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Title: Goodnight Bears
Author: [ profile] snickfic
Artist: [ profile] scarletscarlet
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairings / Characters: Genevieve/Jared
Word Count / Rating: 5200 words / PG-13
Contents / Warnings: underage kissing and naked cuddling, but no other sexual activity; mentions of mpreg; mentions of weight gain for hibernation purposes
Summary: Winter is coming in, Genevieve's first in a new clan where she's the future mate of werebear boy she's known only a few months. She's finding it harder than she expected, learning to live among these new bears. She can't go home, she doesn't know how to stay here, and worst of all, she doesn't know how to talk to anyone about it - not even Jared.

A/N: This is a sequel to Won't You Be My Teddy Bear (5000 words), which you may want to read first. The entire Bears of the Cave Clan 'verse may be found at AO3. For a quick rundown of the people appearing in this fic, see the handy cheat sheet.

Be sure and visit [ profile] scarletscarlet's ART MASTERPOST to view all these lovely pieces (plus a bonus piece!) in their natural habitat and tell Scarlet what lovely, lovely work she did. I could not have wished for niftier art or a better collaborator. <3

Special thanks to [ profile] scarletscarlet for her gorgeous artwork (I could not have wished for niftier art or a better collaborator), to [ profile] gryfndor_godess for her beta, and the mods at [ profile] genteensybang for running this challenge for us.

Fic banner: human Gen and bear Jared in the woods, text 'Goodnight Bears, fic by snickfic, art by scarletscarlet'

The air began to nip, the larches turned golden, and the bear clan of Pad prepared for its last open-air feast of the year. )


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