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There is sadly no Olli in this recs post. I just wanted to use this nifty icon.

Pens Pairings
Big and Hard by [ profile] crispierchip
Crosby/Malkin, 4k. Sid loses a bet and has to talk dirty to the press. This turns out to have unforseen benefits. Hockey announcing is ridiculous and every second sentence sounds like a double entendre, so this is a fic that fandom NEEDED. And it's sweet, too!

the work is done (now you're doing battle) by [ profile] AlchemyAlice
Crosby/Malkin, 2.9k. A quiet fic of emotional h/c, in which Sid goes to comfort Geno after Russia loses. There's just a lot of rich feelings, here.

Sid ♥'s Geno by [ profile] Batik
Crosby/Malkin, 2.7k. Sid can’t tell people in real life about dating Geno, but he can write fic about it on the internet. If you have been wanting a “Sid has an AO3 account fic,” then this is for you.

(our) love is a monster by [ profile] jedi_seagull
Crosby/Malkin, 1.8k. A Companion to Wolves fusion, so basically psychic wolves and heat sex. I love the respect and awkwardness here between Sid and Geno, and the sex is smoking hot. I’m hopeful a sequel may appear someday.

Garrote (series) by [ profile] downjune
Crosby/Giroux, 26k. Someone in the Flyers organization has put a curse on the Pens, only Giroux can fix it, and he is really salty about that. This is exactly the kind of prickly, grudgingly-respectful Sid/Claude I came out of Worlds wanting, and it has awkward plot-necessary public sex at the end, which is one of my favorite things.


Bruins Pairings
Make No Apologies by [ profile] sphesphe
Marchand/Bergeron, 3.8k. Marchy got himself suspended just in time for the Winter Classic, and Bergy is a lot more upset about that than he has any right to be. Bergy/Marchy with FEEEEEEEELINGS, basically.

Put a Baby in Me by [ profile] darkrosaleen
Marchand/Seguin, 2.7k. Tyler has a kink, and it is not Marchy’s kink, but he’s down anyway. Tyler as awkward kinky disaster is delightful, and Marchy’s fond indulgence is also delightful. Kink exploration FOR THE WIN.

moved his body (like a cannon ball) by [ profile] insunshine
Marchand/Rask, 3.3k. Marchy keeps saying he likes getting fucked in public, like he wants Tuukka to call his bluff. I really enjoy the teasing and Tuukka’s growing intriguing despite himself.

There's no form (to this thing we keep) by [ profile] detentionlevel
Krejci/Wheeler, 3.2k. Teammates meeting up again, years after one of them was traded away. Ouch and awkward in the best ways.


Other Pairings
Basic Male Dude by [ profile] perceived_nobility
Benn/Seguin, 13k. In which Tyler Seguin is a trans dude. I liked how this explored its topic without (I thought) while keeping in perspective with the characters.

Colder Weather by [ profile] inlovewithnight
Benn/Seguin, 33k. Jamie hides himself away in BC after a career-ending injury, and finally Tyler goes to find him. This is the kind of angst-filled h/c that SPN fandom created whole comms for, but which is oddly uncommon in hockey fandom. It was a refreshing change, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Hide Beside Me (Maybe for a While) by [ profile] sockitup
Eichel/McDavid, 4.8k. Connor seems to think Jack is the only person in the world who understands him, and Jack eventually decides that this is maybe not the worst thing. One of the great things about this fandom is that college and high school AUs need not be AUs in the literal sense; this is Connor visiting Jack at college. Very sweet.

Double A Batteries by [ profile] sockitup
Eichel/girl!McDavid, 6.7k. Connor can’t find batteries for her vibrator, and Jack offers an alternative. Another rivalry-turned-sweet fic by the same author as above. I’m such a sucker for rivals turning out to be decent people who turn into friends (see also: Sid/Claude), so I loved this.

come at me, bro by [ profile] forks
Gallagher/Galchenyuk, 11k. It’s like a really elaborate game of gay chicken, until suddenly it isn’t anymore, to Chucky’s bewilderment.

and I feel alright by [ profile] ohtempora
Galchenyuk/Trouba, 3.9k. A tentative teenage courtship over the course of a few world championships. Very sweet.

To Love and Honor (series) by [ profile] cephalopody
21k, Forsberg/Jarnkrok. Arranged marriage Man, this series could have been written just for meeeeee. Calle is offered a marriage or else; Filip thinks it’s a mutually-agreed-upon decision. AAAAANGST. And awkwardness and aftermath, which is one of the things I want most of all in fic: the working out of feelings AFTER the big reveal.

return before you set out by [ profile] oops_ohdear
Saad/Shaw, 7k. A kind of time-jump-forward fic, a la 13 Going on 30, but less with future!Brandon being a jerk than in the movie. I really liked how this one felt centered in the AHL and Brandon’s time there.

Deuces are Wild by [ profile] secondside
Latta/Wilson, 6.4k. Scat. Sometimes Latts wants a little help in the bathroom, and Wilso is a good bro like that. Kink negotiation, people feeling weird about their kinks – yay! And it downplays the gross factor.
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