Apr. 24th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] gabrielleabelle recently asked, what's your dream fic?" - ie, the fic that you'd love to read but will never write because you don't write, or because you can't write that genre, or whatever.

And I don't think I have an answer yet, at least not quite like she's thinking of. But so far, my approach to most of my fic has been, "There should be a fic about X. And there isn't. Rats. Well, I guess I'll have to write it." That was definitely the case with Seraph - the premise had so much potential, I'd seen so few fics in the Buffyverse that did anything with it, and there was certainly no approach even remotely like what I wanted to read. So, I'm writing it. Yay. *g*

And there's other stuff like that, too. Again, I don't know if these quite count as dream fics - I certainly wouldn't want to stop reading fic just because I'd found them! But they're fics I would dearly love to see and rather suspect I might end up writing someday, just in self-defense.

1. A really thorough exploration of Spike's soul, post-"Grave," that takes a stab at weaving the tangle of Buffyverse metaphysics into something coherent while also integrating the rich tradition of Christian thought and symbolism that the show appropriated from but never acknowledged.

2. A Spike&Darla romp sometime in early S5/Ats S2, with human Darla and grumpily lovestruck Spike. Something plotty, probably a road-trip type thing, either consistent with canon or not too disruptive of it, with plenty of angsting and snark and some untintentional insights on both sides about their respective situations.

3. A fic, probably early S6, in which Dawn demands to know what really happened during all those 'memories' she has, and a bit of mojo allows her to find out, probably with Buffy along for the ride. A kindred spirit to It's a Wonderful Life, but hopefully with a twisting of the trope so it doesn't feel like a repeat. Also, lots of Dawn/Buffy sisterly bonding. This is one of those high-concept things that I think would have made an awesome ep of the show - I'm bummed they never did anything like it.

ETA: 4. A BtVS/Narnia crossover, probably post-Chosen and between The Silver Chair and The Last Battle, in which Dawn and Jill Pole meet, compare notes, and have an adventure or two. I dunno why, but it seems to me that these two youngest girls of their respective adventuring teams would have a lot to say to each other. And there'd probably need to be an Aslan appearance.
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1. Okay, the guy Ted? Still creeps me the heck out. Yikes. Props to John Ritter (RIP), because he had my skin crawling from the very first scene, again. It occurs to me that with the faux-wholesomeness and corny moralizing, he was kind of a Mayor-prototype, although much skeezier.

I still think the robot thing was a ripoff, but even given that he was a robot, thinking she'd killed a human should have had some long-term effects on Buffy. *sigh* Okay, old complaint, moving on.

And also, the Stepford-powder seemed irrelevent and unnecessary. It'd have been more interesting without it.

2. Y'know, I have issues with how Kendra was written - that line "That's me favorite shirt. That's me only shirt!" makes me cringe every time - but there were some really cool moments between her and Buffy, and I'm sorry she got killed off. Even though we got Faith out of the deal. Kendra's is another one of those wasteful deaths in the Buffyverse that seemed to serve no useful purpose except as plot devices.

Is there any Kendra fic out there longer than a drabble?

3. Lyle Gorch has got to be one of the stupidest recurring characters to ever appear on the show. Even if he did only show up twice.

4. Xander/Cordy makes me giggle. It's still my favorite ship for either character.

5. And Oz/Willow. Oh, Oz/Willow! "I mock you wiz my monkey pants." *swoon* (Okay, yes, I have weird swooning triggers. Be quiet.)

6. I love how, in "What's My Line," there's the Angelus/Dru foreshadowing, and Spike not liking it but putting up with it because, after all, it's supposed to be temporary.

7. Also, random note: as of "Bad Eggs," we're still pronouncing it AN-gel-us. But we switch the emphasis to the second syllable sometime this season, right? I haven't been just hallucinating an-GEL-us all this time, have I? *suffers sudden paralyzing self-doubt*


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