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I love love loved the first season of Veronica Mars; I did basically nothing else that week but go to work, sleep, and watch TV. Mind-bogglingly good. And then I watched just enough of S2 to ascertain that that was indeed Logan on Veronica's doorstep.

But yanno, I think that's all I needed. I'm satisfied. I don't see how the series could possibly go anywhere but down, and the word is that that's more or less what happens (despite the exciting guest stars). And also, buried under the brilliant sparkling exterior of the show is a world of pain so deep I'm still recovering. I don't know that I'll be up to coping with more of it for a long time yet.
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Snagged from [ profile] selenak and [ profile] kathyh

Your main fandom of the year? It's still all about BtVS for me.

Your favourite film watched this year? Shoot. I don't keep track of movies the way I do other things. Um, Toy Story 3 was Pixar being brilliant as usual. Also I rediscovered my love for the old Disney cartoon Robin Hood, which is wonderful fun.

Your favourite book read this year? A toss-up here between one/all of Megan Whalen Turner's Eugenides books (I GET IT NOW, YOU GUYS) and Sunshine by Robin McKinley, which despite some shaky worldbuilding was pretty much everything I never knew I wanted in a vampire novel.

Your favourite album or song to listen to this year? If I had to pick one favorite new thing, it'd probably be "Comfort Eagle," by Cake - which is hilarious, because it is sooo not representative of my tastes. But I love it.

Your favourite TV show of the year? Again, I am undecided. I adored the first episode of Sherlock but then felt resoundingly meh about the other two; does that even count? And I devoured the first season of Veronica Mars like a mad, mad thing (seriously, I did pretty much nothing else that week), but can't get up the energy for season 2. Eh.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year? I actually read a fair few stories for Sherlock fandom (mostly because of [ profile] ladyofthelog and her enabling recs lists), so I guess we'll say that.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Season 8. Not that my expectations were high for the comics themselves, but they've made my corner of fandom sad.

Your TV boyfriend of the year? Nobody new. I caught a few episodes of Chuck, though, and ohmygoodness he is still the nicest guy on TV. I want him, please.

Your TV girlfriend of the year? Um. Um? Well, Dawn Summers is still my girl and this year has only made me love her more, so we'll say Dawn.

Your biggest squee moment of the year? About half the scenes in "A Study in Pink": John shooting at the end; Lestrade's "brilliant man / good man" line, which suggested so much yummy potential; pretty much every bit of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman being absolutely perfect. Yeah.

The most missed of your old fandoms? [ profile] eowyn_315 and I reminisced about seaQuest DSV quite a bit. I was never fannishly involved, but it was my first TV love.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? If I end up liking Avatar: The Last Airbender half as much I think I might, then I'm definitely going hunting for the fic that people on the flist have been writing - [ profile] stultiloquentia comes to mind. It's a show that's totally different from BtVS, but looks to me like it might have some of the same flexibility. We shall see.
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I watched Hot Dogs last night. Three eps to go in S1, and for your entertainment (and my claim-staking) here be my thoughts )

However, a lot of this speculation hinges not on facts known within the story, but on my previous experience with mysteries. Would a suspect put forward two thirds of the way through the narrative actually turn out to be the culprit? It depends on what you read/watch. VM is a very smart show, and if it turns out to be manipulating all my mystery-reader expectations for its own dramatic ends, I will be in no way surprised.
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So I just finished with 1.18 Weapons of Class Destruction (kissage! Heroic masculine lurking and glaring! And hello there, JTT). I'm still feeling pretty in the dark about Lilly's murder. So, simple yes/no is fine: is the mystery solved at the end of S1? 'Cuz if not, I need to adjust my expectations a bit.

(Also: Alyson Hannigan as Trina Echolls? Totally distracting. All I could see was Willow in one of her bratty phases.)
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I had three plans this weekend: do work-related mathy things, knit, and watch much TV. I succeeded.

Thoughts on VM S1 - first third )
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Y'all, based solely on the pilot, I think I might love this show. Veronica is bright and socially acute and steely despite an angsty past and so darn cute. (Possibly too darn cute, but we'll let that slide for now.)

And Wallace! Can we keep Wallace? Can I keep Wallace?

And her dad's great. I love their relationship so far.

What I want to know is: how has she survived in this town so long when she has such a smart-alecky way of getting everyone mad at her?


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