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I hope to read and write up another batch before reveals, but here's what I have so far. Also, FYI for comics people [ profile] comicstore_news has a massive links post of ALL the comic fic this YT.

Marvel comics
Word's on the Streets and It's on the News - Ms. Marvel, Kamala/Nakia, 2.1k
Kamala's trying to have a quiet night in with Nakia, but someone shows up on TV wearing her costume. This leads to hurried awkward explanations and awkward attempts at foiling the bad guy and finally kissing that isn't awkward at all. Just sweet.

cause a hundred veils to fall - Ms. Marvel, Kamala + Nakia, 2.7k
In which Nakia's journalistic endeavors make Kamala's life difficult. Female friendship and revelations - two of my favorite things! And I really like Nakia has her own motivations and agency here, outside of Kamala.

(but we are) - Heroes for Hire, Misty Knight + Colleen Wing, 2.1k
I'm not familiar with either of these women at all aside from a couple of issues of Fearless Defenders, but I nonetheless really enjoyed this fraught, emotionally complicated look at the current state of their friendship. It's marked pre-femslash, but I it can be read either way, I think.

if you don't like it you can lump it - Hawkeye/Young Avengers, Kate Bishop + ensemble, 1k
It's an 80s punk AU where Kate and the Young Avengers are teen superheroes and also a terrible garage punk band, and the voices are effortless, and it's pretty much perfect.

The Cat That Comes Back - Black Widow, Natasha + Liho, 1.5k
This might be my favorite Natasha character study ever. It is amazing. Liho is the lens through which we see the Natasha of the current Edmondson/Noto run, distant and isolated and a consummate performer at life who is nonetheless unsure how to go about living for real. The stream-of-consciousness storytelling is great. I rec it HIGHLY.

to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield - Prince Robot IV, 5.3k
A backstory/character study fic of IV that takes what we know from canon and fleshes it out in really satisfying ways - his relationship with his father, his time in the war, his romance with the princess. Very nicely done.

Jurassic Park
Chaos - Ian/Alan, Ian/Ellie, 5.7k
Groundhog Day fic about Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, about the lives he could live and the relationships he could have. Everyone felt very in-character in here.

Back Door - The Marquis, 8.6k
The Marquis notices something amiss in the Floating Market, follows his curiosity, and winds up having to decide if he's willing to be a hero, again. Neat worldbuilding, neat character study of the Marquis himself. I found it very satisfying.

Breathe and stop - Hanna, 3.4k
A look at Hanna post-movie. This Hanna feels very much of a piece with the canon - so analytical, capable of causing such violence and finding grace in such unlikely places, still learning how to feel. Lovely stuff.

Himalayan Mountain Climbers RPF
Sonnet for George Finch
Well, it's a sonnet, is what. It has some very nice phrasing. If you're feeling sonnet-ish, I recommend it - no historical knowledge required, I don't think, but the a/n includes some info anyway.


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