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Pens Pairings
Aftermarket Peripherals by [ profile] seigeofangels
Crosby/Malkin, 1.4k. Sid is an android with several dicks, none of which he wears while playing hockey. Obviously. Love the voice in this, love the sexual exploration and Geno's total acceptance of what Sid is.

Bias (series) by [ profile] withershins
Crosby/Malkin, 39k. An AU with mutant!Sid and mutant!Geno, a league that doesn’t quite trust mutants, quiet romance, and Sid (very, very) slowly coming to slightly better terms with his abilities. I think it gets better as it goes – I love it.

Do We Get What We Deserve by [ profile] withershins
Crosby/everyone, 11k. There's been a bit of a trend lately in fic that's about Sid as captain, and man, I am so into it. This is an example that also translates the Mike Johnston difficulties and the coming of Mike Sullivan into werewolf terms. Aaaangsty, fair warning, but with a very hopeful ending.

Signal-to-Noise by [ profile] downjune
Hagelin/Daley, 7.7k. Another example of Captain Sid in a kind of team-poly situation, this time with group telepathy/bonding, too. Really loved the worldbuilding in this one, and all the emotional complications that come with.

On a Mission Tonight by [ profile] spinel
Crosby/girl!Giroux, 5.3k. Okay, so this was just really hot, a little bit antagonistic, very fun characterization. Het anal is rare like hens’ teeth; if you like it, then you will like this.


Bruins Pairings
making space by [ profile] ladyalysv
Marchand/Bergeron, 1k. Wings are kind of like the mumps: temporary, inconvenient, and you only get them once. This is worldbuilding silliness with a touch and a finish that made me go “Awwwwwww.”

bear problems by [ profile] ladyalysv
Marchand/Bergeron, 1k. I love this Marchy voice. I would read SO MUCH FIC in this Marchy voice.

Where Our Dreams Go by [ profile] Las
Marchand/Bergeron, 2.8k. Kind of a vignette, established relationship, after a loss, that just perfectly captures this dynamic between them that I love.


out on the edge by [ profile] notamagnet
Jeff Carter/Bobby Ryan, 7.3k. In which Jeff comes out, loses his parents, and discovers Disneyland. And also he acquires a boyfriend. :) This is just quietly angsty and then quietly sweet.

though dreams can be deceiving by [ profile] bluejayys
Gallagher/Galchenyuk, 8.4k. Alex has powers, kind of, and from them he knows he's going to fall in love with a guy that isn't Gally. I really liked the worldbuilding and, IDK, the emotional setup of this, so that everyone's responses were reasonable and understandable, and yet the emotional payoff at the end was just great.

Contradictions by [ profile] sophiahelix
Eichel/McDavid, 2.3k. Jack is a dom until Connor thinks he's a sub, and then Jack starts to have questions. I love fic about people figuring out stuck about themselves, so I loved this.

This is How It Works by [ profile] sophiahelix
Toews/Smith, 23k. A finished series about the cautious, stuttering romance between a superstar and an oft-scratched bottom-sixer. That’s not something I see a lot of, and I liked how Jon just didn’t get things sometimes, and how Ben had insecurities he had to come to terms with, too.

The Sin Bin by [ profile] jedusaur
Oilers ensemble, 3.1k. Oiler kids prison AU. I don’t really quite understand the plot, and this is in no way a serious exploration of anything, but gosh it’s fun. Includes now-Pen Justin Schultz, which I extra appreciated.

And There Are Lights by [ profile] 7iris
Jones/Josi/Weber, 24k. Roman is a vampire, Weber’s got something going on with them, and Seth is jealous, although of whom is anyone’s guess. Urban fantasy, also with plot! Very fun. Also the biting was hot – and Buffy was my first fandom; I have read a LOT of sexy vampire biting.

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You know, PWP is not really my scene but I am apparently all on board with android pegging.


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