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Pens pairings
What Can Be Said of My Heart by [ profile] downjune
Fleury/Malkin, 8k. A high school AU of sorts, where Geno comes to play for Flower's team in the Q. I really love the contrast in personalities here, and I especially love Geno, who's still as big and stubborn and peculiarly clothes as ever.

i can't feel my face when i'm with you by [ profile] hauntologie
Malkin/Crosby, 6.5k. Geno’s ready for his rut. Sid isn’t. I haven't read many a/b/o fics where alphas have ruts, and I've definitely never read one quite like this, where Geno goes into rut and Sid, to his own growing concern, does not go into heat. Really neat.

stop, drop, and roll by [ profile] Lexie
Malkin/Crosby, 105k. Firefighter!AU. I think I recced this around when it was being posted, but it is done now, and it is glorious. 105 wonderful k of ensemble-y friendship and family and slow burn romance. It feels weird to talk about how much I enjoyed all the secondary cast in an AU, but man, I really enjoyed everyone. This will give you ALL THE WARM FUZZIES.

we don't want to sleep tonight by [ profile] magneticwave
Crosby/Malkin, 7k, grad student AU. Let's just say this seems to be written by someone who has actually been a grad student and has no illusions about what that life is like. Cute and funny.

God Put a Smile on Your Face by [ profile] chaussette_noire
Sidney Crosby/Taylor Crosby, 3k. Sid goes into heat; Taylor's the only alpha he trusts to take care of him. I'd read so many more words of this.

must be good to you by [ profile] clawsandsympathy
Crosby/girl!Malkin, 1.5k. Geno really hates Sid's mustache, because it gets in the way of things she wants him to do to her. AKA the Sid Goes Down on Girl!Geno (After Shaving) fic that needed to exist.

when the sun came up we had no place to hide by [ profile] magneticwave
Crosby/Malkin, 5k. Soulmate AU. On a particular night, every person takes a vigil in the church to discover their soulmate. No hockey in this one, but I really enjoyed the worldbuilding.

Give Me Something Good by [ profile] downjune
Crosby/Giroux, 3k. Giroux goes into heat at Worlds, and for reasons unclear even to himself, Sid is who he wants to take him through, even though Sid's a beta. Awkward sex for reasons is my FAVORITE, so of course I loved this. I also liked how June writes Sid as a beta.


if courage is a live wire by [ profile] redheartglow
Henrique+Hall friendship, 16k. Adam tells Taylor he's gay; Taylor proceeds to be the most supportive bro ever.

we set our dreams to carry us (series) by [ profile] mardia
girl!Eric Staal, mostly gen, 25k for series. The Ovi installment makes me the happiest, but the whole series is fun.

Sink These Roots Deep by [ profile] LadyJanelly
Benn/Seguin, 73k. Tyler's homeless; somehow NHL player Jamie Benn ends up helping Tyler take care of the stray puppy he's found. Idfic of the first water. I appreciated how careful it was about the power imbalances in their relationship, and how Tyler's relationship with Jamie is not the cure-all for Tyler's problems.

Love in Fast Forward (series) by [ profile] ionthesparrow
Richards/OMC, Richards+Carter friendship, 17k for series. Carts comes out to Richie, and Richie helps him deal. I am always a sucker for players/their sexuality, and also platonic frienships involving queer characters, so I enjoyed this a lot.

Lack/Skinner, team misunderstandings ficlet by anon
Lack/Skinner, one-shot. When Eddie arrives in Carolina, something he says gets misunderstood, and things get pretty rough for him for a while. Sometimes you just want fic where people accidentally hurt each other with the best of intentions, and this is that fic.

Crazy in Love (series) by [ profile] someidiothasice
Giroux/Voracek, background Malkin/Crosby, 13k. I had no idea that I needed an AU where Giroux and Voracek are musicians, but I did. I SO DID. AND SO DO YOU.

this house has character by [ profile] sphesphe
Chara gen, background Carter/Richards, Malkin/Crosby, 5k. Did you know that actual IRL Zdeno Chara has a MA real estate license? Because he does. This is a fic about Real Estate Agent Zdeno Chara (and the occasional romantic entanglements he detangles). Very fun.

The Queen of the Soft-Touch Pirates by [ profile] lovessong
ensemble gen, 5k.
A day in the life of Captain Hilary Knight and her crew of space pirates - rescuing and patching up Shannon Szabados of rival New Canada (but lately of the scavengers known as the Cottonmouths), planning rescue missions, keeping their passenger Miss Fujimoto out of harm's way (and eating her cookies). I'm not sure how piratical this story really is, but it's fun space adventures involving a wide variety of personalities, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Best Served Warm, by [ profile] fleete - Natalie Spooner/Kelly Terry, 2k.
Kelly dumps her jerk boyfriend; Natalie is just trying to make her feel better about it. This is adorable warm-fuzzy friends-to-lovers (or friends-to-dating, at least).

Flipping the Bird by [ profile] WeagleRock
Orpik/Ovechkin, 13k. When a player goes to a new team, they turn into that team's mascot; if they don't, it means they're not fitting in. Months in, Brooks is still a penguin, with no eagle feathers in sight, and Ovi offers to help. A very cute slow-burn fic with fun worldbuilding.
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