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A merry Christmas and joyful holiday season (or midwinter vacation) to all on my flist!

The Yuletide archive is open, and I've spent part of my morning reading delicious things. Ideally I will read a bunch more and make more recs before authors are revealed next week, but it's going to be a busy next few days for me, and I wanted to make sure to get these recs in.

recs for Downton Abbey, Revenge, and Sunshine (by Robin McKinley) )

Also, I did indeed finish a treatfic. I highly doubt anyone will ferret it out from among the 2700 other fics, but if you do guess, there's a ficlet in it for you. :)


Feb. 11th, 2012 09:10 am
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Based solely on the recruitment power of this vid that [ profile] molly_may recced, I started watching Revenge.

I've seen two eps so far, and I am enjoying it a lot. It feels like it's been a while since I've been so immediately engaged with the characters and the plot from the pilot forward - not since Downton Abbey, anyway. I'm not sure that it's good, exactly, but it's got scheming and Woman With Plans and nerdy (yet ridiculously wealthy) BFF and lots of very pretty people. In terms of people pretending to be other people, it is much more to my taste than Ringer (which I seem to have given up on).

Eventually Emily Thorne, heiress to billions returned high society to take revenge on the people who betrayed her father, is going to need some more layers than just ruthlessness, competence, and a gorgeous chilling smirk, but right now those things are plenty.

Her buddy Nolan is wonderful; from his first moment on-screen (wearing this), I knew I was going to probably going to love him. (To be fair, he's clearly pretty fabulous in the vid, too.)

Madeleine Stowe is great, too, as the "reigning queen of the Hamptons." I think I've only ever seen her in Twelve Monkeys, but was always rather fond of her in it (which reminds me I'm due a rewatch).

I will definitely be watching more.


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