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I like Forrest. He had ten times the personality Graham had and though he didn't get near the development Riley did, he was much more colorful a character (no pun intended). The guy had attitude. He was kind of a jerk, yes, and at least a smidge mysogynistic, but I think he could have been really interesting if the writers had had the time and inclination to develop him further. Frankly, he'd have made a lot more sense saying Graham's lines in S5 than Graham did. And IMO, his end in S4 was one of the more wasteful deaths in the Buffyverse, just because it accomplished so little.

He's fairly significant in [ profile] eowyn_315's fic Closure and there's a Forrest/Riley story nominated in the latest round of the Fang Fetish awards, but other than that I can't even think of any other fic I've seen that paid much attention to him. There should be some.

Date: 2009-02-20 09:32 pm (UTC)
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Forrest was an interesting character. I actually wonder if Riley might have been better off in S5 if Forrest had been around to be buddies with. I rather like Graham, too, though, just because he is a walking stereotypical army guy trying to pass as a frat boy.

Although I'd say Maggie Walsh's death in S4 was the most wasteful death in the Buffyverse. She had so much potential as the Big Bad.

Date: 2009-02-21 04:53 am (UTC)
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Very true. I think they were trying to have Forrest's death be like the "death of a family member bringing the stray son home" thing for Riley (After all, Forrest often called Riley "brother", the family metaphor was used extensively throughout S4, and Adam also referred to Riley as "brother"). However, by that point, that particular thematic arc of family had broken down (thanks to the loss of Mother) so it wasn't near as effective as they were probably hoping it would be.

So, yeah. Agreed. Very wasteful death.


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