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I find I haven't had much to say since Thanksgiving. I've been reading a lot (real books!) and finishing up end-of-quarter things for school, and otherwise being quiet.

1. I've watched the last couple of SPN eps, but haven't mustered up the energy to post about them. I have mid-season fatigue, I think. This always happens to me, and is a big reason why I don't usually watch TV as it airs. Waiting week-to-week tires me out.

However, [ profile] feliciakw posted the other day about something Dean-related from the next ep promo that she was excited about. The thing in question was behind a cut. Y'all know me and my zero tolerance policy for spoilers, but I was feeling a little worn out on the show and thought, okay, fine, give me something to be excited about.

And lo! This does make me feel better. I am now enthused, y'all. :D

2. Speaking of being worn out, I watched the 2.02 of The Vampire Diaries last night, and then I said, "This is too much drama. I cannot deal with this much drama." So I went and got started on Avatar: The Last Airbender again instead. (I'm now through 3.05. The next ep is titled "The Avatar and the Fire Lord," which also sounded like too much drama, so that was the end of last night's TV.)

3. Needless to say, I am not caught up on Ringer.
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Spoilers through 1.07 Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them

'Stupid' still seems to be the operative word for this show )

It's brain cavity, y'all, tooth-rotting corn syrupy badness of the worst kind. And I'm kind of hooked now.
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I'm midway through 1.5 A Whole New Kind of Bitch. I was overcome by the soapy soapiness and had to pause.

There are no deep thoughts here, folks )

And now for a comment on the preview of 'the mid-season finale' of The Vampire Diaries )

One of these days, I will surely end up watching TVD, if only because it seems like my entire flist already is. Also because clips suggest I might hate Ian Somerhalder marginally less as a blood-sucking fiend than as Boone, the most annoying pretty boy to ever be stranded on a desert island.


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