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I was planning to save this until I at least worked all the way through my open tabs, and then I said, "Eh, screw that." So here are some recs. They are largely of the fluffy gen variety, because a) that's what I was hoping to find, and b) it seems to be 90% of what the fandom's writing so far. (The other 10% is porn, but alas, very little of it is good porn. Where's my xeno kink, fandom?!)

Rootsong by [ profile] inlovewithnight - Gamora, Groot
Summary: Groot needs more room to grow.
Really lovely little fic about Gamora feeling disconnected from the world by her crimes, and Groot giving her a gift of reconnection.

Prison Break #24 by [ profile] Zinnith - Rocket, ensemble
Summary: Rocket has twenty three successful prison breaks under his belt. This should be easy. Until it's not.
Rocket gets snagged and stuck in a cage, and the rest of the Guardians come to the rescue. There's already a fair dab of Rocket h/c in this fandom, but this was one of my favorites so far.

Let Me Grow Young by [ profile] Vera - Gamora, ensemble
Summary: Between heroic deeds and misadventures, Gamora accidentally does the things she missed out on in childhood.
Lovely longer post-movie exploration of the team being what each person needs, and particularly what Gamora needs. A lot of great lines and moments in this one.

The Four Times Peter Quill Regrets Having Friends (And the One Time He's Too Desperate to Care) by [ profile] orangecrow - Peter, ensemble
Summary: Learning to live with his new friends is an adjustment for Peter Quill, especially when he learns that they're all massive cockblocks.
Humor + attempted porn + actual porn. Poor Peter.

Go On Living by [ profile] thingswithwings - Gamora/Nebula
Summary: Playing a hunch, Gamora moves, shoving her body up against Nebula's, giving back the same hard pressure that Nebula is giving her. "Killing does not require privacy," she says. A simple fact, one they both know from long practice. "Fucking, on the other hand – "
This is the post-series complicated pseudo-incest hatesex fic you've been waiting for.

sticky fingers by [ profile] bullroars - Peter, ensemble
Summary: peter's not a kleptomaniac, really. he just. really, really likes stuff. (or, four things peter steals and one thing he's given.)
Has some Peter characterization that I wouldn't want to see catch on as fanon, but works very nicely here. Aw, Peter.
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