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So, hockey is a thing I read now. Also a thing I watch. [ profile] ghostyouknow27 and I have plans to watch the Caps/Pens game Monday night and chat at each other about it. ([personal profile] flamebyrd, you were not wrong.) Two weeks ago, everything I knew about hockey I had learned from The Mighty Ducks and sequels; now I know... somewhat more, which maybe I will tell you about sometime if you are interested.

But in the meantime, FIC. All of these are at least nominally non-AU, in the sense that the characters still play hockey, but then there might also be soulbonding or a green card marriage or a ficus plant. Fidelity to actual observed RL personalities is loose at best, with a strong but questionably accurate trend towards space toaster Sidney Crosby and imperturbable sweetheart Geno Malkin. Since that is a combination I find appealing, I am not much fussed about accuracy. :D

NB that many of these are locked for AO3 users only, so be sure you sign in first.

AU-ish Sidney Crosby/Geno Malkin - the fandom's second most popular pairing (and also the best)
Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing by [ profile] thefourthvine
AKA the Fic That Started It All. This is soulbond trope subversion fic, in which Sidney Crosby has a through-the-roof telepathic sensitivity rating and resulting zero social skills, and Geno has a rare null rating and can therefore never soulbond with anyone ever. I totally fell in love with this Geno, who's sweet and sad for good reason and whose pining is less Sid-specific than it is the generalized loneliness of a permanent singleton in a world composed entirely of pairs. I cried a lot towards the end. And then I went to go read everything else with Geno I could find. If this doesn't convince you of the joys potential in this fandom, then there may be no hope.

King and Lionheart by [ profile] thehoyden
Arranged marriage fic! In which Geno wants a marriage offer to secure his place in the States and on the team, and Sidney agrees For Hockey, and also because he's lonely. Cue a lovely long slow burn of people getting to know each other across a language barrier via a house they share and a sport they both love.

The Only Thing We Fear by [ profile] woahwoah
This is a short one and I think the only completely AU fic on the list, but I can't not rec it, because it's a Cabin in the Woods fusion with Sid and Geno as monsters - except Sid can't see what there is about him that's monstrous. I thought the answer to that particular question was a bit of a let down, but the fic's still pretty great.

Welcome Home by [ profile] oflights
Time Traveler's Wife AU, where Geno first visits Sid when Sid is seven years old. I felt like this fell down a bit in the last third - compensation, maybe, for giving this a happy ending versus the unhappy ending of the fused canon - but I really enjoyed the first two thirds, with the magical realism of it and the uneven relationship dynamic as Geno meets Sid for the first time when Sid's known Geno most of his life.

Stranger in This Lonely Town by [ profile] iBear
In which Geno never comes to the States, so when the 2012 lockout happens, Sid goes to him instead. A neat what-if AU, kind of melancholy, yet sweet and hopeful.

less AU-ish Sidney/Geno
Hanging With the Unloved Kids by [ profile] ChibiRHM
In which Sidney Crosby is gay and pines a lot and spends a lot of time breaking his life as a way of dealing with said pining. This is a common theme in hockey RPF - by which I mean the fics are ALL pining, ALL of them - but this is one of the longer ones and one of the classics, I believe.

My Siberia: A Russian Knitting Circle Story by [ profile] impertinence
And here's the self-destructive pining from Geno's side of things, in a story where virgin!Sidney asks Geno to teach him about sex.

This Must Be the Place by [ profile] thehoyden
A shorter piece about loss and bed sharing. Sweet.

we hid in catacombs by [ profile] oflights
An angsty, (very) nonlinear account of Sid and Geno's rocky relationship. It ends badly, so make sure you read the sequel, too.

Close to Water by [ profile] derryderrydown
This takes the non-communication thing that's so popular in this fandom and uses it to humorous effect while also poking fun at Canadians, possibly for something they don't even do. I was amused.

Never Hard to Find by [ profile] missmollyetc
AKA The One With the Ficus Plant. No, seriously. It's actually way angsty, like the characters are slogging through a swamp of angst all the time, too muddy-headed to even think, much less communicate. But I'm reccing it because of the ficus plant.

Dynamic Immersion Method by [ profile] Sharksdontsleep
Language kink, basically. Hot.

Academic Dishonesty by [ profile] iBear
This is a very silly fic. It presupposes that not only does Geno manage to earn an advanced degree long-distance while also playing pro hockey, but that he does it without any of his teammates noticing. Apparently no one ever said, "Hey Geno, why do you have stacks of journal articles scattered all around your airplane seat?" But if you get past that, this is a cute secret penpals fic where Sid thinks he's writing to a Russian academic but is actually writing to Geno.

Other Pairings
Six Times Jack Johnson Doesn't Come Out (And One Time He Does, by [ profile] boots
Sid/Jack Johnson, a bunch of snapshots of Sid and Jack's relationship over the years, starting when they were both Shattuck St. Mary's private school. Sweet.

Improving Border Relations by [ profile] AlchemyAlice
Sid/Julie Chu. A banter-y hook-up in the Olympic village. This is a much snarkier, more socially confident Sid than usually appears in Sid/Geno fic, and Julie's awfully fun. I chortled a lot.

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Right? It just sucks you in somehow. (I still don't regularly watch games, but I keep half an eye on the scores. Ahem.)

This is a great recs list. :D


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