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Pens pairings
Scott Wilson and the Case of the Levitsky House Ghosts by [ profile] withershins
11k, Pens rookie ensemble, Sid/Geno. AU where the Baby Pens take a night off during hockey camp to go take care of some ghosts in a haunted house and get more than they bargained for. I love the ensemble aspect, and the real story of what's up with the ghosts is satisfyingly creepy and tragic and satisfying.

The Switch by [ profile] downjune
3.6k, Crosby/Sheary. I am also a hard sell on bodyswap, and yet this this is so great! Sheary's playing style is so much like Crosby's that this is the perfect fit for a bodyswap fic, and I feel enjoyed the low-key revelations about sexuality, as well.

I've Got Your Number by [ profile] downjune
6k, Crosby/Giroux. A Time Traveler's Wife AU, fluffy and angsty by turns, and very sweet and satisfying. It's going to turn into one of my comfort rereads, I can already tell.

Just What Was Rumpelstiltskin Expecting to Do With a Baby, Anyway? by [ profile] withershins
25k, Sid/Geno. Sid is the witch, Geno is the guy (still a hockey player) who needs a favor so bad he's willing to barter his firstborn for it. This hits alllll my unlikely romance buttons with bonus worldbuilding that is actually legit eerie and otherworldly. Another one I'm going to reread a lot, I'm pretty sure.

Never Had It All by [ profile] pinetreekate
7.7k, Sid/Geno. Geno gets pregnant by accident and then has a lot of decisions to make. This author has a knack for really digging into the emotional complexity of situations and giving her characters time to work through things – no easy fast-forward here. The bulk of this fic is about both Sid and Geno learning to adjust their expectations for their relationship and their future, and I found it very satisfying.

the afternoon knows by [ profile] neyvenger
1.5k, Murray/Fleury. A bit of a vignette of the tensions in the goal crease, resolved with sex, of course. Really enjoyed reading Flower's perspective of the situation and how fraught it situation is, through no fault of either of the people involved.


Other pairings
all sorts of time by [ profile] sphesphe
9k, Krejci/Lucic. A time loop fic, which I am usually a really hard sell on, but this one doesn't stretch longer than the trope can carry it, and meanwhile the characters voices are great and the narrative voice is great (I am so envious), and at the end there are SUCH FEELINGS. I love this fic so much.

For each day's pay by [ profile] Sharksdontsleep
4.7k, Lucic/McDavid. The Oilers want to bring Milan to protect McDavid, and they're completely willing to dangle McDavid in front of him if that'll help convince him. The setup is dubconny as hell but the results are something else, something sweet and careful that hits all my "us against the world" buttons. Mmmmmm.

As luck would have it by [ profile] melodiousb
2k, Yandle/Hayes. In which Keith Yandle gets to go to the Rangers' casino night as a gift, and gets more out of the night than he was expecting. I can't really explain why I'm so charmed by this fic, I just really am. It's very sweet.

Fulfilled by [ profile] sophiahelix
13k, Eichel/McDavid. Set in a univers where everyone gets to Fulfill a need for someone else at some point in their lives. I really enjoyed seeing AU where the basic premise wasn't a romantic one, and I enjoyed how it all worked out – the slow development of a relationship neither guy thought to look for.

Still and Again by [ profile] luxover
54k, Briere/Giroux. The trope mash-up where Claude gets hit a little too hard and forgets all about Danny and their soul bond. Basically 54k of extreme feeeeeeelings.
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