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don't look up, down, or to the side by [ profile] hazel
Kane/Toews, 8k. Jonny buys a house and determines to make it into a home. Somehow Pat ends up being necessary in both the making and the home. Just low-key and peaceful and really sweet.

so what's a star to a comet by [ profile] bullwolf
Kane/Toews, 7.5k. People keep setting Jonny up on dates, and he keeps going to Kaner afterwards to complain about them. Eventually, he thinks this pattern might be trying to tell him something. I enjoyed how this fic dealt with Jonny's buried homosexuality, and how the long string of blind dates allowed him to come to some realizations about himself and his feelings.

Disney Rules and Physics by [ profile] sailorstkwrning
Kane/Toews, 4k. Patrick Kane and his rule!63 self swap places; Jonny gets them back where they belong. Yep. A fun little AU, and Jonny being alarmed as he deals with girl!Kaner.

The Way You Drink Your Coffee by [ profile] sabrina_il
Kane/Toews, 38k. Patrick Kane is a professional dominant, and Jonathan Toews is his client. Basically this is 38k about Jonny paying Kane for CBT while also slowly falling for him, and I would not have thought I would be interested in that at ALL, and yet I really enjoyed this fic. CBT is really, really not a kink of mine, but that made for a distance as a reader that I found very soothing. Really that's my entire impression of this fic: soothing, with feelings. I also appreciated that this was a fic that was very clear about consent and boundaries in Kane and Toews' relationship, which are things that often get left out of BDSM fics, even ones that take place in this universe and explicitly use BDSM terms.

Pens pairings
Over Time by [ profile] firiel77
Crosby/Ovechkin, 120k. So this fic has a story attached to it, which is that one day I was bored and sorted all the hockey fic by word count and started at the top, and stumbled across this Sid/Ovi epic that I'd never seen before because it wasn't tagged with a ship. Anyway, this is melodrama of a kind I honestly don't think I've seen in hockey fandom - Sid's addicted to pain meds for a while, and he gets injured and has to retire, and he has tons of internalized homophobia to deal with, and framing the whole thing is this relationship with Ovi that Sid at first views as a tempting distraction and learns to view as maybe something worth wanting and working for.

There's some rough prose in the beginning, the author readily states in the author's note that she doesn't know that much about hockey (which presumably explains why the All-Star Game is in... Hong Kong), and there's one or two places where I would have liked individual elements to be handled differently. It is, however, chock-full of iddy goodness, and it's compulsively readable. I really got into it.

Photo Finish by [ profile] 7iris
Crosby/Kane, 3.5k. Kaner teaches Sid how to take a good dick pic. And then they bang. I can't help but read this as troll!Sid, and Sid trolling is one of my favorite things in fic, so I find this awfully fun.

Bloom by [ profile] oflights
Crosby/Malkin, 48k. Just as Sid's ready to come back from his concussion, he realizes he's pregnant and decides to have a baby instead. This fic spends quite a lot of time focused on Sid's experiences with and feelings about the pregnancy and his changing body, which is the kind of stuff I eat up with a spoon. I also really enjoyed the ensemble aspect of it; Sid's relationships with his teammates are a huge part of this fic, and a lot of characters get a chance to shine. This fic just made me really, really happy in a whole bunch of different ways. If you've been around long, you know that I LOVE mpreg beyond just about any other single thing in fandom, and this is one of those fics that reminds me why.

Sweet Flow by [ profile] WeagleRock
Crosby/Holtby, 17k. A two-fic series in which Braden has a very nice head of hair, and Sid falls in love with it. At least, that's what Braden thinks is happening. It sounds cracky but is played very straight, with a Sid who has a serious hair kink that he's very conflicted about and that sometimes ties him all up in his own head. You know I talked about shame/comfort, where someone is ashamed of some aspect of themselves and gets comforted and affirmed by another person? This is 17k of that. I cry every time I read it.

untitled Neal/Clune by anon
Neal/Clune, one-shot. Neal has a lot of sex-related anxiety, which he previously smoothed along with booze, but now that he's with Clune, recovering alcoholic, that's no longer an option. I really enjoyed seeing Neal work through his issues and learning to talk about them, and I adored his relationship with BFF/ex-bf Paulie. That was probably my favorite part, actually.

other pairings
slow down (it's a science) by [ profile] bullwolf
Leafs, Kessel/Bozak, 4k. Phil has wings. So that's pretty weird. This is low-key and sweet, and much more concerned with their relationship than what it actually means for people to have wings. I liked it a lot.

Broral by [ profile] oanja
Leafs, Kessel/Bozak, 4k. Phil's college hockey team ends up stranding in Denver and sleeping over at Tyler's frat house. Tyler seems to like just talking to Phil, which leads to more than just talking. Basically it's a lot of firsts for Phil. I liked Phil's shy awkwardness and Tyler's open enjoyment of Phil's company, even before the sex, and I kinda liked, too, that this ends up being more of a coming-of-age story for Phil than a shippy story, even though the fic leaves off with some hope of maybe something happening in the future.

make this place your home by [ profile] maleyka
Hawks/Flyers, Richards/Lecavalier, 2.5k. Brad is away at school and miserable homesick, which leads to a lot of platonic (and then not-so-platonic) bedsharing as Vinny tries to make him feel better. This feels very emotionally true to teenagerhood, to me, but also it is the fic at the top of my bedsharing rec list from now until forever. Very sweet.

I Make the Moves Up As I Go by [ profile] stepquietly
Preds, Jones/Josi, 4k. Seth Jones: awesome hockey player, super awkward teenager. Seth is just adorable here, in his earnestness and his awkwardness and his fantastic relationships with his mom. Another fic where I was like, "Oh yes, teenagers."

A Taxonomy of Universes by [ profile] 7iris
Canadiens, Price/Subban, 2k. Sometimes Carey wakes up in alternate universes. Lately, they all give him glimpses of a life with PK.

untitled seguin/benn a/b/o ficlet by [ profile] Rest
Stars, Benn/Seguin, 2k. Has pining and a thing where omegas trill involuntarily when they're happy. It's just cute, basically.
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