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For the first time ever, the main action in this season is Not About Us (and by ‘us,’ I mean Sam-and-Dean). We are action-adjacent. Peculiarly, this results in lots of plot. VERY MUCH PLOT. Thus, if you are trying to follow all the plot, you end up having to watch nearly all the episodes. For this reason, there is new, season-specific info in the fiddly details section.

There are conflicting opinions on how well all this plot melds together. OTOH, it’s the first time in the series that paying attention to fiddly plot details offers any kind of potential payoff, which is a novelty I rather enjoyed.

Aside from the external plot, though, there is some truly fascinating stuff going on with Sam for the first half of the season. I kid you not: if you’ve totally given up on this show or only ever had a desultory interest in the first place, the first half of this season is still worth watching for Sam alone.

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AKA the second half of the apocalypse. Even more than last season, our season arc bleeds into everything else, so there are even more plot-relevant episodes than last time. Lots of good Cas stuff, some pretty good Sam stuff and Dean stuff and Sam-and-Dean stuff.

Also, you might have noticed that in the first installment of this guide, I was aiming for minimalism and objectivity. Yeah, we're over that idea. This guide: totally, gloriously subjective, especially in the additional notes portion. However, there's still actual informative information as well, at least in theory.

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S4 is when the game changes. Up until now our drama has been largely personal and our worldbuilding reveals fairly gradual. Hah. NOT ANY MORE. MOW episodes become less frequent as more and more of our time is taken up with the Apocalyptic Arc of Doooooom.

Might that choice of icon somehow be representative of this season? Indeed it might. This season belongs to Sam. After three seasons of Dean partisanship, this is the season I fell in love with the other Winchester brother.

What's more, this is the season in which we finally meet that Castiel person everyone's been telling you about.

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S3 is an unfortunate season of Supernatural. The writers' strike took a chunk out of the middle, and when filming finally started again, the writers didn't have enough episodes left for the plot they'd planned on, which left the end feeling rushed. On top of that, a lot of the season just isn't very good – with, however, some notable exceptions.

Like last season, I'm listing all the episodes and why you might or might not want to watch each one.

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The purpose of this guide is to point to the best episodes of Supernatural and also the ones necessary for understanding the big plot and character arcs so as to sucker as many new people as possible into watching this frequently fabulous show.

The basics: Since they were kids, brothers Dean and Sam Winchester have been traveling around the country with their father John fighting ghosts and monsters. A few years ago Sam left the family to go to college at Stanford (the traitor!). John and Dean have kept hunting, but now John's gone missing and Dean asks Sam to help find him. Cue a seasons-long road trip, spooks of all kinds, occasional crack (more so in the later seasons), and pretty boys angsting a lot.

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And there we are! I'll see about getting some more seasons up in the next couple of days.


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