beyond her years and yet very much a young girl, and despite all those qualities comes across as an entirely real person - a hero I'd like to meet. Deird has taken a troubling what-if scenario and made it human, and somehow hopeful despite the tragedy in it.
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It’s been quite a while since I last did a recs post, mostly because I haven’t gotten the chance to read as much lately, but just recently I've run across enough really excellent fics that they just demanded a post.

A Slayer in Camelot, by [ profile] lears_daughter
BtVS post-S5; Merlin spoilers through late S1
Buffy’s fall through the portal landed her in Camelot, where she meets a man who looks very much like Giles. I only know Merlin secondhand, via the flist, but I still enjoyed this crossover quite a lot. There are lots of great Buffy-esque moments, including pitch-perfect first and last lines, and the Buffy/Uther romance-that-wasn’t is understated and almost sweet.

From Nothing to Something in 50 Sentences, by [ profile] empressvesica
Another fic found in my search for Faith/Giles, this really is a romance in 50 sentences. The structure allows for a long, slow construction of the relationship, which works really well for these two scarred characters that are both so armored against emotional intimacy.

Vigil in Accustomed Places, by [ profile] djinn_fic
Spoilers through 5.16 “The Body”
A character study of Joyce, waiting many a time for her daughter/warrior/baby girl to come home. Brief, spare, with some lovely insights.

When Violet Eyes are Smiling, by [ profile] rebcake
vague spoilers through the end of BtVS
A girl from the future with fuchsia hoverboots comes to set Joyce Summers straight about some things. This was written in response to a discussion of Mary Sues, and manages to be entirely tongue-in-cheek and yet feel genuine at the same time. But mostly: funny. Because [ profile] rebcake always brings the funny.

Scarlet and Midnight - [ profile] penny_lane_42
So I have a thing for Buffy and Spike meeting up during the summer post-S2 (in shippy context or not). I have a serious thing for post-apocalyptic scenarios. And I like hurt/comfort fic. All of which means that of all the beautifully-written, insightfully-characterized fic in [ profile] penny_lane_42’s oeuvre, Scarlet and Midnight almost has to be my favorite. The prose is excellent, too, although, as I told the author the other day, I get too caught up by the gorgeous character interactions to notice it.

Ouroboros and Three Nights Spent in Bed, by [ profile] st_salieri
You guys may have picked up by now that babyfic/pregnancyfic is a major guilty pleasure of mine. These two intertwined Spike/Buffy fics, however, have no guilt at all associated with them. They’re exactly how I like my babyfic: quiet, down-to-earth, unromanticized yet full of wonder at the marvel of new life, and beautifully characterized.

Restoration, by [ profile] msclawdia
Usually I’m not much for shanshu!Spike fics. His vampirism is so integral a part of the character that I can’t help but see the ‘reward’ of being human as a kind of diminishment. I told [ profile] rebcake some of this and she pointed me to Restoration, which chronicles Spike’s (now William’s) post-NFA transformation from ex-vampire to a whole person. It’s a quiet, reflective fic with a lovely sweet gradual Buffy/William romance thrown in as well.

Gifts, by [ profile] green_maia
And, another shanshu!Spike fic, this one the first of a whole ‘verse of fics (full index here) dealing with Spike, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, and the post-Chosen world. “Gifts” is all Spike and Spike&Dawn - which combination always makes me happy - and is both elegiac and hopeful. Maia’s take on the contrast between Spike and shanshu!Spike is an interesting one, and her ideas about the differences between them make more sense to me than almost any other soul/soulless discussion I’ve seen.
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Hurray, new recs! As usual, not all new, but all good. No longfics this time; I'm not sure what's up with that.

Faith/Giles series, by [ profile] sahiya
comics canon
After I read No Future For You, the S8 trade volume in which Faith and Giles team up, I said, “Where’s all the Faith/Giles fic?” And thanks to [ profile] antennapedia, I found these, which were just what I wanted. Florence Fucking Nightingale, in particular, is a wonderful study of Faith and of their developing relationship. All three are beautifully written, and do a lovely job balancing between Faith’s tentative trust and all the history weighing her down. Only minimally dependent on comics canon.

Precious Cargo, by [ profile] aadler
A gorgeous character study of pretty much everyone in S7, via the item each chooses to send away for safekeeping. Funny, poignant, and sometimes just breathtakingly sad.

Intervention Spaiku! by [ profile] mere_ubu
5.18 “Intervention”
Mere has really outdone herself this time, with 1275 syllables (that’s 75 stanzas) of crunchy Spaiku goodness. Clever, witty, insightful, and oh so deliciously worded. I really can’t say enough about these; they are fabulous.

I Don’t Know Where I’ll Be Tonight, But I’ll Always Tell You Where I Am, by [ profile] spuffyduds
I’ve recced the heck out of this author already, but here’s one more. While on a road trip to see the world and maybe find herself, Faith starts writing Wesley postcards. This is a sweet, understated, hopeful bit of shippiness, and if I ever managed to write shippy fic myself, I’d want it to look something like this.

kid!verse, by [ profile] margarks and others
Ats S3 (ish)
If the very idea of kid!Xander and kid!Spike being friends makes you just keel over with cute, then this drabble series is for you. Otherwise, possibly not.

Pretty much everything [ profile] deird1 has written
[ profile] deird1 is another one those authors whose stuff is so good that you might as well just read all of it, of which there’s quite a lot because she’s been stunningly prolific her first while in fandom. The thing I love about her work - mostly under 5k words, mostly gen - is how conceptually interesting it is. See, for example, the adorable Small Spaces, in which most of Wesley’s memories of Dawn from S3 involve her hiding under the table. Then read the much longer sequel Waiting Game, which takes that idea someplace deeper and more poignant. Try Whitehat, an entire fic about Nancy, the girl who got one scene in “The Wish” in S3. Or, for my especial favorite, read Dial N for Nancy-Boy, a perfectly characterized drabble series (I adore drabble series) of phone calls from Spike to Angel (I also adore non-slashy Spike and Angel interaction), S4-S7. Now complete with DVD commentary!
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A general note on recs: since I’ve been in the fandom less than a year, I regularly discover old fic that I want to squee about. So, there’s no guarantee of anything here being new, just good.

Culture Vultures, by Yahtzee
Oz, Willow, Faith, and an OFC go to a museum, and craziness ensues. I've read stuff by Yahtzee before and even recced some of it, and I've always found it thoughtful and smoothly told, but this is the story of hers I've fallen in love with. Much as I warmed up to Tara there at the end, if I had an OTP, it'd be Oz/Willow. Here they are, sort of, maybe picking up the threads of old romance while Willow tries to figure out who she dares to be. Plus: Faith!

The Scourge Does Titipu, by [ profile] rebcake
Pretty much what it says on the tin: post-play, the Fanged Four quote Gilbert&Sullivan (some of which is, as Rebcake points out, remarkably Jossian in tone and subject matter). Rebcake has been writing elegant little historical ficlets for a while now, but this is my favorite for the clever use of the referenced material, the perfect voices and the fun character interaction on an evening when all four vamps are in equitable moods.

Dawning, by [ profile] goldenusagi
Spoilers through 4.8 "Pangs"
You guys know I'm a sucker for Spike and Dawn together, right? This series of ficlets chronicles their encounters up through mid-S4, and is on my very short list of "fics that might as well be canon." Brief, sparingly told, with exactly the right amounts of skepticism and covert curiosity on both sides.

The Last Hurrah of the Golden... Handshake? by [ profile] speakr2customrs
Spoilers through Angel NFA
This drabble is for irate copyeditors everywhere, and is possibly also my favorite AU ending to "Not Fade Away." And did I mention it’s funny?

Many Happy Returns, by [ profile] erimthar
A ficlet that illustrates the Xander and Buffy friendship more clearly than almost anything else I've seen in fic. Brief, quiet, poignant, darkly humorous, and with brilliant Xander-voice.

In League With Serpents and, by WeyrWolfen
Vague spoilers through 6.17 "Hell's Bells"
Spike wins a smalled winged serpent in a poker game, and she proceeds to turn his life upside down. WeyrWolfen is fast becoming one of my favorite authors of plotty, sweet, romantic Spike/Buffy adventure stories. She confidently builds stories around the new supernatural elements she introduces to the Buffyverse milieu and manages the trick of making those new elements intriguing in their own right, while also peppering her fics with sparkling bits of character insight and nice turns of phrase. Plus, I love her Spike, who's struggling and befuddled and well-intentioned despite his best efforts. This story and sequel are my favorites so far, but Cycle of Rebirths, about Buffy and Spike's link to a long-dead Japanese Slayer and her husband, is also fun, plus it has the fabulous, completely Spike- and Buffy-free sort-of sequel Wash Cycle, which has one of the best, funniest original demon characters I've ever read. Also recommended is To Ride a Pale Horse, the mid-Ats S5 zombie apocalypse WIP, which she’s writing with AtheneWolfe.
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I come bearing recs! Losing DSL will severely limit my fic reading, so this'll probably be the last recs post for quite a while.

Gunpowder Tea, by [ profile] antennapedia
Spoilers through 3.9 "The Wish" (sort of)
After a new Slayer is called, Wesley goes to Cleveland to put the old one to rest--except she's less dead than he expected. I have a bit of a yen for Buffy/Wesley, although I'm not quite sure why; I'd blame it on Minim Calibre's "Absolution" except that there the ship was neither long-term nor particularly functional, which is what I usually like in my ships. Regardless, this is a lovely, more hopeful look at the possibilities, nominally set in the Wishverse although it could as easily be in a cracky world of the author's own devising (and considering Buffy's end in "The Wish," I think I prefer the latter option).

Roses, by [ profile] antennapedia
Spoilers through 6.17 "Hell's Bells"
And another one by this author that I'd heard of but never managed to actually read much of before. She writes wonderfully smooth, evocative prose and describes just enough explicit emotion. I suspect I'll be reading a bunch more of her stuff, but for now I'll just recommend what I have read. This is Giles/Anya in a sweet and very plausible what-if scenario just after the Wedding that Wasn't.

Baby Blue, by anaross
Just when Spike and Buffy finally start working things out, Illyria brings Spike a baby and tells him it's his. I gather that anaross is one of the 'classic' Spuffy authors, and rightly so: this is wonderfully written, with lots of little touches of characterization and plenty of empathy. It also harks back to classical mythology with one of the neatest bits of Buffyverse worldbuilding I've seen in a while, and a particular passage in it now has me wishing for some good Spike/Illyria fic.

Sideways, by [ profile] goldenusagi - WIP
Spoilers for, um, characters? *scratches head*
This regularly updated WIP falls somewhere between a canon AU, where the story diverges from some identifiable point in canon, and a "fantasy" (or all-human) AU, where there just so happen to be characters that bear some physical resemblance to the vampires and Slayer we know and love. All the canon mythology and most of the characters are here, in flamboyant new combinations. This is Spike/Buffy first and foremost, so smoothly written and with such confident remixing of the elements that I don't really mind its rather more traditional than canon approach to its good-girl/bad-boy romance.

Man's Best Friend, by [ profile] tkp - WIP
Angel post-NFA
After it's over, the survivors (Angel, Spike, Illyria, and Nina) pick up the pieces. Also, Angel gets a dog. This fic uses the titular canine to spark a long character study of Angel and the Angel-Spike relationship. By turns hilarious and poignant in its pitch-perfect characterization of all parties. On long hiatus and possibly abandoned, but it hardly matters: this is journey-not-destination fic.

drabbles by [ profile] spuffyduds
You know how last time I recced everything [ profile] spuffyduds had ever written? I completely failed to realize that she'd written drabbles! Lots and lots of drabbles, and in her hands a drabble is like a chocolate-covered espresso bean: crunchy, sweet and sharp by turns, and packing a lot more punch than you'd expect in something so small. A few to get you started: Changed (which makes an S5 connection I'd always wondered about), In Season Six, Buffy Breaks... (what it says on the tin), and We Could Call It Clem! Or Maybe Not (a post-NFA thing which has nothing whatsoever to do with Clem).

Crushed Spaiku, by [ profile] mere_ubu
Spoilers through 5.14 "Crush"
"Crush," in haiku. No, seriously. And they're good haiku. How is it that even in seventeen-syllable bites, Spike still manages to break my heart? Mere has also written a bunch of other Spike-centric haiku, including a great sum-up of the apology scene in "Triangle."

The Spikeid, by [ profile] quinara
Epic poetry in Spike-voice. What's not to love? I think the first stanza might be the best.

Breaking Dawn, by [ profile] joe_sweden
post-NFA (vaguely)
Now for some fluff: In a rosy Spuffy future, Spike and Dawn talk Twilight.
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No categories this time, just good fic all over.

  • Daemons Luminati, by Kalima
    Spoilers through S6 "As You Were"
    Brilliant. In my top five best Buffyfics ever. How can I even say how many ways I love this fic? It drips characterization. It's beautifully and lyrically written. It's painful and broken like everything in S6 was, and yet it gives me a hopeful Spike/Buffy that I can believe in. It's not perfect - it's not always clear what's happened or even whether or not I'm supposed to know yet, and after reading it three times (because it's worth it!) I'm still not quite sure I get the metaphysics. Still, if I could write imperfection like this...

  • Alternative Lifestyle, by A.C. Chapin
    Spoilers though sometime mid-S3
    This fic is cracked out in so many directions at once, I don't even know how to describe it. Suffice to say that this is Ripper/Annie in a harsher, sharper-edged Buffyverse, it's beautifully written, and it's not nearly long enough.

  • You Think She’s an Open Book (but you don’t know which page to turn to), by [ profile] spuffyduds
    Angel post-NFA
    Lorne is an administrator in Hell, sort of, greeting a group of refugees from the home dimension - including one little girl who sings a familiar song. I don't want to give away any more, but oh so sad. I gather that this is somehow related to the Angel: After the Fall comics, but I haven't read them and I had no trouble with it.

    And, like [ profile] selenak last time, you might as well go read everything else [ profile] spuffyduds has written, because it all rocks. I already recced "Bit Players" and "I'm Not Supposed to Be Like This," but there's lots of other good stuff. And I Will Therefore Fix It is a really fantastic revisit of Willow's "Restless," mid-"Bargaining," full of allusions and S6 foreshadowing. Blood Calls to Blood is a totally canon-friendly 'tween-seasons BtVS/Ats crossover in which Wesley and Connor go to crazy!Spike looking for help in finding Angel. If you haven't had your S6 Spuffy heartbreak yet this week, check out the last segment (NC-17) of Five Ways Buffy Summers Didn't Die (the other segments are good, too). Mostly gen, none terribly long, all full of wonderful characterization and tidbits of spot-on humor. Go forth and read!

  • Corpus et Sanguis, by Trekker
    Spoilers through S5 "The Gift"; NC-17
    This would be the "Ethan Rayne knocks up Giles" Giles/Willow fic. That is, it's the one with really excellent characterization, the one that handles it premise seriously and with aplomb, the one that made me wonder why Giles/Willow never seemed an obvious pairing before, the one that managed to win me over despite Willow cheating on Tara. Seriously, if the premise doesn't totally squick you out, give this a try.

  • Alas, Poor William. I Knew Him Well, by [ profile] ruuger
    No spoilers
    Relatively harmless, absolutely hilarious pre-series Spike/Dru hijinks. "It's a watermelon," Spike said, as if putting it into words might change the fact. It didn't. "A watermelon," he repeated, just in case.

  • Gay Me Up, by Caia
    Spoilers through S7 "First Date"
    "Spike takes Xander at his word." Starts out hilarious and turns thoughtful. As the author says, "No homosexuals were harmed in the making of this fic."

    And hey, this is another of those authors prone to bite-sized fics with awesome characterization (apparently the buzzword of this post). Caia has a definite Spike/Buffy bent (see The Unmasking for possibly my favorite completed Ats S5 Spuffy reunion fic; or Tekubi for maybe my favorite such WIP, in which Spike's arms aren't returned to him post-"Damage") but it's by no means always a happy bent - see La Meilleure Revanche for next week's bit of S6 Spuffy heartbreak. Good stuff all around.
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Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else, but didn't deserve to be shunted down to the bottom

After the Fall, by ElenaB
1. Two Ravens - Xander
2. Les Noyades - Spike
3. Book of Days - Anya
4. Mea Maxima Culpa - Giles
5. Little Mouse Sounds - Tara
6. Case #9323 - Dawn
7. Ingression - Willow
Spoilers through the end of S5
Ensemble fics dealing with the aftermath of "The Gift" are a dime a dozen, and I tend to read a lot of them because I like ensemble fics (and fics that pry Spike away from Buffy, even for just a little while). For my money, this is the best of the lot. They're are not only written really well, they're a prime example of the the amazing things that can happen when you play with POV - ElenaB gets more and more experimental as she goes. The character voices are right-on, the emotion understated yet nearly overwhelming, the dialogue slantwise and indirect and realistic.

The Xander, Spike, and Dawn pieces are my favorites (though beware the heavy pre-slash overtones), but the Giles piece is also an interesting take, and I wish the show had done something with Tara a little more like what her piece here does. This is some of the best fic I've read in the fandom, full stop.

Five in One, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S5 "Why We Fight," kind of
Selena gives us Spike from some new perspectives and reminds us that he is not a fluffy bunny. IMO, everyone who writes Spike needs to read this or something like it once in a while.

And while you're reading this, you might as well read everything else Selena has written in the Buffyverse, even if the description doesn't sound like something you'd be interested in, because it's all good. Try Five Things That Never Happened to Warren, for example (and then read the DVD commentary that goes with it). Or try First Sights, Last Sights, a heartbreaking summary of Buffy/Spike from the perspective of a nonshipper. Read the Darla fics I'm reccing below. And then, when you're done with those, go wander her blog and find the fantastic essays, like this, which is the best deconstruction of "Restless" I've ever seen.

Absolution, Part I, Part II, by Minim Calibre
AU post Buffy late S6, Angel late S3
A one night stand. A baby. Fifteen years later, a Slayer. This is one of those oddball pieces that I might not have liked as well as I did except it was so far away from anything else I'd seen. But I did like it, so there. In particular, I very much like the idea of AU Willow growing up to be a Watcher. Also of interest is Anchored, which is an alternate POV of (mostly) the same events, though with an alternate ending.

Perfect World, by cousinjean
AU post S6
Halfrek, ever-helpful vengeance demon, tricks drunken Spike into making a wish - and you thought Cordy's wish-world was bad... I complain a lot about sappy Buffy/Spike stories, but this isn't one of them. Cousinjean skillfully balances plottiness and emotional depth. Her premises are creative, her writing smooth, and she integrates canon material in clever and unexpected ways. This is the best of her pieces, IMO, and also one of my favorite "Spike comes back with his soul" stories.

Nothing to Say, by WesleysGirl
Spoilers through S5 "The Gift"
Spike and Giles on the road, with no place to go. I mentioned before that I had a soft spot for post-apocalyptic stuff. This ficlet is a quiet, desolate piece.

Only Game in Town, by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Ats post-series
Another post-apoc ficlet: after the end of the world, Spike plays cards. Also desolate, and with a last line that gut punches you with the irony.

Bit Players, by [ profile] spuffyduds
Spoilers through S2 "Halloween"
Even though Harmony went to Ethan's shop looking for a "high class hooker" costume, this is really more about the extreme geekitude than it is about the (R-rated) sex. Look, a Jonathan!

Rearview, by [ profile] etothey
Crossover with Bones; Spoilers through all of Angel
Remember I was looking for Bones/Angel crossovers a while back? This is the best of them. [ profile] etothey is one of those folks that was already a writer before she tried her hand at fanfic, and I'd adore everything she's written if we didn't have such divergent tastes - she's a mostly Angel, mostly Angel kind of gal. If that's your thing, you should try the rest of her stuff. I did quite enjoy her post-NFA MarySuefic, Hell is Other People's Dishes.

I love Spike as a character, but for a stable, longterm relationship I always thought Riley was Buffy's best bet (before the writers threw him to some vamps and then stuck him on a helicopter, I mean). Yet it's darned difficult to find fic about him. Here's some.

Another Quiet War, by Marina Frants
Spoilers through S4
After "Restless," Riley goes home to Iowa to get his head straight, but you know what they say about going home again. Frants is the only fic author I've found who only writes Riley, and she does it really well. This piece is my favorite, but see also her fascinating take on the history between Riley and Maggie Walsh, Hazy Shade of Winter, as well as a bit of fluff about Riley and Buffy on an actual happy date (except for the flat tires and the mud) called Some Enchanted Evening.

Home From the Great Escape, by Cynthia Liskow
Spoilers through early S6 "Gone"; Jossed by "As You Were"
Clean, Riley comes back to Sunnydale to take care of unfinished business, which almost finishes him. Better than I've made it sound, honest. The Spike portrayal is appropriate and rather terrifying, if you're a Spike fan.

One Last Call, by ?
A ficlet. Long after, Spike and Riley are friends.

And heck, while I'm talking about Riley:
The Quality of Mercy, by Yahtzee
Spoilers through Buffy S5 "Crush," Angel S2 "Epiphany"
"Just as Angel's putting his life back together, Riley shows up, falling apart."

I loathed her in Buffy and then I saw her in Angel and... didn't hate her anymore. In fact, all three of my completed Buffyfics are about Darla. Here are some others, all of the non-shippy variety.

The Haunting, Hunted Kind, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S4
At odd moments Darla keeps getting visits from a ghost of the future. This is the single-best thing I've seen from Darla's POV. Poignant, even though I don't like Connor and haven't seen S4.

Her Fault, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S2
So the crew has just gotten back from Pylea when Cordelia gets a vision to go rescue... Darla. No way she's going to bother Angel with this, so she troops off alone, and gets into difficulties, of course. And maybe realizes some things. Have I mentioned I love unlikely allies stories? And enemies-who-have-to-talk-to-each-other-stories?

Plus a few more Darla pieces: Melymbrosia's ficlet Maternity is just a brief meditation by Darla, on the titular topic. Christina Kamnikar's Expectations is a longer piece on the same theme. Finally, [ profile] spuffyduds's I'm Not Supposed To Be Like This has Darla, in desperation, going to Spike for help.

Buffy, in Any Other Form
Marina Frants' The Geekado explains how S4 was really written. Doubtless I'd appreciate this more if I were actually familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan, but it's pretty funny anyway.

In [ profile] londonkds's The Tragedy of Buffy, Slayer of Sunnydale, the Trio has summoned a demon that has everyone talking in iambic pentameter (except for the clown, of course).

Linda R. Barlow's A Midsummer's Nightmare is even more explicit about its Shakespearean roots. It's unfinished, but the first scene is the best, anyway. If she weren't trying to fit it into early S7 chronology, I'd have said Darla would have been the perfect Titania...

I hate it when people rec works in progress and then don't say they're works in progress. Well, these are works in progress and all but one of them will probably remain so forever, and for one reason or another they're each so good that I'm recommending them to you anyway.

Base Elements, by limber
AU post-S6
Two years after Spike leaves, Dawn spots him in NH and eventually drags him back across the country to Sunnydale via road trip. There's more - this was meant to be a large-scale Buffy/Spike story - but those first twelve chapters practically stand alone and they're the best part, anyway. Then again, I'm a total sucker for Spike+Dawn+(road trip).

The Waiting Season and Waking the Dead (NC-17), by Annie Sewell-Jennings
AU post-S6
"The Waiting Season" is finished and Waking the Dead is not, and together they are the single best attempt I've seen to deal realistically with all the broken relationships at the end of season 6. The bits with Willow and with Anya are especially strong.

Seven Years in a Desert, by Caro ([ profile] spikewriter)
AU post-S6 (I'm noticing a trend here...)
I'm having trouble articulating just what it is about this author's approach that I like so much. For one thing, although Seven Years in a Desert is unabashedly Buffy/Spike, it comes the closest to anything I've seen of developing Spike into his own person, separate from Buffy. For another, Caro takes a much warmer, more humane (for lack of a better word) approach to the characters; in her fic, the Buffyverse is simply not quite so dire a place as Joss Whedon thinks it is, even though it retains all the Sturm und Drang he put there. Her perspective reminds me, oh so vaguely, of the feeling I get from reading Bujold.

The story switches between 2003, when souled Spike is tentatively renewing his relationship with Buffy, and 2009, when Buffy is about to get married to some other guy and Spike is in London working for the Watchers' Council. Unfortunately, the finished chapters haven't quite reached the big blowups that are obviously coming in both timelines; fortunately, this is the one WIP that I think might actually get finished. Caro has posted an additional five chapters to her LJ, the most recent less than a year ago, so there is hope! And while you're visiting her LJ you should check out all her other bits and pieces - there's a lot of humor in the ficlets that didn't make it into the novel.

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The Lilac City, by [ profile] nwhepcat
Spoilers for all of BtvS
Well written, plotty, novel-length fic about Xander's slow healing process five years post-"Chosen." The narrative voice is sure-handed with no fluff, and the character interactions and voices are spot-on. Plus, Faith! I love the regional detail - it's set near my childhood stomping grounds, and it fills me with all kind of squee to think of Xander Harris wandering through them.

Shadow Though It Be, by [ profile] penwiper26
Spoilers for all of BtvS
30-chapter fic in which a young itinerant ex-academic from our universe stumbles into season 5 of Buffy. The author calls her a Mary Sue character, but if more Mary Sues were so articulate, so witty, and so humanly flawed there'd be far fewer objections to them. Everyone else is wonderfully written, too - I think this author has ruined me for flat Giles depictions. Plus, fun meta and lots of literary humor!

She's written plenty more in the same universe here as well as some neat standalone pieces such as "Shoe Money Tonight", in which the core four play some poker post-"Chosen."

"All Wrong", by Herself
AU post-"Smashed"; NC-17
I said I didn't read smut, but if I were to admit to reading it, this is what I'd point to (although I'd also, if pressed, admit to skipping the smutty parts). "All Wrong" is the first piece in an ongoing story over several hundred thousand words and thirty years. Beautifully written, this is for you if you have any hope at all for Buffy/soulless-Spike.

"The Valorous Vampire: An Examination of Souled Vampires, Fatal Attraction to the Slayer, and Roles in the Fight of Good vs. Evil, By Lydia M. Sothesby," by Gwyneth Rhys
Spoilers through early S7
The Watcher who wrote her dissertation on William the Bloody has written another paper. This is half a fannish summation of the whole vampires-and-souls issue, half the squeeing of an academic with perhaps a more than professional interest in her subject.

"'Ships that Pass into Type", by HonorH
No spoilers
The Buffy crew reads fanfic. Yay, meta!

"In The Same Boat, by Mad Poetess
No spoilers; Firefly crossover.
After Spike's rescued by Serenity as salvage, of course it's River who's not afraid of him. Great voices all around, and sort of sweet.

"THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE CRACKING MOSH TOAD (fragor beelzebufo), by A.C.E. Jenkins" (yes, really) by [ profile] lordshiva
Crossover with Dr. Who (10th Doctor), spoilers through the end of the second season; spoilers for Buffy through late season 6.
As described by the author: "Anya has a business plan. The Doctor executes a hostile takeover." Perfect, yes, perfect voices. Bittersweet yet funny, as it should be.

"Splinter", by Yahtzee and Rheanna
Angel fic with spoilers through the end of season 2.
On their way back from Pylea, Team Angel hits a snag. A more pitiable and nuanced exploration of the "Angel goes bad" idea than was ever explored in the show.


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