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Big exciting news: Valerio Schiti is (permanently?) taking over art duties on Mighty Avengers, replacing Greg Land, as noted in the February solicits. Given that Land is kind of terrible, that writer Al Ewing has been doing such good stuff with the book that I've kept reading it anyway, and that Schiti is one of my very favorite artists presently working on comics, you can imagine my feelings about this. (Hint: they are big. And there are lots of them.)

I foresee a Valerio Schiti appreciation post sometime soon, since I've been meaning to do something like that anyway - a baby comics enthusiast's attempt to explain why something works so well for her. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Paul at House to Astonish has a great review of Fantomex MAX #1-2, and while he apparently didn't hate #1 as much as I did, he explains clearly and in depth how #2 went so very, very wrong.
snickfic: Sif scowling while swinging sword (Sif)
Some newish things I have been reading. I'm saving the back issues reviews for another post.

Before I get to the books, though, sirdef on Tumblr has made a bunch of wonderful wallpapers from Journey into Mystery featuring Sif, and they happen to exactly fit the resolution on my laptop. I'm using the top one as my desktop right now. So pretty.

Pretty Deadly #1 )

Journey into Mystery vol. 2: Seeds of Destruction )

Fantomex MAX #2 )

Mighty Avengers #3 )


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