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* If you have watched and loved the music video to "Genghis Khan," then you NEED to read this coda, Just like in the pulp magazines by [ profile] adreadfulidea. If you haven't watched and loved the music video, HERE IT IS AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT NOW. (I think I've seen it about eight times now.)

* [ profile] spnspringfling is running again! This may be my absolute favorite exchange I have ever done - as the mods say, it's a "rapid-fire, double-blind, anonymous exchange challenge, in which you have a brief set of prompts, a week to work, and a lower AND upper limit on the size of your work." It is so fun.

* There've been so many hockey developments this week that I don't know where to start. Olli contract signing (<3333333)! Justin Schultz acquisition! Scuderi traded to LA because he "didn't fit in with Chicago's plans" (LOL)! We got Geno back and beat the Jets, and we called Murray up from WBS, and just, lots of hockey things.

* Rare Bears draft due on Tuesday (eep!). Sid/Geno Exchange running again, due to open signups in ~a month.

Date: 2016-02-28 09:10 pm (UTC)
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SO MANY hockey things! I currently have a lot of feelings about our goalies, the three that are up and Jarry working miracles down in WBS. (28 saves on 29 shots in the FIRST PERIOD. In their defense almost the entirety of WBS' top two lines to start the season is up in Pittsburgh.)

I'm so happy we'll have Olli for six more years! I hope Dumo and Pouliot will get similar contracts :) It's also exciting that Ian Cole played a few good games right before we got Schultz, should be good competition. Schultz will wear #4 xD


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