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Oh gosh, SO MANY RECS. I waited too long. Soulbonding is a major theme here; I think I have four or five? Lots of Sid/Geno. Lots other random pairings. Lots of fic, basically.

In a Song by [ profile] cheesewithmy
Crosby/Malkin, 6.5k. Suddenly no one in Sid's life can talk to him except in song. Angsty crack, just like I like it.

untitled Tumblr ficlet by [ profile] bearsetc
Crosby/Malkin, one-shot. This fic began with the prompt "feelings hooker," and that's really everything you need to know about it. There's a lot of cuddling.

Behind Every Great Fortune by [ profile] Calliotrope
Crosby/Malkin+ensemble, 27k, Leverage fusion. This was good frothy fun, and you don't need to know a darned thing about Leverage to enjoy it.

Desinformatsiya by [ profile] hikaru
Crosby/Malkin, 35k. Zhenya is sent to the US on an undercover mission, but he's never wanted to be a spy, and he wants it even less when he meets the guy he's spying on. This is a melancholy-feeling fic about a guy who's been trapped into his life by other people, and who finds unexpected hope. Low-key. Good for a rainy day.

Frost Warning by [ profile] cheesewithmy
Crosby/Malkin, 39k. Sid has just moved to town to teach elementary school (and is also a witch) and Geno is his friendly local forest ranger (and also a werebear). This is pretty AU in the sense that I get very little sense of Sid and Geno the hockey players out of it, but it's a pleasant rainy-day read nonetheless.

sometimes you roll the dice and get a handful of cards by [ profile] verity
Crosby/Malkin(/Ovechkin), 3.7k, psychic wolves. A series of vignettes about Sid and Geno and Geno's wolf and then finally also about Ovechkin's wolf. If you like psychic animal companion stuff, then you're bound to like this. Sweet and light and fun.

Missed Connections by [ profile] accidentallymelted
Crosby/girl!Malkin, 2.5k. 5 times the Pittsburgh Penguins tried to set up Sidney Crosby and Evgeniya Malkina, and one time they didn't have to. What the summary says. I am always charmed by girl!Geno, so I enjoyed this quite a bit.

sing each song twice over by [ profile] uraneia
Crosby/Malkin, 31k. Sid writes a memoir, Geno learns a few things from it, and then he takes off to try to find Sid, who now lives out in the middle of nowhere. I really loved the slow emotional unspooling in this as they get reacquainted with each other and come to terms with their feelings. There was some plot bits I found unrealistic, but even so, a very enjoyable read.

where we're going we don't need roads by [ profile] oflights
Crosby/Malkin, 15k. Set in a world where an entire hockey team forms temporary psychic bonds, although some keep their doors more open than others. Sid is not one of those, generally. I really love the basic premise of this, and I love it being from Geno's POV, and I loved the ensemble-ness of it, and basically I just liked it a lot.

And Change by [ profile] Cammeh
Crosby/Malkin, 9.5k. Sid and Geno have been playing together for eight years when they soulbond. I feel like I mostly see soulbonding where the bond happens right away, and I really like seeing it explored as something that could happen way later, after people have already known each other a long time. Plus I just like the writing in this - the emotions really works for me.

other Pens pairings
untitled kinkmeme prompt by anon
Crosby/Ovechkin, maybe 3k? Sid gets traded to the Caps for Aaron Volpatti, and no one except Sid seems to think there's anything weird about this. This is CRACK, wonderful magical CRACK, and it makes me snorfle (and then makes me awww a little) and I love it SO MUCH.

Terms of Endearment by [ profile] weaglerock
Crosby/Ovechkin, 5.2k, feminization. This is one of my biggest antikinks, but it turns out I can like it when it's about covert feelings disguised as girly pet names. Also, it's that shame/comfort thing again.

From Russia with Love by [ profile] salvamisandwich
Malkin/Mike Kadar, 14.6k. In which Geno learns his trainer is gay and has a long, soul-searching freakout about it. This fic is SO GOOD. Geno's complicated fears and feelings are drawn so well, and his dawning self-awareness is both freeing and terrifying in a balance that feels very realistic. I had so many feelings reading this. Seriously, this feels like my find of 2015 so far; I recommend it a LOT.

Long and Tall by [ profile] downjune
Crosby/Sutter, 14.5k for series. This series has this really rich emotional texture to Sid and Brandon's developing relationship that isn't quite like almost anything else I've seen. The first installment is full of loneliness and low-key grief and finding new people amidst it, and the latest installment has tons of Sid+Flower (my heart) and also AN ENTIRE HOCKEY TEAM HUDDLING FOR WARMTH.

untitled Tumblr ficlet by [ profile] 7iris
Crosby/Kane, ficlet. Kaner says he's dating Crosby, and Jonny is unconvinced. This is pretty undeveloped and even has some (unintended?) head-hopping, and yet the scenario so charms me that I don't care.

feeling like gold by [personal profile] electrumqueen
Crosby/Toews, 4.2k, mpreg. At the 2018 Olympics, Sid has a baby and Jonny has feelings. One of those quiet, low-key, vignette-type things that makes me happy.

more grip than crazy glue by [ profile] nebulia
Neal/Martin, 1.5k. Spaling is trying to replace him in Paulie's heart, James just knows it. This is silly and fun.

other pairings
temperature's up (can you feel it) by [ profile] ohtempora
Latta/Wilson, 1.5k, spanking. Not usually my kink, but the interplay here makes it hot. Just fun.

love may not be the cure (but at least it's common ground) by [ profile] liketheroad
Kessel/Bozak, 8.4k, soulbonding. Phil is maybe not ecstatic about Bozie being able to read his mind. This resolved a little too neatly, I felt, but I really enjoyed everything up to that point.

En el Sol by [ profile] Quente
Stamkos/St. Louis, 11.5k for the series. A low-key, slow-build story of Steven and Marty's relationship, both before and after the trade. Neat fic for a pairing I'd never seen before.

Another Think Coming by [ profile] TheDukeofAvon
Kane/Toews, 33k. Jonny and Pat decide to fake a soulbond to get management off their back, but faking it is going a little too well. Pretend boyfriends AND soulbonding in the same fic, basically.

You Make It Look Good by [ profile] Ferritin4
Kane/Toews, 34k. The AU where Jonny pays his tuition by modeling, and Kaner is a photographer. I'm usually not much for non-hockey AUs, but the writing here is great, and basically everything about it is hot, including all the stuff that isn't porn.

Was the Echoes Out by [ profile] missmollyetc
Benn/Seguin, 2.1k. Tyler has a midnight freakout about where this thing with Jamie is going. It's a simple plot, but with a wealth of emotion in the writing.

ain't born typical by [ profile] verity
Benn/Seguin, 5.1k, D/s AU. Jamie's always been a little terrified of being a dom, which he knows is weird, and Tyler likes everything, which is also weird. They are weird (and snarky, and banter-y, and hot) together.

A Swing and a Miss by [ profile] im_not_a_lizard
girl!Benn/Seguin, 4k. It turns out Jordie's sister Jamie is super hot, and also she knows what she wants. I liked the interplay and the banter in this.

Good Canadian Boy by [ profile] lightgetsin
Benn/girl!Seguin, 9.5k. There's some complicated setup here but the point is it leads to pegging. Also this is lightgetsin, so plenty of people feeling real with real emotions, and also banter.

untitled comment fic by anon
Ovechkin/Semin, ficlet. Sometimes Ovi has trouble getting out of bed, but Sasha is there for him. Just sweet and quiet and pretty different to how you see Ovi nowadays - this is from 2010.
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