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This has waited so long for me to have time to write it up that now I feel a little embarrassed to be posting it. It is SO LONG, you guys. But. Here there be goodies.

Women in the NHL
There's enough of it this time it gets its own category!

Culture Shock by [ profile] kitsune
Gen, 3k. AU in which all the goalies in the NHL are women, and it's taking a Russian rookie a little while to get used to this fact. I would read so much more in this 'verse.

I Don't Think You're Ready by [ profile] siegeofangels
Gen, 8k. In which Sidney Crosby is the only woman in the NHL. It's fascinating to think of of Sidney of all people in this role, since he already made such a huge splash coming into the NHL; if any woman was going to do what girl!Sidney has managed to do in this fic, it'd be someone with Crosby's skills. Anyway, GEN, which makes me ridiculously happy, because sometimes I want women-in-NHL fic that doesn't get sidelined by shippiness.

Des Plus Brillants Exploits by [ profile] twentysomething
Girl!Sid/Geno, 36k. If your heart has ever desired a fic where Sidney's a woman and Geno's her best friend who's trying to keep his pining under control and not always managing it, this is that fic. Very sweet. Some interesting stuff on the side about Sidney feeling out of place on the women's Olympics team, through no fault of theirs.

Like Other Girls by [ profile] BlackEyedGirl
Girl!Kaner/Tazer, 14k. This is just, IDK, pretty clear-eyed about some of the junk a woman in the NHL would deal with while also being totally and utterly adorable? I love Pat to bits and pieces here, and I would another 14k just about her weird, awkward relationship of mutual respect with girl!Sidney.

this boy is exhausted by [ profile] blinkiesays
Kaner/Tazer, 6k. In which Patrick Kane is one of the few boys in the NHL. I actually was just wishing for something with this premise, like, two months ago, and then like magic this appeared. An interesting thought experiment.

Night at Sea by [ profile] sharksdontsleep
Girl!Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak, 12k. I was really charmed by this, largely because of how much of a schlub Phil is. Like, if Nimona from the webcomic were a hockey player, she would be Phil Kessel in this fic.

I have now read most of the Sid/Geno that takes place in anything recognizably our universe, so, it's all AUs this time than usual.

Twice Told by anon
Sid/Geno, 4k. A kind of fairy tale about the rise of robots, as remembered by Evgeni Malkin, who fell in love with one. Sweet.

at its heart by [ profile] pollyrepeat
Sid/Geno, 2k. Star Wars AU. In which Sid is the Jedi Council's youngest knight, and one of its most famous. :DDDD, basically.

when i grow up (i wanna be a monster) by [ profile] commedhabitude
Sid/Geno, 8k. Firefly AU. In which Geno goes away to the Academy, and Sid stays behind and misses him. And then he goes to get him back. Angsty, but a neat approach to the fusion, I thought.

three hundred sandwiches by [ profile] cathedralhearts
Kane/Toews, 15k. In which Kaner starts making Jonny sandwiches for no reason he's willing to name, and then realizes his reasons are a heck of a lot more complicated than he imagined. Pining and food, basically, and also I want to put ingredients for a couple of these sandwiches on my grocery list. And I don't even like sandwiches.

Take You There by [ profile] hazel, [ profile] thisissirius, [ profile] ellievolia
Kane/Toews, 11k. After they both retire, Kaner shows up on Toews' doorstep and says he's getting he's divorced, so they go up to the lake and, eventually, pick up where the left off twenty years before. A sweet yet not overly sentimental futurefic.

Banned by [ profile] Vitula
Kane/Toews, 11k. Kaner plays for the Hawks, and Tazer mods his favorite hockey forum. Tazer maybe doesn't know what Kaner does for a living. I really liked this as a friendship fic, although I think I'd have been happier if it hadn't gone shippy at the end. Some nice angst over Tazer's lasting damage about not getting to go pro.

I've Got A Feeling (I Hope You're Feeling It Too) by [ profile] aohatsu
Kane/Toews, 15k. A/B/O + werewolves + high school AU. This is pining on an idtastic scale that speaks to my soul.

guilty dreams have no rhythm by [ profile] draftingletters
Kane/Toews, 17k, Inception fusion. Oh, gosh, this makes me so happy. It's probably a sign of my corruption by fandom that I liked this sooo much better than I liked the movie. (Or a sign that Nolan hasn't made anything interesting since The Prestige.) I found Inception sort of, I don't even know, structurally pretentious but ultimately hollow in theme and characters, but here the main relationship is about recovering and rebuilding, and the secondary relationships had a lot of teamwork and mutual respect in them, and there was no ill-will anywhere. It makes me so happy, you guys. Plus I really enjoy all the cameo appearances by Sid's forging team. :D

unnamed watersports fic by anon
Kane/Toews. *shifty eyes* If you like watersports, you want to read this fic. If you are interested in being convinced by watersports, you could do a lot worse than this fic. Hot hot hot. (Much more on the desperation/control end of things.)

Other Pairings
For the Record by [ profile] WeagleRock
Sid/Ovechkin, 6k. Sid was injured before he could go pro and is now the Caps' beat reporter who is sleeping with the Caps' star winger on the sly. Given the apparent antagonism between them, this is a remarkably sweet fic with equal parts angst and humor. It gives me a happy warm glowy feeling that may say more about me than the fic.

Face the Strange by [ profile] WeagleRock
Sid/Geno/Ovechkin, 4.5k. Sudden-onset a/b/o as body horror and social health epidemic, where Sid/Geno were in an established relationship until Sid turned omega and bonded with brand-new alpha!Ovie, and now they're a very uneasy threesome. Aaaaangst, delicious angst, with an ending that manages to be at least mildly hopeful.

What's the Use of Defense by [ profile] Vitula
Sid/Toews, 8k. After a one-night stand in Sochi, Jonny pines. I felt like this kind of lost steam towards the end, but I really liked the first two-thirds, for perhaps predictable reasons. I also liked his friendship with Pat.

& that necessary by [ profile] novembersmith
Carter/Richards, 6k. It's the zombie apocalypse, and Carts is stuck in Columbus waiting for Richie to show, because he promised, he promised. Nice use of the CBJ ensemble.

The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine by [ profile] rsadelle
Toews/Oshie, 5k. Jonny and TJ broke up after college, but now maybe Jonny's beginning to rethink that decision. Side of Kaner/Tazer friendship. Kaner was probably my fav part of the fic.

People Against Us by [ profile] sinsense
Sid/Jack Johnson, 9k. In which this Sidney kid Jack's heard about it too earnest and kind of awkward, but clearly really happy to be friends with Jack, and Jack can't really say no to that. AKA the high school non AU that follows them to the draft.

An Idiot's Guide to Online Dating by [ profile] speakingwosound
Kessel/Bozak, 21k. Phil's sister signs him for an online dating site, and much to his surprise, he finds someone he likes. When he finally works up the nerve to meet the guy, though, things don't go as well as he planned, and then angst. Another super-iddy one that makes me cry every time I reread.
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