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If I'm going to spend this much of my life reading fic, at least you guys can reap some benefits, right?

Then It's Yours by [ profile] liophael
Sid/Geno, 10.5k. Geno wants pictures of Sidney in bed; Sidney is dubious. This is basically one long, meandering exercise in kink negotiation, which is my kink. I really like their relationship in this, how Geno's gentle with Sidney's anxieties and Sidney braves them to give Geno something he wants.

Distraction Ain't a Crime, by [ profile] emilyisobsessed
Sid/Geno, 6k. Sidney thinks he's awesome at sneaking around with Geno behind everyone's back. He isn't. This is very silly, and I enjoyed it.

Emissions Free by [ profile] lightgetsin
Sid/Geno, 3k. Another kink negotiation story, this time with Sid and Geno figuring out how to work around one of Sid's OCD tendencies.

Curveball by [ profile] sharksdontsleep
Sid/Geno, 1.5k. An AU where Sid plays baseball. I can't stand baseball, so I have no idea why I like this, and yet.

Careful Cooking by [ profile] Java_Genie
Sid/Geno, restaurant AU, 20k. I'm usually not much for non-hockey AUs, but this one worked for me. I think what made the difference was how the crux of the story wasn't Sidney's romance with Geno, although that was an instigating factor; the point of this story is Sidney making some realizations about himself and his life. Also it has an emotional breakdown in it, and those are my jam.

sleep with every window open by [ profile] asylee
girl!Sid/Geno, 13k. The first half is general Story of Girl!Sid, and the second half is Sid/Geno instigated by a cold and some hurt/comfort. It's very sweet.

these are the fables on my street by [ profile] Fahye
pre-Kane/Toews, 5k. In which Jonny gets possessed by the spirit of hockey, and Pat has to figure out how to get him back. I'll be honest here, my favorite part was the Crosby cameo.

his executive assistant by [ profile] hazel
Kane/Toews, office AU, 17k. And while I'm reccing non-hockey AUs, have a fic where Kaner is in the family company doing finances he doesn't care about and engineering in the basement in his spare time, and Toews is his PA. I loved this fic so much more than I had any reason to expect. There's an industrial espionage plot, too.

still into you by [ profile] altri_uccelli
Kane/Toews, 61k. This is the fic that just this week changed my mind about suddenly-a-girl genderswap. It's a trope I thought would never work for me, but this fic is really good. It has Jonathan Toews inexplicably turning into a girl and having to hide it from the team and trying to make up the physical differences so that he can still play hockey, which the constant threat of legal disputes and the end of his career hanging over his head and this confusing new situation where he and Kaner have always been straight and are now having sex every change they get. Which is to say, there’s also a lot of porn, but I didn’t even mind that part, because the feelings end of the relationship was so well supported. And there is NO pink anywhere in sight, the entire fic. And I loved it and recommend it without reservation.

learning curve by [ profile] demotu
Kane/Toews, 71k. In which Kaner comes out and Jonny offers to give him his first gay sex experience, and then things get really emotionally complicated. I mean. 71k of well-written complicated emotional junk? I am so there.

Sweet Tooth by [ profile] soixante
Kane/Toews, 1.3k. For his birthday, Patrick asks Jonny to feed him an entire cake. If you like this sort of thing, then this fic is super hot, and also the relationship dynamic is really sweet. Between this and the watersports fic, all I need is that one anon to write the Sid/Geno enema fic they promised and the kinkmeme will have hit all three of my favorite kinks.

Other Stuff
Each Slight Variation by [ profile] sharksdontsleep
Pens/Orphan Black crossover, gen, 4k. Yes, you read that right. This is the fic where Paul Martin literally runs into Cosima and Delphine at the University of Minnesota during the 2012 lockout, and thus is the one the clone club later calls on in their time of need. It is absolutely perfect. Alison is my favorite part, as she usually is.

Extra Curriculars by [ profile] riadsala, [ profile] shoemaster
Keith/Seabrook, HS AU, 31k. In which Seabs is a jock and Keith is a goth and they both play hockey and also fumbling, poorly communicated high school romance. It's good, I promise.

A Gentleman's Guide to Knotting by [ profile] borninthecold
Multiple pairings, 6k. This is pretty much exactly what the title suggests, illustrated with scenes featuring various hockey pairings. It is very silly. As someone who loves a/b/o, I enjoyed it a lot.

A Month of Sundays by [ profile] kelfin
Erik Johnson/Gabriel Landeskog, 69k. This is mostly the story of Erik Johnson growing up in a conservative evangelical Christian family and slowly discovering to his horror that he might be gay. I am positive this author grew up in just such a family, because the portrayal of the evangelical subculture is absolutely spot-on. I also really appreciate how all Erik's family members are complex people with good qualities and bad qualities and motivations of their own, even though cumulatively their main impact on Erik during the story is negative. This is by far the single most nuanced fic dealing with Christianity that I have ever read.

Fandoms I Have Loved: Hockey RPF by [ profile] thefourthvine
Meta. I somehow didn't stumble onto this until this week, but it's a pretty entertaining primer to the fandom. Teaser excerpt: This schedule leaves them no time to develop social skills or normal relationships with human beings or, in certain cases, personalities. (It also leaves them with no time to develop an adult sense of style. They generally seem to keep dressing exactly the way they did when they were 14, and if you look around your average middle school or high school, you will get a sense of why that is a bad idea. If I got to enact a rule in hockey tomorrow - okay, I'd make every single head contact illegal. For real. But if I got to make a second one, it would involve gel rationing.) Basically, everything you did after you turned 14, these guys missed because they had a game.
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