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Which is to say, please oh please don't make any comments here about upcoming episodes or about recent episodes unless you know I've seen them. Like, not even "YAY" or "That sucked" or "But SAM'S HAIR." (Okay, that's a lie. Sam's hair is always fair game.)

Also, fair warning, if you talk spoilery stuff about shows I haven't seen yet and want to, I'll probably use the tag filters to filter out your posts on those shows. Don't worry, I still like you!

In other news, apparently our cable company did some sort of "network enhancement" for which we were supposed to buy new equipment of some kind, which means I am not watching the SPN premiere right now. I'm in the process of rectifying this sad lack of new SPN in my life, but in the meantime I'm kind of just sitting here on the couch wibbling. :(
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Yeah, forget about that. I'm leaving them open on LJ as well until, well, I change my mind again.
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Is there a handy chart that tells which DW base layouts support custom friends colors? That is, you can choose two colors for each friend and those colors appear with each post on your flist made by that friend. Or, does anyone know of particular layouts that do? Crossroads does, and that's what I'm using now, but it actually switches the inside/outside color, and also I don't like it for other reasons - it feels like it takes up too much space.

Suggestions? Pointers to handy links?
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I know, my flist, you did not sign on for this SPN extravaganza. Sorry. But there will be Spuffy fic in a couple of weeks, I promise!


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